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Flashing Red Light

Friday 21st of October 2011 /
My Ally last night shutdown killing wifi connection and ended up with a red flashing LED. It was plugged in with an AC adapter running wifi tether. It wouldnt respond to recovery buttons or a battery pull restart. I was soo mad I plugged it back into the ac charger and threw it on the desk with the LED flashing. Some point during the night I woke up to use the bathroom and seen it was booted up at the lockscreen just fine no errors. Should I be concerned, I replaced the battery a couple of weeks ago because the old one wouldnt last 4 hours. This was the first time for this phone. My other one had a small crack in the screen and was plugged into my pc and all of a sudden one night, the pc shut down and everything was fried including my phone. I dont know what it was a surge or lightning, but they wouldnt replace it because of the scratch. That phone also got very very hot and would run dead in an hour or so. It also made FM radios glitch out if you put it near them within a couple of feet. I dont know if feeling sickly constantly from radiation or bad chinese food, but somehow one ni

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nexus 4 red light flashing ,unresponsive

Monday 22nd of April 2013 /
my nexus 4 , almost 1 month old, died all of a sudden ,only thing its doing nw is flashing a red light on charging. Cant switch it on or even cant reboot. As discussed in the this form i initially thought its complete battery drainage issue. so i kept the phone charging for almost 24hrs ....still no use... i bought it frm US thru my cousin and im staying outside , so its not kind of easy for warranty claiming also .

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Sony ericsson x10 won't turn on and flashing red light

Thursday 05th of April 2012 /
hi guys.I've been using my SE x10 for about one and a bit years. Recently about for three months, it has been randomly rebooting for no particular reason.On top of won't turn on at the moment. When i insert the battery and press the power button, there is a red light that blinks 3 times. When i plug it into the pc charge it flashes one red light every few seconds...but nothing is happening. Any suggestions?? i'm getting really fed up with SE

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Blinking Red Light?

Wednesday 10th of July 2013 /
Did some searches but people mostly have a solid red light. I have a blinking red LED well as a blinking blue LED light. After 10 flashes of the blue LED light, it goes to red for a 10 flashes then back to blue. What does the flashing red mean? I don't have any missed calls or texts or anything

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Phone won't boot, red light flashing

Thursday 24th of October 2013 /
So, not too long after making a thread about finding new roms, I was able to find one. And, being the careful person I am, I make a backup of my current phone state. However, at some point during the backup, my phone turned off. It was charging, so I'm unsure as to why it turned off.Now, all that it is doing is flashing it's LED red in second intervals. It does nothing if it is unplugged. If I hold Vol- and Power, sometimes the LG logo will flash, and then the screen will resume it's normal darkness, no backlight or anything. I haven't really been able to replicate it. now, sometimes the LG logo does not flash at all, but the LED will start to flicker faster, still red.I'm assuming I've bricked my device somehow. no idea exactly how, but I must have.After a Google or two, I found this thread on XDA:Unbrick phone part: Rapidly Flashing Red Light. - xda-developersIt describes an issue very similar to mine, except it's for a different model of the LGOG, the E970, while mine is the LS970. It thinks my phone is confused on charge state and recommends that I unplug the battery connector fr

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flashing red light no power up

Thursday 21st of November 2013 /
flashing red light

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red light flashing won't turn on

Saturday 08th of February 2014 /
Hello, I have a droid RAZR max, verizon, the phone won't turn on. It keeps flashing the red light like it is going to die. I've tried plugging it in, the light continues to flash. There is no way to get to the battery to remove it. I've held down power button and volume. I've even tried to let it die. But the light just continues to flash! It won't die. Please help me get my phone to turn on.

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Nexus 4 not working after being dropped in the toilet, with a red light flashing while charging?

Tuesday 15th of April 2014 /
I recently dropped my nexus 4 in the toilet for a second and I immediately grabbed it (the phone was still working after being submerged in to the toilet) and dried it then placed it in a plate of rice for more than 24 hours but less than 30.The day after (today) I bought a toolkit and disassembled my nexus 4 to find wet areas and such. To my surprise it was dry and all the indicators which tell whether or not the phone has had water damaged were all white (so no water damage/exposure to moisture).After reassembling my phone I tried to turn it on, nothing happened (even tried the volume down), after plugging the phone in to a wall adaptor a red light appeared and was initially solid but is now blinking red.Tldr; Phone was submerged in water for a second, but was immediately dried and placed in to rice for over 24hours, now there is a red light flashing. I was wondering if anyone knew the solution to this, thanks guys!

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Red Flashing LED light Nexus 5

Saturday 03rd of May 2014 /
Hey I have the Nexus 5 on for 1 day and 6 hours and then I shut it down when it only had about 10% left of the battery(I had it on airplane mode). The next day it didn't start at all. After 5 hours I was able to to charge the phone. But then the LED light only flash red and the screen is black. I charge it over the night and still the light is flashing red and the phone will not start(charge the Nexus for about 8 hours at the night). I did not get any water damage on it, and I hold in the power button for about 10-30 seconds. I tried with holding down the power button and +/- and still it's dead. Have any one had the same problem or just now how to solve the problem ? Best regards KazKamasa

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red light flashing while phone is off

Wednesday 03rd of September 2014 /
So i was playing a game while charging my phone and the phone completely shut down and wont turn back on. all that happens is the red flashing notification light. HELP?

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