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My Nexus 7 Won't stop talking - Android Tablets - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Wednesday 10th of October 2012 /
I inadvertantly switched on the TalkBack facility but now I can't switch it off.I cannot access Settings.It won't turn pages nor scroll down.Needs a double click on everything to open.How to turn it off?Mike

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*newbie* - Can't answer calls properly!! HELP!!! - Android Phones - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Tuesday 27th of November 2012 /
Got my new HTC Desire C a few days ago.On the incoming call screen, when I press 'answer' - every other call connects but the screen goes blank. Can't access keypad, can't press end call, can't access speakerphone, can't access home -NOTHING but hearing the call on the other end.When I say 'every other call' , I mean incoming call A goes through fine, but then incoming call B goes through to a blank screen, call C goes through fine, etc.The only way to end the call from the problematic 'blank screen mode' is to either end the call with the top power button, or wait until the caller hangs up, at which point the screen goes back to normal.Spoke to HTC and they told me to do a factory reset, which didn't help. All I can do now is take the phone back, but I bought it on ebay (boxed new from a reliable seller) so this isn't so simplePLEASE HELP!!

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DropBox files won't open, 'Permanent Failure'

Thursday 02nd of February 2012 /
Opening files from the DropBox app seems to always result in a 'Permanent Failure' message. I see that some of the progress bar fills before the error appears. In the past I used DropBox to view many file types, including JPG, TXT and PDF.I am Googling the problem but I don't see anything specific in the results. I'm wondering if it is due to having too full of an SD card. I will test that shortly.Device: HTC Incredible (Android 2.3.4), App version: 2.0.1

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LG Viper browser won't open, goes to white screen

Tuesday 26th of March 2013 /
After tapping on the browser icon, my screen goes all white, and no details are visible other than time,connectivity,etc. I can get to the Google Play Store just fine, and YouTube app and others still connect. What's going on?

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4.0 ice cream sandwich - Problem in setting up google account - "couldn't open connection to server."

Monday 29th of October 2012 /
I had just installed custom ROM cynogenmod-9(ICS) in my S Plus device and now I am not able to add Google Account in my android device. It gives the following error message, Couldn't finish couldn't open connection to server.So, what is the problem? why I am getting such kind of error?

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ThinkFree Office won't open Google Docs documents

Wednesday 25th of August 2010 /
Hey, it's K-Takashi.I ran into a problem with ThinkFree Office. Whenever I try to open up my Google Docs documents, I keep getting Error 404 and that it wasn't found, even though the document is perfectly fine when I view it on a computer. How do I get ThinkFree Office to open my Google Docs documents so I can edit them?Thanks,K-Takashi.

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email - Jelly Bean IMAP, Couldn't open connection to server

Thursday 23rd of August 2012 /
Well, finally got my Nexus 7. Set up all the basics and hit a pretty big roadblock, the email account setup for IMAP simply won't work.Just to clarify, I'm absolutely certain all the details I've put in are 100% correct, I've double-, triple-, quadruple- and so on-checked them. They are exactly the same as the settings I use on my iPhone, in on my Mac and in Thunderbird on my laptop. All three of these devices are on the same network behind the same FreeBSD machine that does packet filtering, they are all on the same subnet and subject to the same packet filtering rules.The IMAP(S) server is my own running on a Debian VPS and here's the kicker, when I check the logs all the other clients' connections are clearly visible but no connections from the Nexus 7 show up. The Nexus 7 has shown no other signs of network issues but whenever I try to setup an IMAP account I get Couldn't open connection to serverthrown back at me immediately (no delay indicating some kind of timeout, immediate, right away, BAM!).So, does anyone have suggestions on how I can fix this? I've tried googlin

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Can't open pictures from SD card anymore. - Android Phones - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

Hi,I have Samsung Galaxy SII with Samsung 32GB SD micro card. The phone was saving pictures authomaticly to the SD card. Everything was fine until few days ago. I couldn't open some pictures from the last trip. There were blank places instead of thumbnails. I decided to save the rest of the pictures (that survived)from the cardon to my computer, unfortunately, before I've done it I couldn't open the rest of them. Now it looks like it's taking a few pictures (and movies) a dayfrom my memory card.When I copy these pictures on to my computer, I can see the jpeg icon (no thumbnail), the files have sensible sizes (2-3 MB), they areall jpeg filesI just can't open them.I've tried disc recovery, digital image recovery, but it didn't help.Sad thing is that I had similar problem before, but Iwas usinga cheap, chinesseno name sd card. I thought it was just faulty card, so decided to go for Samsung 32GB, and now I have the same problem. The card is only filled with 3GB (photos, movies, music). It was formated before I started using it. Is this sth wrong with my phone or rather SD card?Also, when

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Tablet won't open Dropbox shortcuts w/ .lnk

Friday 20th of June 2014 /
Hi, I found a thread on these forums where someone had a similar problem, but it turned out they didn't do their shortcuts correctly in the first place. The source file is absolutely on Dropbox, I created a shortcut and cut/pasted to the home screen/parent folder on Dropbox. All opens fine on PC and laptop. But Asus tablet lists the shortcuts with ".lnk" after the name and 'shortcut' extension. Says it can't open them and I need to download an app to open them. ??? I tried renaming and made certain the files are located in a subfolder on Dropbox. I can open the original doc just fine, but not the shortcut. Any ideas of what the hey is up? Many thanks!

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Files won't open when stored on SDCard

Wednesday 04th of March 2015 /
Hi there, I have installed a SDCard in my Tab S 10.5 but now after I copied PDF files from DropBox to my local SDCard they won't open.The error is Cannot display PDF filename.pdf is of invalid format. I have formatted the SDCard twice already.Does anyone have an idea how to check if the SDCard is ok? Eric

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