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Droid - Newbie Question About Exchange Server Sync

Tuesday 22nd of June 2010 /
I'm currently a WinMo user (Motorola Q9c). It's been a great phone, but it's time for something new. I'm considering a Droid.One thing the WinMo phone does very well is keep my e-mail, contacts and calendar synced with my desktop PC via an Exchange server. If I put a new calendar entry into my phone, it appears on my desktop within a minute or two, and vice-versa. Email arrives on my desktop and on my phone virtually simultaneously. Will the Droid work similarly? Do its native email, calendar and contact apps sync with an Exchange server?Thanks for the help folks!Scott

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E-mail sync issue. Deleting e-mail on device does not reconcile on server (messages repopulate)

Tuesday 14th of August 2012 /
Deleting email seems impossible. Soon as I refresh the email, all the deleted messages repopulate. Any ideas?

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Newbie question on Google accounts and the Android Market

Friday 04th of February 2011 /
I am an Android ultra newbie. My device should arrive on Monday (getting excited to start playing). I'm doing some reading/learning ahead of time and am confused on how google accounts play in with the Market and can't find the answer in all my searching. I may be completely mis-understanding how this all works and if so, feel free to correct me. I have a gmail account that I use for personal (let's call it and a seperate I use when interacting with businesses or anthing that may start sending lots of junk mail (let's call it to keep all that out of my personal e-mail. From what I can tell, I'll need to connect the Market to a Google account, which naturally I'd want to use But if my phone is configured with secondary as my Google account, can I still configure the gmail app to Will I need to switch the phone back and forth from personal to secondary any time I want to go to the Market to keep it from tieing downloads to my personal account? I presume I need to configure the phone when I fire it up so

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Dumb newbie question on e-mail sync.... :)

Wednesday 20th of June 2012 /
OK, how do you sychronize e-mail? I have my Verizon and Yahoo accounts (don't use G-mail much) and what I want to do is if I delete e-mails from either accounts via the Maxx, I want them also deleted on the server side. Quite annoying when I've gone through and manage all my e-mails while I'm on the road to only log in at home and see they are all there on the server side. I've searched on this forum to no avail. I also took a look at Settings and the menus when in the e-mail reader. I know it's there somewhere but I can't see to find the setting or switch.

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Downloaded files on e-mail

Tuesday 18th of December 2012 /
I e-mailed myself 2 files, a small excel and word document. I was able to open both from my e-mail. My question is where are those open files? I went back to my home screen did some stuff and than wanted to see the files again but couldn't find them. Do they only exist in e-mail? Do I go back to the e-mail and reopen? When I delete the e-mail are the files gone? Thanks for any help

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Droid 2 Global corporate e-mail sync issue

Wednesday 08th of December 2010 /
New user, just got phone Friday. Company converting all users off BBerry.Got the phone set-up, sync to corporate e-mail, calendar, contacts all ok. Also get Gmail ok. Worked good forst 5 days....Today I went to check corporate email, press the icon, goes to email screen and starts to sync/refresh (red circle in upper corner lights).... And after 3 seconds I am back to the main screen, the app stopped.Re-booted phone once and e-mail then worked ok again. Then tonight same issue again and re-booting 3x, no change. Still can't get corporate e-mail.Corporate calendar works/syncs. Same with contacts. GMail works fine, no issue refreshing. Just corporate e-mail app.Same result whether I use WiFi or 3G.If I go to airplane mode (no wireless) I can open the e-mail App and it stays open, gives me message "no data connection".I was able to get it working again .. went to corporate account, de-selected e-mail synch, went to email app and there were no e-mails, went back to corporate account and re-selected e-mail synch, then back to email and it synched all the emails and seems to be w

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E-mail sync on/off not working

Wednesday 10th of March 2010 /
Ok, so I have my exchange account e-mail set up with my phone and it syncs with my phone (I can send/receive, sync calendar, etc). My problem is that I can't get the on/off for the sync to work correctly. Sync does work correctly for my gmail account.If I leave the email app open in the background it will still receive messages even with sync off. If I have sync on and the app isn't running in the background I can't receive any messages.I have tried excluding it from my task killer and this results in me not being able to turn sync off.I can't remember how it was working when my phone wasn't rooted because I did this right around the time that I first rooted the phone. Any help is appreciated.

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Galaxy S4 - Sending Failed on E-mail

Friday 13th of December 2013 /
First off, first time posting a thread - hope I am in the right placeA few weeks ago, I had issues with two (2) emails that I was sending out and they failed. I went in to the outbox folder and deleted those e-mails. Now anytime that I reboot my phone I get a message that says Sending failed on both e-mails but no where to be found.I have removed that e-mail address from the GS4, rebooted, and put the e-mail address back on but I am still getting that error message when I reboot. Anyone have an idea on how to fix ?

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HTC ONE e-mail sync problems

Saturday 28th of December 2013 /
Hi! I have a HTC ONE With Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5. Suddenly the e-mail sync stopped working on my primary mail account. I have tried out every thing and even done an factory reset on my Phone. Have tested this mail account on other Devices and there is nothing wrong withthe e-mail accont. Is there anyone how knows about this?? I need som expert help on this, Please :-) Best Regard's Trond-Ove Holmgren

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New to android development. How can I respond to a failed e-mail sync?

Thursday 29th of May 2014 /
Hello!I have looked through the android documentation about e-mail syncing, but I haven't found anything about a failed sync. Could anyone steer me in the direction on how to respond to a failed e-mail sync?

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