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Don't like the Android 4.2 clock widget? Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget can help

Monday 26th of November 2012 /
One of the visual changes we were 'treated' to in Android 4.2 when it first dropped, was a re-designed digital clock widget. I say 'treated' because its design is a point of contention for many. Personally, I don't mind it, but many others have a vastly differing opinion. The mixture of bold and regular font doesn't cut it for some people, especially when compared to the relative simplicity of the light Robotofont we've all come to know and love.But, this is Android, so there's usually a way to change these things. This ones called Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget, and is available for free in the Google Play Store. And, it does exactly what it says on the tin. You can alter the font to your liking, and you can go all bold if that's your thing. But, it gives us a simple way to bring back the clock widget of old, and it's also compatible with the Android 4.2 lockscreen. Tapping on the clock widget also takes you into the stock clock app as you would hope.And, aside from mentioning that it also displays your alarm times -- as the stock widget also does --

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Android Forums - View Single Post - General what apps do you use on your SL?

Tuesday 16th of August 2011 /
My apps:1. ACV (Android Comic Viewer) - lets me view my comic book collection (cbr format). I have quite a large one, consisting of Walking Dead, Sandman, Green Lantern, Batman, etc2. Adobe Flash Player 10.3 - of course this is an important add-on3. Alarm Clock Plus - I use this as my alarm clock. The desktop night clock feature is nice, and to dismiss the alarm I have to solve a math equation, so I'm really awake by then. LOL.4. Almost a Doctor - comes in handy, especially since I'm a med student5. Android Agenda Widget - displays Calendar Events and Astrid Tasks on screen on a single widget.6. App 2 SD - for transferring apps to SD (not that I need it though)7. App Backup Reinstall - Backs up the applications to SD card for in case of need to reset8. App list backup - because the above app does not backup the Market List. 9. App Aware Market10. AppBrain App Market11. AppInstaller - Installs apks for out of market apps12. Amazon AppStore13. Astrid Tasks - manages my To-Do and Tasks, syncs to to my Outlook on PC) and task sharing with other group m

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Alarm clock failed in Milestone

Monday 25th of January 2010 /
Did anyone share with my similar circumstance?I am used to use my mobile as an alarm clock for morning calls. It worked fine on my all previous Nokia's simple phones. However, I face a problem when I switch into Milestone this month.I have 2 cases that the alarm clock (default in Milestone) failed to alarm. Both cases, I need to restart the OS until it resumes to normal. 1st of the cases - the alarm seemed to alarm before with no sound, noting that the music player's unable to play sound as well (audio device unconnected?). 2nd of the cases - happened this morning. No alarm again and I found a message for force close dialog on OS.Process. It give auto reboot showing Android startup logo on screen... I find it's insecure of using my mobile as my alarm clock. It is very obvious if I compare it with Nokia simple phones.I don't reboot my phone until it stuck. And I like use Taskiller to kill some used apps. For example, killing music apps before listening albums.Does Android phone require daily reboot so that it work properly on going? And the Taskiller may be the cause of abnormality?An

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Amazon Free App of the Day: Gentle Alarm

Monday 09th of May 2011 /
Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Does your Android devices stock Alarm Clock app just not get the job done? Is your Limp Bizkit alarm tone more alarming than you intended? Gentle Alarm may have the answer your looking for. At any rate, it’s free from Amazon so we really can’t complain.Gentle Alarm takes a novel approach to ensuring you wake up during a light sleep phase: a two-stage alarm. This simple but ingenious feature allows you to set a pre-alarm that goes off at a low volume 30 minutes before your regular alarm. If you are in a deep sleep phase when the pre-alarm goes off, you will simply sleep through it and wake up 30 minutes later when your regular alarm goes off–no harm done. However, if you are in light sleep, you will hear it and wake up refreshed, even though you woke up 30 minutes earlier than your regular alarm was set for.Gentle Alarm really is a smart, full-featured Alarm Clock application that has pretty much everything you could ask for in an Alarm Clock. It offers customizable numbers and backgrounds, the option to change the alarm

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Any Android alarm clocks that WORK?

