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Disabling Google Voice Dialer

Thursday 14th of February 2013 /
I have a Motorola Electrify M, recently factory-OTA-updated to Android 4.1.2. With the update came Google Now and the Google Voice Dialer.Google's Voice Dialer sucks! It always get the name wrong, and then immediately places a call to the wrong person! It doesn't even ask for confirmation of the name, and to top it off the voice it uses is so irritating and LOUD it makes me want to jump out the window while driving down the freeway!The Voice Commands app that originally came with the phone worked reasonably well, and I'd like to get it back (or even a third party app, like Dragon Assist, would be better than the current POS that's taken over the voice capabilities of my phone).How can the Google Voice Dialer be disabled or uninstalled?

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Startup Services safe to disable

Friday 15th of January 2010 /
want to speed up your phone/save battery life?get an app such as Autostarts or Startup Auditor, and disable the green services. stay away from the red ones.safeGoogle Partner SetupNetwork Location (if not using apps which need geolocation regularly. ie. Gmaps, GeoTag, etc.)Bluetooth Share (if not using BT device)Email (if not using email service other than Gmail)Messaging (if using 3rd party sms app, ie. Handcent SMS. or if infrequent texter)Calendar (if calendar is not used regularly)Calendar Storage (if calendar is not used regularly)Voice Dialer (if not used)Google Talk Service (if GTalk is not used regularly)Maps (if GMaps is not used regularly)unsafeClockMedia StorageAndroid SystemGmail StorageSync FeedsDialerSystem Updater (not sure about this one)My Uploads (not sure about this one)Download Manager (not sure about this one)please note that disabling the services does not mean you wont be able to use them, it just means they wont startup when your phone boots. disabling anything that is used regularly will actually slightly slow your phone down as it has to start the service wh

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Missing Google Voice Search Icon

Sunday 15th of April 2012 /
I have a Samsung Nexus S 4G (Sprint) and I am running Android ICS v4.0.4After being upgraded to ICS/4.0.4 just a few days ago I removed my Voice Search (NOT Voice Dialer) icon from my screen. After doing so, I disabled Google Search via "Manage apps" so that the search bar will no longer appear on my screens. Today I decided to add the Voice Search icon back and it is no longer available for me to add!I confirmed Voice Search is still installed. I am not sure if disabling Google Search had anything to do with the Voice Search icon going away but that is the only major change I made after removing the icon. All other changes I made were basic changes, i.e. adding and removing other icons and such.Solutions I tried:- I rebooted the phone: No change!- I enabled Google Search and rebooted again: No change!- With Google Search still enabled, I disabled Voice Search and rebooted and then enabled Voice Search: No change!, so I then rebooted the phone again: No change!Also, in addition to making sure the Voice Search app is still installed, I did confirm it is still working. I am a

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Choosing which dialer answers an incoming google voice call - Native vs Talkatone

Tuesday 26th of March 2013 /
I have spent two hours searching androidforums and xda developer forums for a solution with no luck so I have resorted to creating a new thread. Hopefully I'm just doing something wrong. I use google voice and after trying out Groove IP and Talkatone I'm leaning towards talkatone because of its compression capability over 3G/4G. The only issue I have is that I cant answer calls fast enough to use talkatone. The first two rings come in on talkatone and because I have google voice forwarded to my mobile number as well as google chat, the third ring comes in on the native dialer and takes the focus. Is there any way at this point to choose talkatone to answer? If I reject the call with the native dialer it sends the call to voicemail and I cant answer with talkatone. I understand that I can always answer calls with talkatone by disabling forwarding to my mobile number but my concern is that if there is an issue with the talkatone app that I could miss calls without knowing, so I'd like to keep forwarding to my mobile. Hopefully that was coherent. Has anyone found a good strategy for thi

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Swipedialer Pro Bug on KK?

Sunday 23rd of February 2014 /
Bought Pro. Really like it. Only problem with voice command calling (ok Google Now, Call....) The call is placed but I'm getting blank screen. can't end call even. Trying to find a way to make swipedialer the default so voice dialing will work. I tried disabling stock dialer app, no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Sent from My MAXX

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Stock HTC voice dialer?

Sunday 29th of June 2014 /
Is there supposed to be an HTC voice dialer on the M8? The Google app is so-so because it treats voice dialing as a general search. Even when using my Bluetooth and initiating via the activation button, Google still sometimes opens a search result page instead of searching my contacts only. I only use my Bluetooth for calls and don't care for voice searching the internet, Google Now turned off, have "Ok Google" detection turned off, and always prompt it by saying "Call..." but I haven't found a way to limit Google to ONLY function for calls. I know it's hearing me right by the text read out it displays. I tried disabling Google Search all together, thinking maybe it was set as a default and preventing access to an HTC dialer, but that left me with no voice dialing at all. Plus if the screen is off, it asks me to confirm every voice call request and it's mildly annoying. My last phone had its own voice dialer independent of Google that worked only with calls and was hoping for something like that on the M8. If there isn't one, can anyone recommend a good third part

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stop my headphone mic from starting voice dial on Nexus 5 - interrupts my music while jogging

Friday 22nd of August 2014 /
Hi All, Is there a way on my Nexus 5 to disable voice dial? I'm just jogging, and my headphone's mic will brush against my shirt, and then the music will stop and the phone asks me who to dial. I really don't want to dial anyone! I never use this feature, and I never will! Can't I just go into settings and disable headphone mics? Is there an app for that? I was reading [thiswebsite/verizon-htc-thunderbolt/99276-disable-kill-voice-dialer.html], and in the end, someone said "Been having the same issue, finally found the solution (it's working so far for me anyway) go to settings>apps> all tab from there find voice dialer and when you click on that there is an option to disable it..." But, I didn't actually find anything called "voice dialer". I found "Google Dialer", but disabling that doesn't help, so I don't think that's it. I also disabled Google Now, because I don't think I'll ever use that. However, that didn't help either. Please help me. Even when I take the train home, voice dial activates like 3 times every trip. It's so frustrating. Thanks

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