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Nexus 4 doesn’t actually have USB OTG support and may never have it

Friday 07th of December 2012 /
The LG Nexus 4 is either a great new flagship, or a half-baked device missing several important features, depending on who you ask. Unfortunately it looks like the latter is getting a little more ammunition as it’s recently surfaced that the Nexus 4 has no USB OTG (on-the-go) support. USB OTG cables allow users to connect a mouse, keyboard, flash drive, etc. to the phone to set it up as a more powerful workstation or add more memory to a phone that, like the Nexus 4, has no other expandable storage.Originally, the Nexus 4 specs did say it supported USB connections just like the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and Galaxy Nexus. Now, however, the support page lists connecting devices via bluetooth and clearly saying that USB connections are not supported. There’s been some speculation over whether this is a matter of hardware or just a software bug, but since the bigger brothers in the Nexus line still have USB OTG support, I think it’s more likely to be hardware. Of course, for that crazy price point Google hit with the Nexus 4, it’s not surprising that some cuts had to be

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LG Nexus 4 Specs Revealed On Pre Order Page

Thursday 25th of October 2012 /
Looks like the folks at Carphone Warehouse got a tad bit over anxious when it comes to offering up pre-orders for the upcoming LG Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 release date appears to be October 30th and the the order page confirms what we have been hearing on the spec side of the equation.Android 4.2 Jelly Bean4.7″ 1280×768 display2GB RAM8 Megapixel cameraQualcomm Quad Core S4 processor68.7 x 133.9 x 9.1 mmIn what seems like a misprint, the Nexus 4 has only 8GB of internal memory and no support for expandable storage (microSD)? That could be the achilles heel of what otherwise seems like an impressive device.Source: ModacoThoughts?Related posts:Samsung Galaxy S III Specs Will Blow Your MindGoogle To Introduce 32GB Nexus 7, Nexus 10, LG Nexus 4 On October 29thSamsung’s Nexus Prime Specs Get Leaked, Verizon Exclusive?Google’s $199 Nexus 7 Tablet Available For Pre-Order Today

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Pre-Purchase Confusion: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 vs. Google Nexus 7 Tab???

Monday 19th of November 2012 /
Ok, so you know how when you are trying to do research on multiple devices to find the "best bang for your buck" and you inevitably end up getting stats and features mixed up between tablets that appear to be extremely similar??? Well, I think that's what I did. So, I was originally planning on getting the Nexus 7 Tablet, because I thought it had everything I wanted on it. But then, upon watching a YouTube comparison review, I noticed the dude said that the Nexus does NOT have any kind of SD card slots. I was like ??? ???So, here is the breakdown for me, please feel free to **** in and let me know if I have anything wrong or missed!I WANT:-Good e-reader (epub and pdf)-Good BATTERY Life!-Expandable Memory (Unless I can get a 32GB+ at a decent price)-Keyboard Attachment (either connecting or with USB)-Both Front AND Back Cameras (or at least one on the front)-Wi-Fi Home Connect-HDMI a plus-Video Playback (either downloaded or from web sites)-Good mp3 music player-Portrait AND Landscape Modes So, since I do not have the $600 to get the amazingly awesome Microsoft Surface or t

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Nexus 7 vs. Galaxy Tab 2.0 7"

Wednesday 01st of August 2012 /
I'm thinking of getting am Android tablet after a long absence from using Android (terrible experiences with some MyTouch 4G's turned me away). Anyways, I'm torn between these two tablets. I'm going tonlistnwhat I view as advantages and disadvantages of each and would like input on which you all think is right for me.My planned uses are mainly web browsing, email, playing games, and watching movies while traveling. Movies is one of the big pluses for the Samsung. With expandable memory, I can just load up ad cards with movies and pop them in, so I can have a much better movie selection with me on the go. Also, I love using my wife's iPad as a remote for the things that it had apps for, so being able to expand upon that with the samsungs ir blaster is another big plus for it. Honestly, either one is my second choice, I want a Tab 7.7 but it is too expensive cause of the wireless in it. Nexus 7Pros: Quick updates and support, better looking design. Vanilla Android.Cons:No expandable memory, no rear camera (dont plan on using it often, but nice to have for QR codes, etc.), no IR blaster

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Nook HD, Nexus 7 or other?