Wednesday 26th of June 2013 /
Do any of you have an Android alarm clock dock? I've been struggling for months to find one but the only two I've seen are the Ihome LC50, which does NOT work at all! The other is a Philips AS111 but the reviewers say it cannot function as a hands free speaker and the USB has no functionality other than charging! Is there any alarm clock out there that lets the user talk on the phone and doubles as an alarm clock? Are there any apps out there that will take the USB port and allow it to navigate through the MP3 tracks from a button on the dock?

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Turn Alarm Off with Headphone Control

Friday 06th of September 2013 /
Hi, My first post. I'm new to Android from ios. I have a Nexus 4 and Sony headphones with a single button (MDR-EX100AP). I use an alarm when I sleep on the train and with iOS I could simply press the headphone remote (play/pause) button and the alarm would turn off. I want to know if if this is possible with Android. In the Android alarm clock settings I have set the volume button to "dismiss" the alarm. I have tired both "Headset Button Controller" and "JAYS Headset Control". At first I wanted to have a long click turn down the volume (and in effect turn off the alarm), but I'v e found that's not possibly in Android 4.3 as Google Now takes over when you do a long click. So I set the headphone control app so that a single click would turn down the volume, but this does not stop the alarm! The apps seem to be doing what the should - when I single click the headphone remote, I see the volume display on screen, and it lowers, but this doesn't stop the alarm. The alarm will stop if I press the physical vol up/down button on the Nexus 4 though. Any suggestio

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Hi sense 7 Pro strange alarm clock problem.

Tuesday 01st of October 2013 /
I sure can't figure out what is up with the alarm on this Hisense 7 pro tablet. Any tone that I set only sounds for a second or two, then stops, then sounds another second, stops,and so on. Its driving me crazy. I've checked everything I can think that could cause it, notification, sound settings, can't track it down. This is in fact my 2nd Sero pro in the allowed WM 15 days, as a factory reset didn't fix it I had swamped for another one. This one has the same issue straight out of the box, no other aps other that what is stock have been added. It is not rooted, although issues like this one may be a good reason to root, I don't know. Does anyone have any ideas at all what could be causing this? Thank you very much in advance! Posted via Android Central App

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android alarm clock app help!

Saturday 07th of December 2013 /
Does anyone know how to run an application in front of the lock screen. For example, I am creating this app that plays a video at a certain time. The initial state of the phone is locked. How do I do that? I want to create the same effect as the alarm clock on android in which the alarm clock alerts you even if you have a lock screen.

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Stock Alarm Clock Unreliable

Thursday 27th of February 2014 /
I have an LG Venice. Android Version 4.1.2, Software version LG730ZV8. Service Provider: Boost Mobile. I have set multiple alarms due to the unreliable nature of the alarm clock. I have my alarms set to go off: 7, 7:30 and 8. All of a sudden it started not going off sometimes and then I happened to see what it does: It starts going off for less than a second, just enough to make a tiny blip of a sound and to make the display light up but it doesn't go off and it turns itself off. The other thing it does occasionally is the snooze stops functioning. When the alarm is snoozed it sits in the notification bar and for example might say "Alarm Snoozed - Scheduled 7:45" and usually that means it just goes off at 7:45 but sometimes it just stays in the notification bar and never goes off. This morning my 7 alarm went off partially (and woke me) but dismissed itself (so I didn't have the option to hit snooze or dismiss), then my 7:30 alarm did not go off enough to wake me. The 8 alarm went off properly. I perused third party alarm clock apps this morning but none of them seem like

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WRONG time alarm clock app for Android?

Wednesday 04th of June 2014 /
I now have two android phones, a Tracfone Samsung Galaxy Centura and a Verizon prepaid Moto G, and I like both phones, but they both have the same problem: the clock will sometimes be 5 hours off from my local time.I can go into the settings of each phone and get back to the right time with a few seconds of effort, but aside from that minor inconvenience, it makes both of them unreliable as alarm clocks.If the time can shift back and forth 5 hours for some unknown reason, I cannot rely on either one to wake me up in the morning on time. So, unfortunately, I still have to use an old fashioned clock that I plug into the wall outlet to wake me up in the morning at the right time.There are seemingly an endless number of alarm clock apps on Google Play, but so far out of all the ones I have tried, they all rely on my cell phone to figure out the exact time. If my cell phone is off by 5 hours, so are these apps. They're no better than the factory installed alarm clock feature of my cell phone.Does anyone know of an app for androids that will actually NOT rely on my cell phone to tell time?

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