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USB Driver for HTC Dream G1 - 64 bit Windows 7

Friday 24th of June 2011 /
I have a HTC Dream G1 (T-Mobile) - android version 1.5 and I have 64 bit Windows 7 on my laptop. I am unable to access the memory card in my phone through my laptop. Can someone tell me how to install the USB driver for my phone?Thanks in advance.

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Need help finding driver for windows 8 for bootloader

Monday 07th of January 2013 /
the driver for the bootloader doesn't want to detect my phone on my windows 8 laptop anybody come across any drivers that will work?

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USB Tethering; HELP !! , I want to get internet access on my laptop via phone

Friday 21st of September 2012 /
I have tried to get USB Tethering to work to get internet on my laptop through my Samsung Galaxy S3. I'm with Sprint if that matters. I have unlimited text/data plan. I don't want to pay for the Sprint Wi Fi Hotspot service. Can I get access for my laptop through my phone using USB Tethering without paying?I tried installing a driver I found at the Samsung website. It seemed to work, but then I notice that my phone was receiving Wi Fi from my wireless router here at home. I was able to surf the web with my phone tethered via USB to my laptop as long as I was receiving Wi Fi to the phone via my home router.But when I turned off the Wi-Fi access within the phone I was unable to get internet connection via my cell phone through my sprint service.The driver I downloaded from Samsung and installed on my PC (Windows 7) was the Samsung USB Driver For Mobile Devices V1.4.6.0During the driver install on my PC most of the features installed but it did say that Moble MTP Divices "failed"Any ideas on how I can get my phone service to provide internet access via the USB tethering? Or so

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USB Driver for LG Optimus T

Sunday 02nd of January 2011 /
Hello, does anyone know how to get the USB driver for the LG Optimus T? I have been trying to find a free download for it so that I can upload music into my phone; however, my laptop does not recognize the phone at all without the driver. I would really appreciate any advice anyone has. Thanks!

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Is there a 64-bit driver for the Droid?

Friday 19th of November 2010 /
When I plugged in my Droid Pro into my laptop, it reported it was unable to install the driver. Is it true that there is no 64-bit driver for the Droid?Any way around this?Thanks!(i searched on this and surprisingly found nothing)

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HP Pavilion dv7 Laptop - need driver to resetup

Thursday 09th of May 2013 /
I just purchased a used: HP Pavilion dv7-6b78us for someone on craigslist. He wiped the Laptop clean. it originally came with Windows 7. He upgraded via online purchase to Windows 8 Pro. when he wiped the Harddrive and only loaded the Windows 8 pro.. he did not know to get all the drivers for all the hardware on the laptop. So a lot of issues with the laptop. from visiting the HP website support.. I got most of the hardware working.I have 4 remaining issues.. 1. HP TrueVisioin HD: builtin webcam I was able to find the software for it, but not the drivers. The funny thing is, the "Device Manager" does not even see a webcam or missing hardware. installed the software and it can not find a webcam, it says that I need to turn it "on".Does anyone have these drivers? or what I need to turn it "on"? 2. Video card.. there are 2 listed: Intel HD Graphics 3000 Radeon HD 6490M While I was trying to figure out which is the correct driver for the installed hardware.. the drivers changed models a few times.. and even showed memory. anyone know what is the correct dri

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I need a usb 3.0 driver for my at&t galaxy s3!

Wednesday 10th of July 2013 /
Hello everyone! I'm a newbie here. Been working on getting my new Galaxy S3 visible on my laptop. Just discovered that my phone can't be recognised on the laptop because it has all USB 3 ports! Apparently, the ports aren't backwards-compatible to USB 2.0 devices and I can't locate a 3.0 driver for my new AT&T Galaxy S3.I have my phone unlocked and set for Mass Storage Mode; that's all done. I do see that my phone is visible in my "devices and printers" applet in Control Panel, but it appears as an Optical Drive! Something's wrong there, I think.I have doubleTwist installed on thte laptop, but the program doesn't find the phone - probably the USB3 ports are to blame.Can someone please help me with this? I can be reached off-forum at: ac1wye at gmailThanks for your help, I sure appreciate it!Sandy Gerli

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Driver for laptop.

Wednesday 30th of October 2013 /
İ need a driver to connect my Galaxy Ace 2 mobile phone to my Toshiba Laptop USB. İ have downloaded KİES but it will not work.

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cdc serial driver for andriod and windows xp

Tuesday 21st of January 2014 /
I need to get pictures from my phone to my laptop. I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 (model #: SGH-T769) and my laptop runs on windows xp. When I plug it in to the computer via usb cord, it is telling me that I am missing the cdc serial driver. Where can I find and download the correct driver?

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Driver for Ainol 10 Hero Quad Core tablet

Monday 03rd of February 2014 /
Hello,I have Ainol 10 Hero Quad Core tablet. As some of you know that while developing android apps on eclipse if you want to directly run your app on a real device (in my case which is Ainol 10 Hero Quad Core tablet) then you need to install that device driver on your pc/laptop. After installing the driver of the device, eclipse then can detect that device and runs your app directly on your device.So my problem is I don't have the driver for my device "Ainol 10 Hero Quad Core tablet" to install in my laptop. Can someone help me out where to get the driver for this device "Ainol 10 Hero Quad Core tablet".Thanks in advance,momersaleem

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