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Tips to Extend the HTC Evo and Incredible's Battery Life

Wednesday 09th of June 2010 /
If you are a proud owner of the latest and greatest EVO 4g, or the Droid Incredible, you may have noticed that the battery life issue in Android plagues you just like it still does the unlucky G1 owners who have to wait a little more to upgrade their phones.It seems all the goodness that comes with the phones sucks your battery life considerably, with 12 hours of use time being the max between charges.The guys over at have some tips for those of you who may be knew to the Android platform to conserve a bit of battery power.  Here are a few of them for you to try out, check out the whole article to get the full skinny on how to save some of your precious battery life.Delete the large HTC widgets like bookmarks and FriendStreamTurn off widget animations, and screen animationsTurn off your live wallpaper, it is a nice piece of eyecandy, but it slows down your phone and drains batteryTurn off your auto brightness, set your screen backlight to 10%Take your screen timeout down from 1 minute to 15 secondsKeep your radios off when you aren’t using them, WiFi, GPS and

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New App: Quick bookmark access/management. Beta testers needed. v0.9

Friday 03rd of December 2010 /
hi gang. i'm a new android developer, and this is my first android app. i've been doing web development for 14 years, and this is my second mobile phone app (first was for windows smartphone 5.0). the idea is that i wanted a quick way to view and open my browser bookmarks. usually, one has to open the browser first, possibly wait for it to reload whatever page was last viewed, open the bookmarks view, and find your bookmark in an unsorted list. my solution is a lightweight app that simply displays your browser bookmarks, allows you to sort them in various ways, lets you search by name, provides the ability to edit and delete them, and gives you the option to choose which browser to open them with. you can quickly open any bookmark with two finger presses. one to launch the app, and one to open the bookmark. it's nothing fancy, but it does save a little time. the app shows your system bookmarks, so you are looking at and managing the same bookmark database that the default browser uses. any changes made in either this app or the browser, will be reflected in the other. for a little i

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Cannot save bookmarks on my stock browser

Monday 12th of November 2012 /
I have the Samsung galaxy s3 running on stock ics. Ever since I got the minor update that added the brightness control, everytime I try to add a bookmark it force closes. Im tryin to wait it out and maybe JB solves the problem. It also does the same thing with my s-voice everytime the internet is needed. Any way to fix this. P.S- im looking for amswers not other people's options, and I also dnt need obvious answers. Ect. Data turned off, airplane mode enabled or factory resets. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Android Central Forums

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New Moto G user, got a few questions.

Monday 27th of January 2014 /
Hi everyone, I just picked up my Moto G and I love this thing, my first phone with vanilla android and i already like it much more than Sense or Touchwiz. I have a few questions regarding some apps/widgets for this phone. 1. Do I really need an Anti Virus app installed? I have lookout installed but do I really need it? Motorola Assist has that thing to find and wipe a lost phone. 2. What's a good weather widget that works good with this phone? I tried installing "Android Weather & Clock Widget" by from the Play store, the app seemed good but I couldn't see any of the widgets on my widget list so I ended up uninstalling it. 3. What browser does everyone use? My biggest problem with Chrome is not being able to share links/pictures by sms without having to save it first and I'm not a big fan of mobile sites, having to request desktop site every time is a bit annoying. I downloaded the Boat Browser for now which lets me browse in desktop view, share everything with sms, and lets me put my bookmarks on the speed dial screen (or whatever it's called lol). But t

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Looking for an all in one web browser

Saturday 27th of September 2014 /
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a browser for Android that offers me the ability to save bookmarks in folder, I want it also have a download manager. A reader section, And to be able to save pages offline. Is there a secure mobile browser that does that. I would like it to be in HD and possible have a sign in and out feature so I can sync my bookmarks across devices. Anyone out there think they can help me with that?

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