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Is there anyone that has the ultimate contacts and backup solution?

Friday 06th of July 2012 /
So after almost a month of owning my Razr Maxx (having converted back to Android from Blackberry) and going through the ICS update, I am still trying to get a once and for all handle on exactly how all of the assorted contact apps work with one another.It seems that Verizon, Google, Gmail, and all of the various contact lists, email apps , backup programs, etc. are competing for the same real estate on your phone. It is no wonder that one becomes inundated with duplicate contacts, not to mention the issues of sync with this, make sure that you click off that, etc.I feel that I am fairly computer literate, however the process of keeping my connections nice and clean has really gotten the better of me.As of now, I have just gone into my Gmail account and wiped out every contact and group. Zip, all gone. I have done the same thing with Backup-up Assistant Plus on the website. On my device, I painstakingly deleted each of my contacts one by one. Under Accounts & Sync, the master switch is turned off. If I put it back on, only my two gmail accounts are set to sync.I have always been a

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Where did it go? WHY!?!

Monday 03rd of May 2010 /
I've been having this problem for awhile now and it's becoming extremely frustrating, especially when I love almost everything else about this phone. I find it extremely unusual that they haven't fixed this issue after all this time. WHAT IS UP WITH THE CONTACT LIST ON THIS PHONE!? I've searched the forums and haven't found a logical solution to this problem. Now when I sync with my gmail account, I had a lot of duplicate contacts. That isn't to big of a deal bc you can "join" the contacts BUT then when you want to text someone or call someone, it shows you the same number 3 times the options to call. In order to remedy this problem, I've tried separating the contacts and deleting the duplicates but when you do that, no matter which one you delete, Facebook unsyncs itself. So I've tried deleting each one and starting over again, then when I do that and save it, I can no longer find the contact in the contact list. This has happened with a couple of my contacts now and I can't re-sync them to Facebook and I've completely lost them and can no longer locate them in my contact

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Market hangs at Starting download

Tuesday 22nd of June 2010 /
Yes, I know this is a duplicate post. I posted this last night in the regular Sprint HTC forum, but it may be more root related...and I thought those of you that frequent this forum may be better at coming up with the fix. Summary... Had to RUU back to 1.5, then re-rooted and restored back to a nandroid of ZenROM. Market has always worked fine, until after this process yesterday. I am able to search the market, it says the app will download, but never does. All my contacts are there, web works, email works, I have rebooted, restored to a different Nandroid... still hangs at starting download. Googling turns up a few responses regarding British users having their gmail adresses wrong... "googlemail" vs "gmail" but that isn't the issue here... One possibility...when I RUU'd back to 1.5, I MAY have accidently typed the gmail address incorrectly...(I have two that are similar except for one digit) But when I restored back to the ROM I'm using, it shows the correct address in the accounts and sync area. This is the only thing I can think of. Any help guys? Before I RU

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Android Forums - View Single Post - Avoiding duplicate contacts with gmail & microsoft exchange...

Monday 05th of July 2010 /
Hi all,I have gmail set up on my Nexus One (personal email). I also have microsoft exchange setup (work email) and both work fine. The problem is that under my contacts there are duplicate entries both for gmail and microsoft exchange. That is causing some problems with my SMS app (duplicate contacts) and wanted to see how I could avoid syncing microsoft exchange and delete it from my contact but still keep it on my phone.I have already unchecked the box to not sync my contacts but did that after adding it.thanks!

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Duplicate contacts after sync with Gmail

Thursday 26th of November 2009 /
Just got my Droid and the VZW salesman added all my contacts from my Palm to my Droid. I am trying to group my contacts by clients, coworkers, family, etc. Based upon threads in forums I uploaded my contacts to Gmail and then grouped them as I wanted. I then let the phone sync with GMail and now I have contacts that have double entries, one tagged as a Gmail Contact and another as Phone Only (unsyned) contact. Still cannot display contacts by group.

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