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Saving to the SDCARD Droid X2

Friday 09th of September 2011 /
I have tried to read these posts about how to save music, images, videos, and any other media to the sdcard of a droid x2. Now, I'm confused. Here is my problem and I'll keep it simple. Lets say I take a picture, it saves it to the internal memory even though I have it set to save the pic to the sdcard. I check my sdcard and sure enough the pic isn't saved there, but on the phone itself. This goes for video and music as well. The only think I can figure out to do in order to not fill up the internal storage is to hook the phone up to the computer and manually drag all the new music, photos, and videos I take or get to the sdcard. I would rather the phone do that for me. I have a DCIM folder on the sdcard, but thats the only folder I have. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this? I need simple easy to understand explanations, as I'm not use to this new phone. Thanks a bunch.

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Trying to understand the file structure of my new Droid

Wednesday 02nd of June 2010 /
Hey folks,So I've got a Droid Incredible, and I love it. I'm having a tiny issue regarding it, however, concerning folder structures for organization.I want to organize my photos / videos, but I don't see how to do that in-phone. Setting the phone as a hard drive works, but there's two hard drives (phone and SD card, I'm assuming). In-phone, the images that are stored on the SD card (ones from the simple-but-addicting Draw app) and the ones I've taken show up together, despite being in two different locations. It also lists all the images just fine, even if some are in the DCIM folder, or its subfolder 100MEDIA.I'd like to organize my media, and know where to add media so that they show up in my phone. Let's say I have a video I want to put on my phone. Where do I put it? On the SD card, somewhere (and if so, what folder?)? On the phone HD (and again, if so, what folder?). Can I make folders to separate different pictures? Hopefully I'm making sense about this...To make matters worse,Even on the Phone HD itself, all the images are grouped together, despite some being in the DCIM fold

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Folder, photos, video

Friday 26th of November 2010 /
Ok. I have music, photos and videos on my phone and that more that I want to add....I find no folders where to transfer to; do I just create folders? If so where do I put them (in the media folder?) everything I already have on the phone is in the dcim folder...Thanks in advance..lmwolfwalker droid incredible

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Where is the camera folder on ICS?

Tuesday 31st of July 2012 /
Hi, I just got a Razer Maxx with ICS. I have been moving my movies and music from my Droid X to the Razr. I jack both phones into the USB ports on my Mac and just copy over. That was easy until I got to my photos. My droid X had a DCIM folder and my camera photos were stored inside a Camera folder within DCIM. But on the Razr, there is no camera folder within the DCIM folder. I'm browsing with Astro. If I use My Files to view the SD Card, the Camera folder is there, but I'm not sure if it's on the card or internal memory. And I have a program that backs up to the SD card, but according to My Files, the backup is in the internal storage. Can someone explain the file directory to me, and what is "Lost Directory"? Thanks.

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Moving/Copying Pics From Computer to Droid or Droid to Computer

Thursday 09th of September 2010 /
Ultimate Goal: Copying/moving pics back and forth between Incredible and computer.Progress to Date:I have progressed to being able to hook my phone up to my computer and to get my phone onto Mount As Disk Drive. (That has only taken me three days to accomplish.)When I do this and go into Windows Explorer, I see that two new drives appear: Drives M and N. I assume I am now looking at what is on my phone - there are about 12 directories on Drive N and they all seem to relate to Droid files and folders. Drive M only has three files on it - two .bmp image files and a modem installer.Problem is - there is no DCIM folder showing anywhere on either Drive M or N. I know that there should be a DCIM folder somewhere in there because that's where you store pics. Furthermore, my phone came with a dozen or so pics already on the phone and I have taken several photos which I can also view. So I know they are stored somewhere. But I am as yet unable to find where.Accordingly, I am stuck. I can't find the pics on the Droid to copy them to the computer and I can't find a place to put the pics I want

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Droid X - picture download

Tuesday 30th of November 2010 /
I downloaded a picture from a website and I would like the picture to populate in the Gallery, however it will not show up. I moved the file into the DCIM folder and sub folder camera and it will not show up in the gallery. I can click on the file using astro and it will open and I can see the pic, but I cannot get it synced into the Gallery. Any ideas on this? It is a basic jpeg file Droid X

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No Camera file in DCIM droid X2

Saturday 25th of June 2011 /
HeyTrying to get my photos off my Droid X2 for the first time using a USB. When i open the phone on "my computer", i can find the DCIM folder, but in that folder there are only 2 folders. One is .thumbnails, and the other is .spmoThe pictures in the thumbnails are obviously small/low quality, so where do the high quality pictures reside? Sounds like i need to have a "Camera" file in the DCIM file, but its not there? Any ideas?Thanks

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Droid DCIM Folder

Wednesday 08th of February 2012 /
When I connect my Driod Bionic to the Computer, I see the dcim folder. Under that folder are two folders 1) thumbnails and 2) camera. All of my pictures show up under thumbnails, but under Camera, my pictures only show up through the Middle of January. Any picutures I took in the last 4 weeks only show up in thumbnails, and not camera.

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Selling iPhone 4 and getting Droid X - Page 3

Sunday 19th of December 2010 / is screenshots of the various Droid phones. Generally, to take a screenshot, it requires root (don't ask why, its never been answered that I've seen). However, some people have gotten lucky even without root. There is a method to take screenshots by using ADB, though I'm not sure if that is possible with a Mac. For pictures, you probably already have a DCIM folder on the SD card, you can just put the new pictures into there (and into any subfolders you create if you want). If you don't want to use that folder (its the default picture folder), you can just have a Pictures folder on the SD card and the phone will find them anyways. For music, same thing, just create a folder named Music (or whatever) and the phone will find the files. If a folder has a file called .nomedia in it, it tells the OS to not scan it for media files (pictures/music), but any other folder is fair game, which is why folder names don't matter.

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Moving pix or music files between PC and droid

Thursday 04th of February 2010 /
Day 1 with my phone so be patient with me. I've plugged it into my computer and "mounted" it. On my PC, the phone gets assigned a drive letter and on that drive, I see a DCIM folder with .thumbnails and 100ANDRO subfolders. I also see a google_maps_navigation folder that has subfolders and then there is a LOST.DIR folder. What do I need to do or look for, on the phone or the PC to move pix or music files off my PC onto the droid and be able to find them on the droid, or to be able to move pix or flix I make with the driod onto the PC? I tried dragging a test pic onto the phone in the DCIM folder but I can't find the pic on the phone. I have astro app installed by the way. Is there a way to view the sdcard folder on the PC and also view or listen to what I move to it on the phone?

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