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Email: Cannot View Received Pictures

Monday 05th of April 2010 /
Hi all, just wondering if anyone has encountered this issue?A couple of my friends/family have taken a picture with their blackberry and then emailed it to my paid hotmail account, which is monitored via the stock email app on my N1.The email comes in, I can see that there's an attachment, and at the bottom of the email the icon is there of the green android. I click "open", and I get an error: "This attachment cannot be displayed".WTF?Any help would be appreciated!!

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Trouble Viewing Received MMS Pictures

Tuesday 27th of May 2014 /
Hey all! So a new problem has developed on my phone. 80% of the time, MMS pictures I receive do not display properly. As you can see in my first screenshot, it just shows up with the image placeholder icon. If you try to view the image, it says it cannot be displayed. However, per the second screenshot, the image does appear to be downloaded based on the message size.If I elect to download the attachment to the phone, I can do that. If I then browse to the image in the gallery, the image's thumbnail does properly display, but clicking on the image to view it full size does not.However, I CAN email the image to myself, and then view the image on a desktop. It would appear as though my phone is corrupting some portion of the image file when it receives it, rendering the phone's viewers useless. I'm assuming the desktop viewer is simply a more robust setup. Does anyone have any ideas? I've already tried changing the APN port from 80 to 8080 as was described in another thread (below) on a different forum (the guy is having the same problem as me) but it did not work.MMS pictures not disp

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Problem with S4 receiving/viewing some pictures from S5?

Thursday 02nd of October 2014 /
I have a galaxy S5 and I have had some issues with friends receiving images occasionally. It's a specific friend with an S4 active where she cannot view the image when it's received.Specifically, today I took a picture of an email on my computer monitor and sent it to her via mms (I use textra). She received a file that she cannot view but when she sent it back to me, I could view it fine.My screenshot:Her Screenshot:She says I am the only person this has happened with and it has happened multiple times. Not every time, but occasionally. Any help or direction would be grateful. I don't know if it's her or my phone so I posted this in the S5 forum too just to be sure.

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