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Using Folder Organizer to "Theme" Home Screen Icons For Free

Sunday 27th of November 2011 /
Using Folder Organizer to create an iPhone themeIf you want to truly "theme" your phone you need to break your warranty by "rooting" your phone. You can then change the look and feel of every app. It can turn into quite a hobby. But if you just want to change the look of your home screens and icons, it is easy and does not break your warranty. Start with the WallpaperIf you just want to change the to this iPhone-Water-Drops.jpg wallpaper, click the link from your phone to download it. Tap Home > Menu > Wallpaper > Gallery > Gallery > Downloads > iPhone Water Drops > Save. Here is the QR Code you can scan directly from your phone with an app like : Folder Organizer There are lots of ways to change an icon on your phone but ($1.49 full) lets you change icons and set up folders in one simple app. We will also be using to expand the Icon Pack zip files directly on your phone, no PC needed. Here are . - then - Install (↑QR codes) then . Both are free. AndExplorer let's you find files and extract zips. For this example download

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"my gallery" to "gallery" on jelly bean. can't see all my pictures

Thursday 21st of March 2013 /
hi, i used to be able to go into "my gallery" and see all my pictures (from the sd card and internal phone storage) now with the jelly bean update, when i click into "gallery" i only see my sd card pictures and not my internal phone storage pictures (which has a lot more pictures) i can see them in "files" but it takes 6 extra steps to get there. anyone know how i can make it so i can see all my pictures through gallery???

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Theme [ICONS] "Flatcons" For The Minimalist Look

Tuesday 09th of April 2013 /
If you love the minimalist look and feel then I have just the Icon Pack for you. Flatcons by "arandompackage" are perfect for those who want a clean and unified look to their android device. Each app icon logo is grey in the center and surrounded by a white circle. Everything is flattened out as the name would suggest. Flatcons also comes in Red, Blue, and Purple each having a white app icon logo in the center surrounded by the color of the icon pack. Each pack comes with 100 themed icons. There will be new icons added with each update. Flatcons are compatible with Apex, Nova, ADW, and Holo Launchers. They are very easy to apply and they can be yours for only $1 each! Grab these icon packs from the source link below.Google Play

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Photo management, adding "Albums" to gallery for imported pictures etc..

Friday 12th of October 2012 /
So I have been trying to figure out where new folders for pictures should be located so I can add a new folder or three to cluster pictures that may or may not have been taken with my phone. My goal is to be able to hide that "all photos" so that I can locate pictures faster by knowing what folder they should be in.None of the normal methods actually work, the folders just dont show up!I went in and added some folders with pics already in them to various locations and they will not populate when I open up the gallery viewer.When I plug in via USB I can see "no name" and "HTC storage", I am guessing the "No name" is the SD card. Inside the "No name" folder I have DCIM, inside that folder I have sub-folders named 100Media, Imported, Misc, Paint & stuff (Paint & stuff are added folders that do not show up in my gallery). My regular photos are inside that 100media location.FWIW The DCIM folder in "HTCstorage" is empty when viewed from a USB connection. I know I can use my file explorer to access these folders and pull

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Is there a way to limit/remove "Share" options for gallery pictures, files, etc??

Sunday 19th of December 2010 /
I'm posting in this in the rooted forum, figuring any fix will require root...When I choose to "share" a picture in my Gallery (this occurs when I "share" other files in other locations) I get a RIDICULOUSLY long list of options:BluetoothchompSMSDesktop VisualizerDropboxFacebookFacebook for HTC SenseGmailGooglesK-9 MailMailMessagesPeepPicasaYahoo! MailYouTubeI really need only ONE or TWO of the above. Is there any way to trim this list down??THANKS!

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Photo Gallery Showing "Drawable" Folders Content

Sunday 13th of November 2011 /
I have a Dell Streak and just noticed yesterday that about 5 "Drawable" folders are appearinig in the Gallery. Each folder contains .png icon type files. I am trying to determine if these are associated with an installed app but the .png file details doesnt provide a clue. Are any of these folders showing up in your Gallery? 1. Drawable2. Drawable-Hdpi3. Drawable-Idpi4. Drawable-mdpi

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"cache" folder appearing in gallery - 4 files, no location, can't delete

Monday 17th of May 2010 /
Title sums it up. Recently, a folder appeared in my gallery called "cache". In it are 4 files:2206smaller-background435smaller-background-land-wide2352background4460background-land-wide The numbers that start the files seem to change every time I delete them and restart the phone - as does the creation time and date. Almost as if the phone is creating these files rather than them being old ghost files i can't delete. I have deleted the gallery cache but that had no effect. The phone shows that the location of the folder is "unknown". I keep deleting the files and the folder and they just keep coming back.I have searched for these files all over the phone and SD card to no avail. They are not in my picasa account nor do I have a clue where they came from.

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4.1.2: Red "X" Eats Icons....WTF ????

Monday 08th of April 2013 /
Sometime in the past month or two, a red "X" has started appearing at top center of the screen when I slide my icons around to rearrange them.If an icon accidentally touches the "X", POOF!'s warning... a destructive operation with no confirmation dialog, no nothing...Yeah, it's probably somebody's idea of a neat featrure....But it took me awhile to figure out where my icons were going - and I *still* get burned every so often when rearranging the top row.Is there any way to drive a stake through the heart of this little nasty?

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Gallery "overlay" icons

Friday 22nd of July 2011 /
In the Gallery I have some groupings of images. I have the default "Camera" group, I have a "FxCam" group that is from a subfolder I created, I have a "video" group where the Media Scanner found some files I have on the SD card (mediavideo) and then I have four others. For the each of the category/groups, there is, of course, a thumbnail of a picture from that group. Also, overlaid over that thumbnail, in the lower left corner, is a small icon. The "Camera" group icon is, likely enough, a silhouette of a camera. The icon for the fxCam and video folders are, naturally, little folders. These all make sense to me. It's the other four groups, and their icons, that I can't figure out. Their icon looks like the rotary shutter from, I think, Google Picasa (soon to be renamed to Google Photos?). These groups have the following names: One is dated "7/13/11", the next is "Profile Photos", the next is "Scrapbook Photos" and the last is "Me, Bear". I have been trying to figure out where these came from... [Edit]

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"Gallery" & "People" icons, why i do not have them after lollipop

Saturday 21st of March 2015 /
"Gallery" & "People" icons, why i do not have them after lollipop. hoping that the minor so called "upgrade" will fix the issue yet 5.1 did not help.

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