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Sync between accounts

Monday 06th of June 2011 /
I use an MS Exchange account for business and Gmail for my personal life. I would like to use the same contacts and calendar in both worlds (my colleagues can check my availability in my Exchange calendar and my girlfriend has access to my Google Calendar).In my Android phone I can sync both accounts, but I would also love the ability to sync between the accounts (if I edit a contact in my exchange account the change should also be synced to my Gmail account).For my calendar I would also like to have the ability to invert the 'private' switch (when an appointment is set to private in my Exchange account it should be public in my Gmail account, and when an appointment is private in my Google Calendar it should be public in my Exchange account). I know I could use Google Calendar Sync for my calendar. But I don't use the desktop version Outlook a lot (as I work on computers provided by my clients most of the time), I use Office Outlook Web Access most of the time. Any idea's if this is possible with an app (so far I havn't found one)? Or if it is even possible with the current Andoid p

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Google Calendar App not syncing to Google Calendar online

Thursday 11th of April 2013 /
Hi there, I am finding when I put something into the Google calendar app on my phone, the time is completely different when I go online and login into google to see what I scheduled. For example, I'll put 10:30-1 Doctors appointment on my phone but when I go on google calendar online it'll say 6-9PM. The same thing happens if I enter information online - so say I put 2-4PM school, if I look on my phone it'll appear at some random time like 5-7 or something. Is there any way to fix this? I like using Google calendar because it's clean and simple and I got a widget that displays all my appointments nicely on the front screen. Is there any other calendar app that can do the same thing if this is unfixable? I was looking forward to being able to edit my calendar online and having it go right to my phone but this is ridiculous. Thanks for all your help

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Users running Froyo on Sprint's Evo 4G are experiencing a calendar bug

Monday 16th of August 2010 /
Smartphones are designed to keep people connected and always on top their lives. Everything from accessing email, taking pictures, managing their schedule, browsing the web, and even playing with sillyflatuence apps. Oh -- and don't forget making phone calls too. Though recently a new bug has appeared that's been hindering that experience for those who own the Evo 4G from Sprint running Froyo. A poster on Google's bug submission page, has brought the attention to an issue with the calendar application. Those experiencingthe bug have noticed that if you go back into the appointment and edit the time, the "description" field is overwritten by the "where" field. Resulting in the description being deleted fully. Hopefully Google and HTC are on top of this bug and will offer a temporary fix until a proper update will be released. Click on after the jump to see bug in action.

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Calendar Pad: To me the best calendar app available

Thursday 17th of June 2010 /
Calendar Pad (with Froyo support) is a very useful calendar replacement for your Android device. While it uses the database of your stock Android calendar / your Google account, the UI is nearly completely different.With this app, you can watch all your appointments in a month, week or day just like you would do on Google calendar in your PC browser. So even in Moth view, you can see and read all your appointments at a glance. This works best in landscape mode of course.You can set the font size for month/week/day view independently and even configure it to be different for your various Calendar Pad widgets that come with this app. The colors of your different Google calendars will be represented in Calendar Pad as well, so organizing is made very easy with this app.You can add or change an appointment straight from Calendar Pad. Calendar Pad uses the stock Android calendar input interface for that, so no changes and full functionality there.There is a Pro version available which allows you to even change colors and even more calendar settings etc..NOTE: There is an edit issue on the

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Basic google calendar app has gone bust

Friday 14th of May 2010 /
The Calendar app for google calendar had an error when trying to download an update the other day, and now it will not show any other calendar I have linked to my account but the primary (I have my primary, one for work appointments only, and one for non-appointment reminders like birthdays, events, tv shows, whatever).If this was any other app I'd uninstall it and try to download it again, but since this is one of the built in apps, and I'm not rooted, I don't see any obvious way to fix this problem. Any ideas?Edit: Probably should have posted this in rescue squad. Not sure if it should be moved or deleted/reposted at all

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How to change the default calendar for making appointments with voice recognition

Wednesday 27th of February 2013 /
If I use Google Now on my Nexus 7 to say, "Make a new appointment on March 20 to meet Bill", the appoinment gets saved to the calendar associated with my Gmail account. I also have my Nexus 7 synced to my Hotmail calendar and have no trouble saving appointments there with my Nexus 7 -- except using the method above. It doesn't work. If I create the appointment any other way, I have a chance to edit it before it's saved and I can choose which calendar I want it to go in. But when I use voice recognition, the appointment gets saved instantly without asking me to confirm any details, and it gets saved to the Gmail calendar, which is not where I want it to go. I only use the Hotmail calendar, for everything. How do I get the tablet to treat the Hotmail calendar as the default when using voice recognition to make appointments?

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Google Calendar reminder time changes not syncing to phone

Saturday 04th of February 2012 /
I'm new to this forum. I've had a Stratosphere from Verizon for two months, running Android 2.3. I have set the phone to sync with my Google Calendar online. I have checked and double checked the sync settings in the Calendar app on the phone. They are correct, and the phone generally syncs to Google Calendar events correctly. Except for one thing: When I edit an event in Google Calendar online and make no change to it other than the time when the reminder is to occur (changing, say, from 4 hours to 1 hour), that change is not synced to my phone. All other types of edits are properly synced, but not these. This has caused me to miss at least one important appointment. I don't think the problem is on Google's end. I suspect that it must be either an issue with the Android 2.3 OS itself (unlikely, since other Android users do not report this problem); or with the Samsung Stratosphere's implementation of the OS; or with the phone's default Calendar app. Somehow a sync that includes only a change in reminder time is not being processed on the phone. Is anyone else having this problem wit

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Edit Google Calendar Appointment

Saturday 30th of January 2010 /
I have a Google Calendar which is syncing with my Droid. It is set to share.I can add new events to my calendar and then go back and edit them but I can not edit calendar events which are created on my Google Calendar.When I open the event on the droid I have the choice to view the event but not edit.Any suggestions?

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Calendar shows appointments in EST on one device and GMT on another

Friday 17th of January 2014 /
Just noticed this in my calendar as I was changing an appointment. If I put in an entry in my phone for a work day, say 7-4 EST it shows fine. If I open that same appt in google calendar on my tablet its noon to 9 GMT. It displays at 7am-4pm on both but if I need to edit the time on my tablet I have to convert to est. Both are set for EST in date/time settings, why would one show GMT

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Why can't Google Calendar fix its problem with invitations?

Saturday 15th of November 2014 /
If I receive an invitation to a meeting (.ics or other formats), Google Calendar can automatically add that invitation to my calendar. But it will not let me edit that appointment. So, for example, if I receive an update (which never changes the calendar entry on any app I have tried), I cannot edit the appointment. Using an ICS importer still does not make the appointment editable, at least not in Google Calendar 5.0. One workaround is to change the calendar in the Web version of google calendar on a PC or the phone's browser. But at least two apps, aCalendar and Business Calendar, allow editing of any appointment even if it was placed on the calendar by invitation. Why can't Google Calendar do this?

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