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[Opinion] Is There A Good Time To Buy Android Phones?

Wednesday 25th of January 2012 /
This topic was inspired by Jon Rettinger over at Techno Buffalo for his latest video, "It's Never A Good Time to Buy an Android Phone".First off, if it's not obvious by now, I'm a complete and utter Android fan. I don't believe I could ever own an iDevice unless it was more open sourced. Jailbreaking does not cut it.I assume most people clicking this thread are Android fans and/or loyalists that would agree with me on my statement above. That being said, is there any common agreement that manufacturers really need to slow down on making phones? Phones come out so fast now that when a new device comes out, the next month, week, or even the next day, it could be old news. Being a fan of Android means you are probably going to come across some phone envy at point or another. The sad thing is, you can get this sometimes with almost the same exact phone!Motorola just released the DROID RAZR barely even 2 and 1/2 months ago. And guess whats coming out now? The RAZR MAXX. Why? Why could they not have just made a nice slim phone with the 3300ma battery right from the get-go? Why do

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What is honeycomb and how does it effect android phones of the future?

Sunday 17th of April 2011 /
What is honeycomb and how does it effect android phones of the future? Can somebody explain how this os works? Is it a tablet only thing temporary? Or will future phones have it as well? What's that newest format update of android os called? Was it gingerbread or something, or is that the current os codename? Would somebody explain to me how the new updates change the way my phone works please? I am still trying to comprehend the tech terms of blur and shift(whatever it called). What does the updates change and do?Sent from my DROIDX using DroidForums App

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Best Buy offering 5 Android phones for only $99 on Black Friday

Wednesday 25th of November 2009 /
Black Friday will be a great day for Android fans thinking of getting a new phone. Best Buy announced that it will be selling several Android phones for $99 to users who activate a new 2-year agreement. The included phones are the Sprint HTC Hero or Samsung Moment, T-Mobile myTouch 3G or Motorola Cliq, and Verizon Droid Eris.Each phone will be available at Best Buy stores across the U.S. on Nov. 27, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. The $99 deal is available only to customers starting a new contract, and comes with an instant discount that does not require any kind of mail-in rebate. We’ve already seen a few of these phones at a low price, but this will be a chance for people thinking of switching to Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon to get a new Android phone at a nice discount.[Best Buy press release]

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More people plan to buy Android phones than iPhones this spring

Saturday 03rd of April 2010 /
Android may have overtaken the iPhone as the most sought-after smartphone platform in the US, ChangeWave found in its latest study. Of those planning to get a smartphone in the next 90 days, the most — 30 percent — expect it to be an Android device. Apple is still close but has just 29 percent of future buyers committing to an iPhone.Researchers noted that the jump was five times more than what existed just in September and was triggered by devices. The Droid and a handful of other very high-profile Android phones, including HTC’s Droid Eris and Nexus One, were launched at about the same time.Competing platforms only continued to drop in interest, as only 13 percent expected to buy a BlackBerry (down from 18 percent) and Windows Mobile/Phone interest was down slightly to five percent. Palm has held steady at three percent.In existing users, RIM has still held on to its lead but has had the gap narrowed further. Apple has reached an all-time high of 33 percent in the study where RIM saw a gradual decline to 33 percent. Palm has hit a low of 5 percent.The iPhone stil

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24/7 audio spying of Android Phones - How to Prevent It..?

Monday 24th of December 2012 /
Although this is not specific to Android phones, it indeed does happen on Android phones. I am talking about the use of "diagnostic mode" in order to spy on all the background audio around your phone. Here is some more information:As early as 1997, the National Reconnaissance Organization warned that any mobile phone can be turned into a microphone and transmitter for the purpose of listening to conversations in the vicinity of the phone. This is basically done by transmitting to the mobile phone a maintenance command on the control channel. This command places the mobile telephone in 'diagnostic mode'. When this is done, conversations in the immediate area of the telephone can be monitored over the voice channel. So.... my question to Android Forums, is whether or not there is a way to prevent this. All the articles I have read on it mention a "maintenance command"... the "control channel" ... and "diagnostic mode"... So.. is it possible, using Android software, or hardware, or some method... is it possible to disable any of these things, in o

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How much does Gamestop buy used Xbox 360 games for?

Wednesday 27th of June 2012 /
My xbox just got the red ring of death and all of my friends have PS3's. So i am planning to sell all of my games and buy a PS3. I have 34 xbox 360 games and 2 original xbox games. Some are very new games but others are fairly old. I know that how much they buy each for depends on what game it is but i was just wondering what a rough estimate of how much I will get for each game.___________________Xbox360 Accessory Xbox360 Controllers Xbox 360 Hard Drive

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Why do Android phones have limited memory?

Monday 17th of August 2009 /
Why does HTC make Android phones with very limited memory? Why not be like the iPhone and make it internal? There has been news that the G1 cannot receive updates because of lack of space. If it had internal memory of decent size this wouldn't be a problem. Forget SD cards, use internal.

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[Opinion] Is There A Good Time To Buy Android Phones? - Page 4

Saturday 28th of January 2012 /
I think that these companies should work harder to make sure the phones are as up-to-date as possible.  If motorola would keep the phones up to date and as bugfree as possible I would buy from them again, but until then I will not.  Same way with LG phones, great hardware but crap software and I never buy from them until they change.  Samsung and HTC I can somewhat deal with and atleast HTC has somewhat improved there stance on bootloaders its still far from being what the evo was IMO.  Now if only samsung would release the S3 around the world at the same time or at least release it in the states faster then 6 months after everyone else.

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[Opinion] Is There A Good Time To Buy Android Phones? - Page 2

Wednesday 25th of January 2012 /
Originally Posted by Jungle King 76Strictly from a marketing standpoint moto releasing these two was actually a brilliant move. The first RAZR was the world thinnest phone.... wouldn't have been with the big battery. Now the RAZR Maxx is the world longest lasting smart phone. So, it may be frustrating to some but moto was smart to do it that way.Sent from my DROID RAZR using DroidForumsI don't see how it's a good thing. They could have still have had the thinnest phone at the time and had a battery that demolished all other phone batteries.Either way Motorola hurt it's customer loyalty and will have to manufacture and advertise two phones which are essentially the same within 3 months.

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[Opinion] Is There A Good Time To Buy Android Phones? - Page 3

Thursday 26th of January 2012 /
So, given what is going on, what makes the most sense? Wait three months before buying the newest model?

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