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Hard bricked s3 I think. I feel sad. :(

Saturday 31st of August 2013 /
Oops. placed this in the wrong forum.. sorry guys. can a mod move it to international i guess?I'm not sure what happened. I will try to give as much details as possible, but I think I am screwed.I was having battery issues on my galaxy s3. In Canada on Telus. Not sure if this helps, but the model was sgh-i747m.Anyhow, used Odin to root my device, and after a couple of issues, I had success (yay). I then used this thing called rom manager to try and install the liquid smooth rom. After rebooting, it started the install, and I could see it progress on my screen. Then it got to a point where I was given a menu choice with a bunch of no's and a yes to wipe everything. I used the volume buttons to place the cursor at yes, and then wasnt sure if the home, or power button was the one to select that option. I chose the menu button.Phone turned off, and nothing turns it back on. I can't access download or recovery mode either.Oh. I did use rom manager to create a recovery as well. Cyagenmod or something like that?Is there anything I can do? Or am I completely fracked?

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Hard Bricked International Galaxy S3

Thursday 12th of September 2013 /
My S3 is totally dead. I took it to several repair shops and they claimed that the whole board needs to be replaced and one guy said the power circuit needs to be replaced although I'm sure it's fine (a friend tested my phone with an external power supply). I asked another shop if they had the Jig, he said that my phone needs the JTAG device thing instead. So yea, how can I tell which one of those wasn't trying to scam me? My phone is basically dead, totally dead even when I plug the charger, the LED doesn't turn red. I can't access the download mode either. So yea, any idea? PS: I was trying several ROMs before it died. The last ROM I had was the CM 10.1 Nightly build, Android 4.3 and CW Recovery. PS2: The phone kept working for about 9 hours before it died.. It didn't die immediately. Can a ROM kill the phone after some time or does it always happen immediately?

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Phone boots into Clockwork Mod recovery only...

Wednesday 20th of November 2013 /
Alright, I'm trying to put a ROM on my galaxy S3 i747, Tried the new pacman rom 4.3. Downloading the rom and the gapps. Got into my clockwork mod recovery V6..0.4.3. Found the .zip rom proceeded and It gave me an error.. It took me back to the menu and i did a factory reset again then tried rebooting it and it comes on at the recovery only.... How do I fix this? I hard bricked my last S3 doing pretty much the same thing except i used an international ROM instead of I747. (I now have a jig just in case, and I learned my lesson Putting another phones software on mine) So I'm very paranoid about all this. I just want a working custom rom that gets rid of all the AT&T crap and a higher base version. What do I need to do to fix the issue im at now, And what am i doing wrong on installing this ROM? I'm rooted, I have clockwork, I factory reset before trying to open the .zip ROM I'm at 4.1.2.

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