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Can't send / receive MMS

Saturday 07th of April 2012 /
Hi everyone -- just picked up the RAZR last week. Love it. Came from an Eris, so the jump was pretty large. Skype on the go...amazing.Anyway, the first day I had the phone, no issues sending / receiving MMS. Then one of two things happened. First, the OTA update. Second, I downloaded a widget that would allow me to turn off the data from a main screen. I'm not sure if either of those caused the following problem. I can no longer send or receive MMS, with any messaging app. Native, handcent, whatever. It just spins and spins.Now...the data widget took me to some screen that had many settings on it, mainly related to data network. APN settings, too. I don't recall changing anything.But who knows. I removed the app, as it wasn't what I was looking for. I haven't been able to locate it again or the data connection screens with all of those options.Spent an hour + on the phone with a Verizon tech. Nice enough, but ended up suggesting a factory reset. I didn't want to go through that, given ICS will be out eventually and would probably solve this issue. Not being able to send pics through

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Handcent can't send/receive MMS, but default app can

Wednesday 04th of January 2012 /
Several months ago I realized that I cannot send or receive multimedia messages in Handcent. It used to work, but along the way it somehow quit working. I've lived with it but would like to fix it.I have scoured the message boards and forums. I've seen many people experiencing this. But most of them say it is not working in the default texting app, either. That is not the case here. My default app works, Handcent doesn't (but only for MMS; SMS is fine).Here's what I've done so far:I called Verizon first. They had me test send/receive of a photo in the stock app. It worked.They had me try the same thing in Handcent. It didn't work.Verizon checked account settings for me and all my family members. Everything was copacetic. I am the only person out of 3 on the plan who has this problem.Verizon rightly concluded that this was outside their domain.I followed advice found on other forums and posts to enable autoretrieve and roaming autoretrieve both in Handcent and in the stock app. They were both already enabled.I also saw advice that suggested checking the battery manager to make sure it

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Cant Send/Receive Mms!

Wednesday 23rd of November 2011 /
I cant send Mms ! And i use go sms to send mms to ppl but they can never see the photo becuz most of my friends gt internet taken off their phones. I realy would like to share my photos with my froends. PLEASE HELP!! Also when they try to send me photos.... it says invalid number or sumthing like that!..And i tried rooting my phone. It didnt work and i lost everything except for music and photos. I DO NOT WANT TO ROOT PHONE!!Sent from my ADR8995 using DroidForums

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Anyone else unable to send/receive MMS Handcent?

Monday 13th of December 2010 /
I've never (3 weeks) been able to send or receive MMS messages ever since installing Handcent. I really like the messaging app so I'd rather try to fix it than ditch it.Anyone else having issues?

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Cant' send/receive MMS over Wifi?

Monday 11th of January 2010 /
Ok is it normal to not be able to send or receive MMS in WiFi only mode?? Soon as I throw on 3G all works, but turn it off and just run WiFi and nothing happens. Any solutions?

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Cannot receive MMS but can send?

Wednesday 10th of October 2012 /
I've noticed lately on my mom's Optimus S that I rooted for her MONTHS ago and put Drew's stable CM7 v08092011 on it with CWM and Xionia Redux kernel that she all of a sudden cannot receive MMS? Any idea why this is? Whenever the msg comes through the "Download" button is visible then it just disappears and says the download of the msg was unsuccessful. Also, how do I find out which baseband this device has on it? I forget. I'm trying to see if it has ZVD or not. Thanks EDIT: I think it may have to do with the airave because when I unplugged it some of them went through but not all...

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Able to receive MMS but not send

Thursday 29th of September 2011 /
Hey Guys. I recently had my Incredible 2 unlocked and flashed to Metro PCS Before buying it, I made sure it can be fully flashed. I had hard a really hard time finding someone locally that was able to do it. I had to drive half an hour away to have it flashed, but was told that MMS wouldn't work. I figured it wasn't a big deal but now I kinda miss it. What's weird is that I can receive pictures, but not send them. Does anyone know how I fix it so that I can send pics? I'd love some step by step instructions. It's a fairly new phone, so I can't find any info regarding my issue.Thanks in Advance

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cant send/receive mms with mobile data turned off

Sunday 01st of June 2014 /
Does it have to do with being over my data limit? Wifi calling is off.

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Send Receive MMS over WiFi? Save APN settings? (Metro F6)

Friday 19th of September 2014 /
Does anyone know if you can send/receive MMS over WiFi with the Metro F6? My device will only send/receive over data. If I pop my SIM back into my BLU Advance 4.0 I have no issues sending/receiving over WiFi? I don't notice any settings to enable this function on the F6?Since I am here, it also doesn't seem to save the APN settings from one SIM to another? I entered my APN settings for my Lyca SIM and saved. Pulled the Lyca SM and put in my US Mobile SIM and saved the APN settings. Reinstalled the Lyca SIM and no APN settings? Is there away to save the settings?Over all not too impressed with this device, I think @ $70 it is still not worth it. Probably the last time I invest in a Metro PCS device.

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one person cant send me text but can receive one from me

Monday 30th of March 2015 /
We are on same ATT plan. I can send text and she receives it. She sends me text and I DO NOT receive it. Both of us can send/receive to other people. The only thing that does NOT work is she is unable to receive MY texts to her. And this was never a problem until two days ago.

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