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New note-taking app PhatPad arrives in the Android Market with handwriting Recognition

Wednesday 08th of February 2012 /
PhatWare has just announced the arrival of its innovative new note-taking and collaboration app, PhatPad, in the Android Market. PhatPad is compatible with any Android-powered smartphone or tablet running Android 2.2 or higher. The app is designed to turn your device into a powerful brainstorming tool  by enabling users to draw, write, and type on the Android device, then instantly share ideas via email or sync their documents with Dropbox email, and direct access via WiFi or Blue Tooth (depending on the Android device).PhatPad features handwriting recognition technology, voice note recording, and can recognize basic geometrical shapes. The app also boasts smooth-flowing digital ink technology which lets Android Tablet users jot down notes as if they are writing on real paper. Additionally, users can combine drawing, handwritten text, images, and digital text on the same document page as well as voice notes to create media-rich content.PhatPad is available now in the Android Market for $4.99, but PhatWare is offering users a chance to test the app out for a 24-hour trial period,

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AT&T Galaxy Note owners can grab Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update via Samsung Kies now

Tuesday 10th of July 2012 /
The Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T finally has support for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. AT&T and Samsung announced today that the Galaxy Note, the surprise hit of the year with a very large screen and very solid support base, can be upgraded to ICS and unlock new Android 4.0 features as well as the Premium Suite of Samsung-specific upgrades.The Galaxy Note update extends the capabilities of the S Pen stylus/drawing/input system. A new Shape Match feature can smooth out crudely drawn figures, so your circles or lines can be smooth or straight. The Formula Match converts hand drawn equations into math formulas that can be solved by the calculator, and a Wolfram Alpha search can be performed based on a handwritten note. The S Memo note taking app has been changed to bring all note forms – typed, written, voice, image, and search – into one easily browsable location. There are also new document templates and PDF annotations.Android 4.0 features like Face Unlock and Android Beam also make their way to the Galaxy Note. The 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display should start sho

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Flexible note-taking app for Nexus tablet

Friday 18th of January 2013 /
I've been considering purchasing a Nexus 7 tablet for note-taking at University. Studying maths/engineering, my ideal app would need a number of features, including:The ability to take handwritten notes, and to convert these to printed text either immediately or at a later date (I might want to keep some sections hand-written).The ability to enter equations (ideally these could be converted to a math font (as done here) but this is not essential).The ability to draw diagrams directly onto the notes (i.e. to by-pass the large input box at the bottom of most note-taking apps).My ideal app would have an optional Swype-style keyboard (I think this is built into Android these days???)The ability to organise notes into different folders, and to search through the content of notes.Does such an ideal app exist? Or am I just dreaming?Thankyou!!!

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Handwritten note taking app?

Friday 02nd of July 2010 /
Hey guys, I'm considering getting a new mobile device, and this will definitely influence my decision about whether to go Android or Windows 7 (mobile).I really like onenote because I can handwrite my notes- and so i remember them better than when I type them. I can also select my text with the lasso (or even individual strokes with a click!) and move it around, in case I don't leave enough room or something.Anyway, I'm looking for an app for android that lets me take advantage of a stylus and take notes in multiple colors, and be able to select and move/resize my text. I'd LIKE (but could do without) to be able to sync to my desktop and add pictures or text or whatever- basically what i can do with onenote. However, I haven't found a comprehensive application for android, and I may go with the windows device, just so that I can use onenote (but the performance scares me a bit- android is really snappy!). I wouldn't mind paying for the app. <$100-150I already checked out the web apps version of onenote, but it doesn't do handwriting. Anyone know if an app like this exists, or is i

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Lecture note taking app

Monday 18th of October 2010 /
Hi, I am considering buying an Android tablet- but I can only justify buying it if I can use for uni.What I want is an app that can be used for taking notes in lectures. I have looked around- but nothing quite hits the nail on the head in terms of functionality. I am physics student, so I need to be able to easily put handwritten notes(equations, etc) into the typed notes. The features I would like are as follows:-A fast keyboard like Swype for the typed notes. If this also had a quick way to insert greek letters and some mathamitical operators that would be great. If you could do handwriting recognition on the fly, that would also be awesome. -A way to insert handwritten sections into the notes. I was thinking that the handwritten section could be made in a separate screen then dragged into the document and resized with two fingers as needed.-Export to .doc (perhaps sync to google docs would be possible)-A good filing system, so the notes can be organised by lecture course. -Annotation ability for PDFs and slides would be a nice feature, but not essential. For me, this would be a k

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note taking app?

