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Am I using 3G or Wifi?

Sunday 26th of December 2010 /
So far, I've only been using my new Captivate at home on my Wifi... 3G only came on when I access the market. Now it's started staying on. With a limitation now on my data usage, I want to be assured that 3G is not using it up. I noticed once, I tested it on 3G with Wifi off and saw little, red up & down arrows flashing on the 3G icon, is that the only time it is actually moving data? When I turned Wifi back on, the 3G stayed lit, but didn't notice the red arrows up & down.Would I just go to the Market and search for 3G watchdog?

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different kind of wifi issue...

Wednesday 26th of September 2012 /
I'm having an issue with my wifi connection and am wondering if this happens to anyone else? The problem: wifi "data transmission" is intermittently stopped.Description: First off, I'm NOT losing my wifi connection, the connection is fine (wifi indicator is always blue). This happens when i open up a web page. The thin blue line that shows the web page loading progress, stops and the tiny arrows that indicate data transmission inside the wifi indicator also go away. I've noticed that when those little "transmission arrows" are continually flashing inside the wifi indicator, the page loads fine. However, when they stop, so does the loading of a web page.Sometimes it will pause for a few seconds then start again, other times i need to completely "stop" the loading and "refresh" (sometimes several times before transmission starts again).Also, this is a new replacement Maxx that i just received from Verizon (last Maxx had the same problem). I have two laptops, two iPhone 5's, and a Pioneer Elite SS receiver (never on when I'm having the problem) on

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Does anyone else get a 'H' sign when 3G disappears?

Friday 10th of September 2010 /
Ive just purchased the Galaxy and concerned that i am connecting to internet when wifi turned off. When the 3G sign disappears from my phone I get a 'H' sign, what does this stand for? Also when the 3G is flashing red and green arrows does this mean you are connected to internet. i.e. when using an application? On some applications it doesn't flash but on others it does even games! I don't want to get charged for palying games! Thanks for your help!

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what are all the mini icons at the top?

Wednesday 23rd of November 2011 /
As I look at this phone, at the top there are 2 boxes with handles (?) and greyed out checkmarks, and one greyed box down arrow, then two not boxed down arrows, one bright comicbook signal box (blue)(I think this is a map program that supplies no exit that I can find). Then there's a flashing grey circle that looks like a gps symbol. A hexagonical box is now on the upper right with a red 3 in it. Must be downloads? But I don't know what to do with it.Is there a trick to doing something with this little icons? Is there a way to access them? Is there a way to turn off the gps?So much new.

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Flashing arrows

Tuesday 09th of October 2012 /
On my Samsung galaxy s3 I have 2 flashing arrows under my wifi bar.. I went to Samsungs chat and the first time I was told that it was because I was transfering data but I wasn't. She then told me to do a soft reset so it did and it still continued. Then I went back on because the first person told me it would eat up my data if I didn't break the transfer. The second lady said that all that means is that it's showing that it's connected to my router and is normal and won't use my data.. Now I don't know what to think. Anyone have any ideas on this one....

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LTE Data Arrows?

Tuesday 26th of April 2011 /
I am using Tasker to stop data when the screen is off and enable it when it is on.. Sometimes I have issues with not being able to turn the data on quick enough, etc.. But lately I am having major issues with the 4G LTE flashing one of the single arrows or no arrows for data connection. While in either of these states, I cannot do anything over the mobile network. It appears I can only use the mobile network when both arrows are lit up.Does anyone know what might be causing this issue of not lighting up both arrows? Does anyone know what each arrow means(if anything)?Thanks in advance!

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Flytouch 3 - problem with 3G dongle E1550.

Sunday 10th of April 2011 /
I saw a few youtube videos of people successfully using their Flytouch 2 with various USB dongles. The most popular dongle is Huawei E1750 which some people said is detected as E1550. I thought I wouldn't have a problem since I'm using Flytouch 3 with E1550 dongle: 1. I notice the "3G Settings" App this is found on Flytouch 2 is no longer in Flytouch 3. 2. I connected my dongle after doing all the APN settings in the Mobile Network setup. These settings should be correct since I use the same settings for a 3G Android phone using the same SIM card and it works okay. 3. After I insert my E1550 dongle, a small icon "3G" appears next to the battery level indicator on top of my screen. There are 2 arrows one pointing up and down that never stop flashing. 4. The blue light on the E1550 dongle just keep flashing - when the 3G connection is up, the blue light should just stay on. Anyone successfully used a E1550 on the Flytouch 3? Anyone managed to connect a 3G dongle to Flytouch 3? what make and model is it?

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4g icon help

Monday 19th of March 2012 /
I need clarification i the toolbar where it says 4g what should the arrows that point up and down do? What do two unlit arrows mean? What to two lit arrows mean? What does flashing arrows mean? Thanks guysSent from my ADR6400L using DroidForums

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Tutorial: Flashing a custom ROM on TF700T

Friday 22nd of November 2013 /
I decided to write this tutorial because another user on this forum asked me for help to get a custom ROM on his TF700, and I thought - might as well make it accessible to more than just one person and use this opportunity to summarize how you can flash a custom ROM on this tablet as of now, November 2013.The information here can be found in many places on the web and forums. But when I started flashing custom ROMs about a year ago, I got frustrated many times because I found that information to be scattered, fragmented and in many cases outdated. I hope this guide will make it a little easier for those users who wish to unleash the potential of this tablet but have no idea where to start. This is meant to be for inexperienced users who may be flashing for the first time.If you find information I provide here to be incorrect or outdated, please do chime in! And the standard disclaimer: I am not responsible if you misunderstand instructions I give here, if my instructions are wrong, if you forget to charge the battery and the tablet dies halfway through a flash, if flaming arrows fal

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What are these up arrows on my logon/keypad screen

Wednesday 17th of June 2015 /
Galaxy S5. when i open the case to logon to the phone i get a screen with the keypad for my pin. near the horizontal line at the bottom of this keypad there are four flashing up arrows---two on the left and two on the right. What do these indicate?

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