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new way to avoid YouTube download removing in Dolphin Browser HD

Monday 24th of May 2010 /
Hi, guys, are you gloomy when hearing of YouTube download is removed from dolphin browser?Since Google forced dolphin to remove YouTube downloader feature, I am really mad.I even mailed to dolphin to ask them add this feature back, because it is one of my favorite features.Their response is that they promise to figure out a way to solve the issue asap. BUT I could not wait and I find a way to solve the problems. HahaI find a way to download the old version of dolphin which still has the YouTube download feature.Visit here: could keep the old version of dolphin browser with YouTube downloader and still update your Dolphin Browser HD. It will recover HD

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Browser Problems

Sunday 17th of February 2013 /
What's up with these browsers that won't open the msn website? I have 6 browsers installed on my pad because i am trying to find one that is worth a crap. Firefox, Dolphin and the stock browsers open it ok. Chrome, Boat and Naked browsers give a message that says "bad request-invalid header. Http error 400. The request has an invalid header name." Boat and Naked browsers are fast but have too many problems. Chrome gets squirrely at times. Dolphin is pretty guick, but won't play flash. Firefox does most of what I want, but it just isn't fast enough. It's hard to believe at this point in android development they can't come up with one decent browser that has speed and consistency.Also, with a couple of the ones that do open msn, the keypad constantly pops up. It also pops up whenever I go to the next page on 4 shared.I have had a tf201 and this tf700 for over a year now and I have been patiently waiting for the browser problems that everyone complains about to get fixed.

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dolphin browser problems

Wednesday 06th of March 2013 /
I've used dolphin browser with jet pack for a while. First on my bionic, then on my note 2. It was great until the last couple of weeks. It's been force closing a lot. Anyone else having these issues? I've emailed the dev twice now with no reply. Any other great browser recommendations?

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Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 Beta 1 goes public

Tuesday 17th of May 2011 /
For many folks out there, the stock web browsing experience on Android isn't the best -- luckily, there are a lot of third-party web browsers to choose from. One that appeals to many is Dolphin Browser HD. Previously only available to a closed beta testing group, Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 Beta 1 is now available for all and has plenty of changes to it as noted on their blog:Innovative UI changes: fresh tab color; more elegant and more modern settings interface, fantastic fluorescein effect of context menu as well as sub folder support.Speed dial style new tab: access your favorite site easily, undo your previously closed tabs, and tell your most visited sites history at a glance.Powerful bookmarks sidebar: all bookmark folders, quick menu to access feature settings.Faster browsing experience and more stable performance: We have to admit Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 private beta is very unstable. However, we have fixed many random crash problems in this public beta version. Also, both launching speed and browsing speed get optimized in this public beta version.Give it a run through if you'r

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Dolphin Browser not working...what the heck?

Friday 15th of April 2011 /
I've been using Dolphin since I got my EVO with no problems at all. Today it started acting up. Whether I am connected to my home wireless connection or mobile 3G, I constantly get the "Web page not available" error. I can open the stock browser and it connects and works just fine -- other apps that use data are functioning properly. Was looking for a way to reset it, I suppose I can uninstall and reinstall, but would rather find out what is wrong. Any ideas?

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Dolphin Browser HD - Video Playback Issue (Control Panel Keeps Popping-Up)

Thursday 13th of January 2011 /
Phone: HTC Desire on 2.2Using Launcher PRONot using a Task Killer. Dear All, I am having issues with video playback in Dolphin HD. The browser is fine, excellent until I try and play a video. The video loads up just how it should. Great. Except if I try to watch the video in landscape, the control panel, keeps popping up, disappearing, pop-up, disappear, pop-up... etc. If I use the stock browser, no problems. If I use the 'open with YouTube app' option. Perfect. My second issue, is that the 'open with YouTube app' option is rarely given to me. I have no idea why it offers it sometimes and not others. If it worked consistently I wouldn't worry about the Dolphin Browser issue. I have no idea what has triggered this annoyance. It just started happening one day. I have contacted the Dolphin Browser people and they do not know why it happens. I can also find no instances of this affecting other people. Any help, is HUGELY appreciated. E.

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Problems with Dolphin Browser HD.

Saturday 21st of May 2011 /
I would really not call this a problem, but more like an issue. When i go to download a theme or add-on for dolphin browser HD, it says u dont have an application to do this. I would really like the red or blue theme for the browser, and a few add-ons to make browsing easier for myself. If someone had this issue, and figured it out, please share with me whatever u have got to solve this problem. Im thinking it is that i just need to install an installing program and not use the stock one, but if someone would like to tell me im correct, or wrong, please share

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Proscan PLT7044K Browser crashes

Wednesday 05th of June 2013 /
A week ago I received this tablet as a gift and so far I think its a Piece of Junk! Each time I launch the browser and I click on any link, I get a message saying "Unfortunately the browser has stopped and will now close" also Gmail crashes,my gmail account and sons gmail email account won't open at all whether we try to log in via the web (Which crashes) or through the gmail app. I can not install any market's so I can not find any app to fix the problems I am having (again,Because I cant click on any links!!).Via USB, I have installed on my SDCARD ,google play, 1mobile market appz to try and download appz that would help resolve my issues and once again Those appz and all others will crash, I can not download any attachments via Hotmail email I get a message stating that there is no file association with this format "apk" , again I tried downloading through the installed web browser and I tried to run the Dolphin Browser just to see if it was the installed browser itself that it crappy but The dolphin browser crashes as well.My son has a Uniden 7 inch internet t

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Browser problems after 4.3

Wednesday 05th of March 2014 /
Well, first time posting so i hope that i'm doing this right.I have a SGS3 and finally the operator over here gave us the 4.3 android version and since then that i'm having problems with the browsers.- Youtube embebbed videos don't show up on the pages, on the stock browser it appears a window saying "Connection problem. There was a network error" and where it was supposed to be the youtube "space" it appears like a webpage saying "webpage not available" etc.In other browsers the problem is the same, it doesn't load up the youtube embebbed video, i can click on it and see the video on the youtube app but not in the browser.- In some forum it's appearing the threads as they were read, it happens on the stock browser and firefox but in the Chrome and Dolphin i don't have that problem.- In other forum it has some letter size problems, some comments are normal but others have a bigger size text (and i checked on the pc, it only has that problem on the phone browser).I have cleared the cache/cookies and the data on the internet app, the problem still remains.

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Dolphin browser works on WiFi but problems on VZW 4G

Saturday 13th of September 2014 /
I've used Dolphin on this Nexus for over a year but today it won't go to certain websites over Verizon 4G, like Google and Yahoo. It goes to Verizon's website just fine. It goes to Google and everywhere I try if I'm on WiFi. I don't know of anything I've done since yesterday to cause it.I've uninstalled and reinstalled Dolphin. Turned phone off and on. Updated all my apps. Called Verizon and tech support who said they'd never even heard of Dolphin and I should use Chrome.Any ideas what's causing this? I could use another browser but would rather not.

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