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Galaxy S3 won't recognize sim card

Sunday 14th of July 2013 /
Phone is originally AT&T. Will recognize that card as well as my husbands Straight Talk micro sim card (before they did away with them) so yes, I had to cut my sim card. It fits in there perfectly, clicks and all. The sim card was working (minus data for the last month or so) on my iPhone 3 prior to cutting. Does not give me the sim network pin screen or any kind of error message when you turn the phone on, just comes on like normal and shows the icon in the top left hand corner that the sim is not recognized. I do have the unlock code directly from AT&T but can not input the code since it wont give me that screen. The cut sim is a Tmobile Straight Talk sim..... Any suggestions?

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Water Damage Help

Monday 22nd of July 2013 /
I woke up to find my cat had tipped over some water on my nightstand. Some the water seeped into my phone. The phone worked fine, I took the back off and saw some water so I dryed it. When I put the battery back in it said "no sim card" so I removed the card and put it back in and everything seemed fine. Then the next day I went to plug in my charger and it would not show that it was charging so I removed the battery and re-started it. It turned on but no said no sim card again and would not take a charge. I went to the Verizon store and they said it was water damage and wouldnt do anything for me. Phone works fine just wont recognize the sim card or charge. I can connect through wifi and do anything else. Suggestions Please!

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Weirdest issue ever....I REALLY NEED HELP

Saturday 26th of October 2013 /
I was trying to root my phone for some apps and cool stuff, but then all of a sudden this message appeared and I couldn't use my phone! "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again." So I tried browsing through and finding ways to reset my phone back to factory settings because it would not work at all. I came across a video on resetting, used odin and did it, and now my phone is a Verizon I have a Metro PCS. My phone wont work anymore cause it cannot recognize the Sim Card. Can someone please help me using steps and simple language, I am young and do not know much about rooting....I have a white Metro PCS CDMA phone. Now I want to get it back to working status, back to the regular samsung galaxy s3 metro pcs starting animation, and back to a working sim card....Thanks for help in advance!

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