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New Vizio Tablet user and new to Android

Tuesday 15th of November 2011 /
Been reading the forum over and over trying to learn a bit. My mind is overloaded with OS's since I use Windows 7 on my laptop and iOS5 on my phone and now Android on my tablet. I have a few questions that I have not seen or I just overlooked so sorry in advance if I overlap some. I will not take it wrong if someone provides a link to a relavent conversation. Plus if its wrong to ask more than one question I have no problem starting another thread.1: Can I move the icons around on the home page? 2: When I down load a book in the Nook app can I save the book to the SD card. I know I can not send the app but from what I understand I can save data ie books, music and movies/pics to the SD card.3: Last my video play back has been low quality does the tab use a lower setting when the wifi connection is slow? My play back in MLB at Bat is not very good compared to my iPhone?Overall I really like this tab it does what I want it to do, surf the web and read books mostly. I was originally going to get a Kindle Fire but I saw the Vizio for $194 at Sams and said what the heck, plus I liked the

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(guide)How to remove apps from the "not installed" list from the android market

Friday 16th of March 2012 /
I am a bit paranoid about these things. I had 1 app in my "not installed" section,and it was bothering me a ton, so I did some exploring. This is a quick guide that will show you how to remove apps listed in the "not installed" list even after clearing data does not work. I tested this on my Kindle Fire,Coby Kyros and my Droid 1. YOU WILL NEED ROOT. Proceed at your own risk.You might want to backup anything you delete.1.use a file manager and delete App_Manager from the sdcard if it exists.2.using a root file manager, navigate to data/data and delete and At this point the market/play store will not be just for extra support for this to work, go into your app manager and clear the data of Google Play Store and Google Services Framework.4.Use a root file manager again and navigate to system/app and make sure that the market app is located their. It should be named something like it does exist in system/app, then go to data/app and delete the market app from their if there is one.6.

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Kobo eReader Comes to Android

Monday 21st of June 2010 /
eReader’s popularity has grown significantly these past few years, with the introduction of the Sony eReader, the Kindle and the mobile app stores. Kobo, a Canadian eReader developer, has recently brought their system to the Android market. The application is a free download and gives you complete access to your online account. If you don’t have an account, you can make a new one right on your mobile phone.Kobo offers the ability to download ebooks right to your device. This allows for offline reading, and could potentially save on your data usage – assuming you download the book on WiFi at home. The service also enables you to create an “I’m Reading” playlist for easy access to your current favourites.The app itself is quite user friendly. It comes with easy to use browse and search functions and also offers up some free classic novels. If you find ebooks can be a strain on the eyes, Kobo also has the option to adjust font size and style. However, at this time, it does not offer the ability to adjust the background colour from white to off-white or grey. Discovered t

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