Thursday 20th of January 2011 /
Are there any GOOD handwritten note apps (like something I could functionally use to take note on my 10" Viewsonic G-tab?) something similar to Dan Bricklin's

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Handwritten note-taking arrives in Evernote for Android

Wednesday 05th of March 2014 /
Our favorite note-taking app for Android, Evernote, received a massive update today. Handwriting has arrived. The ability to take handwritten notes has long been a much requested feature for the client. “When we started working on a way to bring digital handwriting to Evernote for Android, we knew that our approach needed to extend the current Evernote experience rather than simply provide an alternate input method,” Evernote’s Andrew Sinkov wrote in a blog post today. “It took us a long to time to figure out exactly how to make this work.”Inside any note, you can tap the pen icon to start writing freely. If you need more room, click on the plus symbol at the bottom of the screen. Also, you can choose different colors and levels of thickness for your script, and just tap on the checkmark to immediately return to typing, add an attachment, record audio, or drop an image into the note, all in one place. Check out a video and download link after the break.Play Store Download Link» See more articles by Aditya Thawardas//

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Any recommendations for S pen note taking apps?

Friday 07th of March 2014 /
In an avid Evernote user, and while I certainly appreciate their most recent update I am looking for a note taking app that will allow me to completely get rid of paper notebooks. My requirements include. .. 1. Allow me to write using the S pen or my finger BUT if I'm using the S pen disables other touch inputs so I don't mess up the screen resting my hand on it while writing. 2. Allow me to search for text written in my handwritten notes. 3. Allow automatic synchronization so my notes are available to me on both my tablet and Note 3.4. Allow me to change paper templates and sizes. (The built in Samsung S Note app would probably do everything I needed if only it would allow me to Chang paper sizes to A4 or 8.5x11".) Anything anyone has used that meets these requirements? Thanks, Herb Posted via Android Central App

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OneNote Beta Is Alive - First Update Adds Support For Handwritten Notes, Formatting Options, Better Navigation, And LG G3 Support

Monday 28th of July 2014 /
Microsoft recently launched a beta program for its OneNote Android app, and a couple weeks later we are now seeing the first update hit devices. It happens to include a number of noteworthy enhancements. Primarily, the debut beta updateintroduces the ability to take handwritten notes with either a fingertip or stylus, a natural progression for a note-taking app geared at touchscreen devices.Joining this change are a number of formatting options letting users tweak fonts, text size, and word alignment. The app is also easier to navigate now that people are free to switch between notebooks and pages just by swiping.Here's the changelog. LG G3 owners will be particularly pleased by the last bullet point.What's new:Take handwritten notes or draw with a stylus or with your finger.Use a variety of formatting options like font types, font sizes, alignments, and tags on your tablet.Move between your notebooks, sections, and pages with a swipe.Bug fixes and performance improvements.Support for LG G3As previously mentioned, the beta program first launched earlier this month. For instructions

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Microsoft has updated its app for Android, which finally adds a way for its users to check out their emails while offline. Also, the previously announced OneNote Android beta program has begun with its first release.Here's the full change log for the new update:Server-side search for easy access to all email, not just the ones synced to your phoneUnlimited sync of all email history for full off-line accessCapability to send emails from aliasesEight new colors to customize the app interfaceAbility to set and manage vacation repliesTraditional Chinese language supportIn related news, Microsoft launched the first version of its OneNote beta test app for Android users a few days ago. The company announced plans earlier this month to allow a select number of Android users to download a beta version of the note taking app to test out some new features that will be added to the public version later.According to a Google+ post by Microsoft's Ayush Rastogi, the first beta version of OneNote for Android has these new features:Take handwritten notes or draw

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