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How long does your Android last on a full charge?

Sunday 17th of February 2013 /
I have a couple of Android phones from MetroPCS which I occasionally switch between but out of all the ones I have I find myself using my Samsung Admire, although it's not 4G like my other ones I still love it because the battery last me a awhile and I never really needed 4G anyway as I have Wifi at home and work.So anyway with all of my Android phones I have them set to where I can get the most out of my battery on a single charge, for example I got the following turned off/set to low: auto sync, gps, brightness, vibrations, keypad sounds, etc you get the point. With heavy usage (Calls, txts, music, FB, YouTube, Web) my Admire lasts me me about 10 hours enough to get me through the day. With moderate usage about 12-16 hours or even more. Apps that run in the background and use data I got them set to the lowest too so that they don't refresh very often and drain my battery.So how long does your Android last on a full charge and what have you done to improve your battery life?

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New WonderMedia WM8650 Android Tablet PC - Page 4

Thursday 21st of April 2011 /
Originally Posted by ffxx68Hi all, I have a 8505 netbook and I'm seriously thinking to "upgrade" to a 8650 tablet. A few things I haven't found yet in the reviews:1) Battery drain. How long it runs on battery (average usage: 50% on the internet on WiFi; 50% idle/screen off)2) Standby or Hibernation modes. Does everything works fine after after returning to work? I know WiFi *might* have issues, like needing a restart or so.3) 3G dongle support. Which are the supported devices? thanksBattery drain depends on the size of the battery. 3200m batteries will last 5-6 hours. I have a 2400 batter and on the dimmest screen setting an with wifi off Ive made it to five and a half. with screen dim (still perfectly visible btw, full brite hruts my eyes) but wifi on Ill average 4 hours. Hibernation mode freezes my tablet with screen off on but Iver heard it doesnt do much to stop power drain i just set mine to screen off after ten minutes which works just fine.

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How to save battery life with Android 1.6 on BH2 ?

Saturday 15th of May 2010 /
As I just got my phone with installed rom 1.6 for the Behold 2 , I am frustrating when the battery life drains so fast after last night . I was playing a bit with the WIFI , and the battery status bar was still less then half bar . After I woke up today , the battery has shown that the battery is less than 5% . I did turn off my wifi and using only 2g network to save battery life. I clicked on "why", it showed the Green Bar with the word Android System 95% . What does this mean , and how can I save more battery life since I don't use it the whole night . So the phone suppose to be less than half bar battery life at least. 1.Putting the phone in sleep can save battery life or not on the Behold II ? 2.What are some ways that can save the battery life on the Behold II ?3.Does the charging technique can at least save some part the of the battery life ? If so , How do I charge my Behold II ? Leaving it all drain out, turning off the phone and then charge it ? Here are some ways that I have read in androidforums1. use spare app2. use task manager I didn't try these two. Thank you

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New 7" Tablet PC MID 1.3MP Webcam 2GB 256MB WIFI Google Android 1.8.2 - Page 2

Saturday 14th of August 2010 /
PSU units don't charge correctly here in the US I don't know how they charge in CH but not so well here. 1. They overheat2. 50% only gets some what charged3. Charger overheats4. Plug connector doesn't go all the way into the hole.5. Android v1.6 with Build 1.7.4 it's not Android 1.7.4 the next one up would be some 1.8.x then 2.1 then 2.2 and 3.0 (when it's available)These pads/tablets are slow, but disabling background crap can then speed it up. I would install Advanced Task Killer Pro (Crazy Mode) and Memory Lite (Kill mode) to free up the CPU and RAM. Today I got another one in the mail (which I didn't order for) now with two plus the Gentouch 78 so I am testing it out with new mod settings I use with Gentouch on it. I got WD Passport hooked up to one of the two USB using the extender box. One I had shipped by to the seller in USA and not back to the OEM (vendor in China)Update: Like the prior one VIA Chipset system I had last week this one does the same thing! 3 hrs and the battery only charged for 50% then starts do drain. Hangs, crashes app, browser connecting to sites just free

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why does 3g drain battery fast?

Tuesday 19th of July 2011 /
are all android phones like this? my symbian phone lasts more than a day with 3g "on" constantly and wifi too is always on whenever i get home...

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Battery life question.

Saturday 14th of September 2013 /
Does leaving on GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi drain the battery much more than turning it off on this phone? I've always turned off whatever I didn't need but I was wondering if this phone didn't require that for good battery life. Thanks! Posted via Android Central App

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htc One TERRIBLE battery drain - worse after kitkat

Friday 07th of March 2014 /
I got my One in November and I've had battery issues from the start. I exchanged it for another one within the first two weeks and the one I have now is just as bad. I've done everything I could think of the past four months to make it better but nothing has helped. After the kitkat update, it has gotten much worse and the phone gets hot just about every time I'm out of range of my wifi networks.I love this phone, but we're talking 30%-40% drain in about two hours and mid-day charge on top of an overnight charge. The drain is even worse over 4G.I am a heavy phone user and the battery does not drain nearly as bad when it's idle, but it still has a heavy drain for idle. I let it fully die once a week and keep my hands away from it while it's charging. I've reset everything, downloaded apps to detect running apps, bugs and everything else. I delete apps I don't use, turn of wifi when I'm on 4G and just about everything else I've read in forum after forum with the same results. Nothing is fixing this problem. I recently switched to Android from iPhone, so I'm somewhat lost when I start d

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Android Battery drains without use in one day?

Monday 25th of August 2014 /
Hey, I have the Kyocera Hydro. It's always on airplane mode unless I use the wifi (and that's very rarely). I charged it last night until it was full. Then today, it was on airplane mode the entire day; I used it once for the alarm, and took one picture with it. At 9 pm, it had 14% battery. Why does the battery drain so fast with such minimal use????? Help please. It's so annoying and I hate turning it on and it being like CHARGE MEEE thanks

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Galaxy S5: battery drain (4.4.2 non-root)

Thursday 25th of September 2014 / phone is a new Galaxy S5. battery was perfect first two weeks and up to 3 days after i did a factory reset (3-4 days moderate use)however, after that, suddenly it started draining in a jaggedy curve steadily. no UPS mode nor JuiceDefender helped. it happened suddenly, no application was installed that day. turning off processes did not help either.imgur: the simple image sharerpic 1: after factory reset. after re-syncing, see that smooth curve and nice battery life?pic 2&3: jaggy, steady drain no matter how much screen time i doknown facts:-drain happens suddenly, factory reset teporarily fixes it-no matter what i do, no common battery saving method helps-Stay Awake is on 90% of the time in Android OS, which is the biggest cause-screen drains battery too despite my screen time-Locations and sync is turned off, as well as screen rotation-Airplane mode does not help-battery in-out did not help-nor WiFi on/off does not helpany help?

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Recent battery drain

Tuesday 19th of May 2015 /
Recently started having some battery draining issues. Before this, the tablet would go completely to sleep while off. I have wifi set to turn off while the tablet is not in use. The battery life on this thing used to be phenomenal. Absolutely outstanding. But as of late it's been having a few hiccups; while not in use, the tablet does not fully sleep anymore. I attached a screenshot to help diagnose the issue. As you can see, the screen is off but the tablet remains awake for some reason. To be honest, this isn't the first time this random battery drain happens for me too. I suspect it's the Google Play services just being out of whack. You know, Android being Android... In the past this issue has fixed itself. Hopefully this is temporary but I just wanted to post letting owners know. If you're experiencing recent battery drain issues, you're not alone! P. S. No i have not installed any new apps... In months... This battery drain appears to be completely out of the blue Posted via the Android Central App

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