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Thursday 28th of July 2011 /
Dear Experts,I decided to buy Samsung Galaxy S2, I went to shop but I was surprised to see that the phone is made in china.Reseller told me that now a days new stock is coming made in china and all the mobile sets have warranty from samsung (authroized dealer)Now Million dollar question is that is MADE IN CHINA is different from MADE IN KOREA?Ofcourse i will prefer to buy Made in Korea.Thanks and awaiting

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Android Forums - View Single Post - galaxy s2 made by samsung original or not?

Saturday 19th of May 2012 /
"Made by Samsun"g phones are usually made either in India or in China and quality is somewhat low compared to the ones made in Korea. In my country both are available but made in Korea phones cost a little bit more and usually lasts longer. This is a clever strategy by Samsung (adopted from nokia) in order to sell their slightly lower manufacturing cost products at the same price of high manufacturing products to reap more profits. Ask yourself, would you buy a galaxy s2 if it is written" Made in India"?

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Can the Galaxy S3 bring Samsung the first 50 million+ quarter?

Wednesday 28th of March 2012 /
Samsung had a pretty good day. It announced that it sold five million Galaxy Note units, which is nothing less of impressive, considering that the 5.3-inch Note is a road opening device, dismissed by many as a freakish mongrel with no chances of survival in the unforgiving tech jungle.But the Galaxy Note proved pundits wrong. Customers seem to love it. Elephants seem to like it, too. Thanks to the Note and its other star devices, Samsung is the number one smartphone seller in several huge markets, including South Korea (where it owns a whopping two thirds of the market), China, France, or Spain.The good figures of the Note, combined with consistent performance from the Galaxy S2 (which keeps selling like hot cakes, in spite of the much hyped coming of the Galaxy S3) and mid-tier devices, give Samsung a shot at breaking its own sales record.As UnwiredView’s Stasys Bielinis notes, citing the Korean ET News outlet, Samsung will probably sale between 40 and 44 million smartphones in the first quarter of the 2012, which is about to end in a couple of days. Unfortunately (for tech blogge

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