Monday 26th of November 2012 /
Want to get my kids a tablet (still up in the air on one to share or one for each) but see things I like in each one. I like the internal memory of the Nook HD, but would prefer the Android market to the B&N Market. Like everything I've heard about the Nexus 7 (including the cost), but not crazy about the small memory and reliance on the cloud. I want them to be able to watch movies/TV shows on it, play games, read, etc and want to be able to have good parental controls. And affordable. I'm on my second Android phone but haven't chosen too wisely (1st was HTC Eris and now an HTC Thunderbolt) so hoping for some good input here for a cost effective, reliable, expandable and supported and full function tablet that will grow with them.

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7" Galay Tab or 16 GB Nexus 7?

Thursday 02nd of August 2012 /
I'll be a first time tablet owner and am looking for good advice. I've sort of narrowed my choices to these 2 tablets. I like how the Galaxy has expandable memory, but I like the power plant nder the hood of the Nexus 7. 16 GB isn't a whole lot. I'm already up there on my Galaxy Nexus. I don't mind ICS; I'm rooted with GB on my GNex. I suppose my main question is if anyone has had a bad Galaxy Tab experience?

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Google removes USB OTG support from Nexus 4 online manual

Monday 10th of December 2012 /
Nexus 4 owners — we hate to say it, but  it's looking increasingly likely that you won’t be able to use any USB OTG devices on your brand new super smartphone.A few weeks after the issue was raised, Google has edited out several lines from the phone’s online guidebook that says you can connect devices like “a keyboard, mouse or even a joystick” to the smartphone via USB. The updated page now says that “USB is not supported for connecting such devices.”While there’s always the Bluetooth way for those who like to use their keyboard and mouse accessories, the same solution can't be applied by folks who are thinking of plugging a USB memory stick into the phone – a not so preposterous thought given the lack of an expandable storage option on the Nexus 4.Other Nexus devices, such as the Google Nexus and the Nexus 7, also don’t sport a microSD card slot. But enabling USB OTG function on past devices is a fairly simple matter. As for the Nexus 4, it looks like the limitation is hardware-related, something that a software update or workaround can’t fix.An

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New Nexus 7 vs. Xperia Tablet Z

Wednesday 07th of August 2013 /
I am looking for some pros and cons of these two tablets, or recommendations are welcome as well. It is my understanding that these two tablets use the same processor, is that correct? Would that mean that they would preform equally given most tasks? I would prefer to get the Xperia due to its larger size, and waterproof capabilities. However i hear that the nexus 7 is built with gaming in mind, and that is a large part of why i want a tablet. Gaming on my GS3 is just a bit too small, and i'm not sure the nexus is a big enough step. Also the lack of expandable memory is a strike against the nexus, but its constant upgrades, keep it as a contender. And Asus has a better tablet record than Sony.Has anyone had experience with both or either of these tablets, and can give me some perspective.Honestly i would like to hear more of what you think is lacking rather than what is perfect.Thanks.

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Expandable memory on nexus 7

Friday 18th of October 2013 /
Hey can use the usb port on the nexus 7 to read a hard drive? Sent from my HTC6500LVW using AC Forums mobile app

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Will Any Upcoming 2014 Devices Have Expandable Memory?

Sunday 23rd of February 2014 /
I've been out of the loop for quite sometime. I may be upgrading my device in July, but the device descriptions I've seen have been vague and usually only list hardware specs (processor, camera, resolution), it seems concerns like a removable battery and expandable memory have gone to the way side. I really don't want to abandon my SDcard when upgrading. Are there going to be any devices that aren't a single enclosed piece of hardware? I understand the practicality and use a Nexus 7 (2013), I just don't want to leave the options out if there are capable new devices on the way. Thanks! Sent from my SCH-I535 using AC Forums mobile app

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