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Android wishlist - Page 2

Sunday 13th of February 2011 /
I don't want new features. I want the developers to spend some time getting the old features to behave up to expectations.1. Give me more space to install apps! A. Give me the choice of deleting pre-installed apps that I don't want. I want to delete Facebook and Twitter and Latitude, among others. I don't use them, and they take up a large chunk of the limited memory. I've upgraded from the standard browser and calendar apps: why can't I delete them? B. Enable "move to SD card" for built-in apps. Downloaded apps often have this feature now that it exists, but Android's standard apps cling to being loaded in the memory of the phone. 2. Get rid of the annoying lag before the apps appear on the Home screen. I don't know if this is because my Droid is now a year old and apps are larger, but there is an annoying 15 second or more wait till the apps show up. I'm sure I have more, but these are the most annoying features that need to be fixed.-jackie

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Android Market is upgrading to GOOGLE PLAY - Page 6

Monday 19th of March 2012 /
Originally Posted by ScribbleThey're not getting rid of the Android brand... Not sure how or why people came up with that? They're just re-branding the store within which Android Apps are sold. This is a good thing for several reasons:1. I'd say first and foremost changing the name to Google Play promotes the idea that it's not JUST for Android. It doesn't matter if you have a Mac, a PC, a Linux box.... Google is providing the same thing they do with Gmail. A one stop shop, you can get your music, your books, your videos... It's not just for Android. It's universal. (I noticed a LOT of Apple users suddenly logging on to the store and checking out what they can buy/download, etc...)2. It pulls it together under one moniker. It's not several different brands they have to support/promote. Instead of Google Books, Google Music, Google Movies, etc... Now it's just Google play and they can market it all together. It eliminates a mental step for users as well. Where can I get that... Google Play! (It works well for iTunes, and Amazon) They could have called it Market but:3. Play DOES signi

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Apps I Just Started Using But Loved Asap - Page 2

Tuesday 06th of July 2010 /
I didn't realize the brightness button on the Power control widget could toggle different settings. I just thought it turned automatic and manual brightness control onoff. Thanks for that. Now I can get rid of the other widget I downloaded.He might have pulled fancy widget from the market. I know he had mentioned that he was getting grief from HTC. Sure wish I knew how to backup the installation file so that I could put it back on if I ever need to reset my phone. I think I would miss that one more than any other appwidget I use.

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Updating of unwanted apps !

Tuesday 21st of February 2012 /
I just bought new droid razr Friday 2/17/12 . Noticed it had alot of apps already on the phone some of which I will not use nor want on my phone taking up space. So I spoke with folks at verizon about getting rid of the unwanted ones and the answer I got was some can be unistalled and done away with for good .Great I did that. Some of them you have a option to put them on home page. Great I did that. Some of them you can HIDE so I started hiding unwanted apps that CANNOT be unistalled. So here is my question to all . HIDDEN apps that I do not want are coming up on my phone asking to be udated. Does anyone know what can be done. Remember these apps that I am speaking of will not unistall

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Getting Rid of Apps - Page 2

Wednesday 14th of July 2010 /
Originally Posted by blackmetalbuickOoooh I'd be interested if someone could do a nice detailed write-up on how to get rid of the LG launcher and replace it with something else.I successfully rooted my phone a few days ago but have taken basically NO advantage of it because I don't understand how to go about modifying things, and I know trial-and-error isn't a good idea. If I could get the LG theme off my phone and replace it with Launcher Pro that would be sweet.Download Launcher Pro from the marketplacedownlaod titanium backup from the marketplaceopen titanium backup up and click the tab called problemsAfter busybox installs, reboot titanium backupopen titanium backup and click on all programsscroll down to LG Home and unistalldone

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"ZVC" update (before we get froyo 2.2) - Page 12

Monday 04th of October 2010 /
I find it hard to believe that everyone who is rooted is having the same problem. People root for the primary reason of getting rid of useless system apps. For instance, I removed the stock email application, Amazon marketplace, LG Calendar, Dual clock, Car home, Corporate Calendar, think free and the LG home 2.1 theme. I wouldnt think any of those apps are "crucial" system apps. Also, in titanium backup, those mentioned apps above dont have a restore button to the left of them. Even though they say backed up.

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Did Froyo Live up To Its Hype? Are You Satisfied? - Page 6

Saturday 12th of June 2010 /
Chrome to phone also works in Firefox on the PC. U need the FF extension. I been using it in FF since the second leak. Am I satisfied? I have stated this before: Its Froyo or bust for me from here on out. I am seriously thinking about getting rid of my 2.1 ROM's and most of my 2.1 backups.I tried a few custom Froyo ROMs, they were nice, but I went back the the orig second leak. Thats what I'm on now. Thats how good Froyo is. For real, the first leak was nice too, but u can tell the difference between the 2, plus some apps got fixed on the 2nd leak. I only wanted Flash to see if one site worked: It does, and I dont need Flash for anything else. lol The only time Flash ever gave me problems was with Hulu, audio was out of sync. The speed increase alone make Froyo live up to the hype. I didnt expect that. Benchmarks is one thing, but everyday use? wow. Folks that have problems, all I can say is different phones, different users, different results. But I feel the majority of us feel Froyo was a success. Imagine when its Final, no more beta.....

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Talk me into an EVO 4G LTE... - Page 2

Tuesday 18th of September 2012 /
Originally Posted by The Hustleman It's the second best phone available on the market. The first being the Galaxy S3 but you don't like that for some reason. Why enclose yourself, have to start buying apps all over again (and the same free apps cost on iPhone), more app crashing, fewer things you can do with your phone, and you must have their permission to put something on your phone and buy into a phone that's more about "i have an iPhone" rather than a functional smartphone/computing device? If you like paying top dollar for something that does less, so be it. Get the iPhone,.otherwise, stick with the EVO LTE. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2 The s3 is not better than the EVO LTE. I'm gladly getting rid of my s3 for the iPhone 5 which will be my business phone. There's a reason the EVO LTE is my personal phone, one because it doesn't have the same connectivity problems that have plagued the galaxy s series in the past. Two the build quality on the s3.... Compared to the EVO LTE, need I say more. Evos, screen is nicer and many have said the same as well.

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Root for the stratosphere? - Page 2

Monday 28th of November 2011 /
Originally Posted by Demolition ManMine is rooted. At this point the biggest benefit of rooting is getting rid of the bloatware along with other apps that require root. I do recommend reading the Rootzwiki thread before rooting. I do have the Samsung drivers posted in there somewhere which you'll probably need. If you got any further questions feel free to ask.I couldn't change the chmod permissions after pushing the root files to the proper directories. How do I fix this so I can sim unlock? Please help.ScripHttp://

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How to permanently block Google Play Services from installing automatically? - Page 2

Monday 29th of April 2013 /
Originally Posted by Helron TRUE! TRUE! I may not be an expert, but I am certainly a user who hates, hates, how intrusive Google has become! I hate ITunes for that reason, and now Playstore is even worse. Google+ ? Pls! It's a nightmare and a gigantic invasion of privacy. IMHO Droid Razr via Tapatalk. Droid Razr w/root. Well, you don't need to even use Google on your android. Delete your account, side load amazon ( or download from the developer then selves if you can), then install a app that freezes apps. Freeze all the Google apps and viola. Or you root and install a custom ROM without GApps and you'll have a truly Google free android I should throw in that there is no way of getting rid of Google search option. But just make bing, shudder, default. Can't say that for iOS, Blackberry or Windows. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2

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