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my kindle fire appears to be stuck in a boot loop. all that

Monday 21st of January 2013 /
my kindle fire appears to be stuck in a boot loop. all that shows on the screen is the kindle fire logo, and then it blinks and shows it again. i have alrady powered it down hard by holding the power button for a long time. when i turn it on again it still does not boot properly. this was a perfectly working unit just a couple weeks ago and we didnt do anything to it is just suddenly started doing this. we did not install any new applications or upgrades. help please...Optional Information: Type of Device: TabletModel: Kindle FireWhat have you tried so far?: Already indicated above

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Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro stuck in a boot loop after changing fonts

Tuesday 18th of June 2013 /
Hi I just got a Kyocera Hydro and I rooted it and i installed rom toolbox lite by jrummy. After I did that, iI changed the boot animation and the fonts and it told me to reboot the phone, and I did. Then thats when it whent all downhill. It would show the hydro screen, boost mobile logo, then a black screen with the backlight keys on, then it wiuld turn off and it would repeat the whole proccess over and over again until I pull the battery. Ive also tried going into the stock recovery and clearing both the cacheand the whole system but nothing happens. Only the boot animation changed back. I also noticed that it only has 3 options-reboot system now-wipe data/factory reset-wipe cache partitionAnd at the botton of the screen it says three timesE:Cannot load volume /misc!What do I do? I need help because I dont know how to flash the stock rom and when i search stock roms on google, it gives me results that are completely unrelated to what im searching(of course!) Thanks in regards or somthing.

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HELP - Stuck in LG Boot Loop after upgrade.

Saturday 07th of September 2013 /
Hi, I tried to upgrade my LG Optimus G phone software using the LG PC Suite software today. The available upgrade was from E9751D to E7951F however when the upgrade was finished the phone would not restart. It keeps rebooting itself with a message 'Android Upgrading - Starting Apps' and it goes back to restart. Any help would be appreciated. I don't want to do a factory hard reset (not sure if that would work) yet as I don't want to loose any data. Thanks,Shishir

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Stuck in a boot loop? Fix it here

Saturday 09th of November 2013 /
Ok don't know how much traffic this forum gets but figured I would throw this info out there incase anyone gets stuck in a boot loop after OTA. Having rooted my Ultra I let the OTA come thru and hit install before I realized that I forgot to unroot and got stuck in the loop, after several articles, downloads, hair removing frustration, none of the files posted online for the Ultra worked for either house of moto program or RSD. So I finally decided to try the obake_maxx_xml file located here Droid-Developers SBF and followed instructions located here to open the zip, find the xml file, open it in notepad and remove the line with "getvar" and save it. Neither of the other two files worked for me. Fired up RSD pointed it to the folder where the obake_maxx file is and plugged my phone in to usb. Just incase anyone forgot like I did, you need to get into settings of your phone while it's looping and make sure usb debug is OFF. After you do that you need to shut the phone

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I'm Stuck In a Boot-Loop, Please Help!

Friday 22nd of November 2013 /
i tried flashing a stock deodexed rom and now i'm stuck in a boot-loop. tried pulling the battery but it just starts booting automatically. stuck on sprint screen, goes to samsung screen and back to sprint, back to samsung... ... ...any tips?

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Help! Stuck in a boot loop after failed update to 4.3

Tuesday 10th of December 2013 /
Now i'm getting freaking angry. I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE (N7105) and it's for verizon but its unlocked. This is my main phone and it is not working because i tried to root then go to 4.3 because its like stuck on 4.1.2 it keeps saying to try again when i have service even though i have service. So when i tried to go to 4.3 using Odin it was going all well until by the end it failed. Now my phone is stuck on the boot logo it just keeps like appearing then going away then appearing again. I can't go in to recovery mode, I can go to download mode. I tried to download to download a file called this (N7105XXDMJ1_N7105H3GDMK3_N7105NEDMJ2_HOME.tar) to use odin to restore to it and being the dumbass I am, I did not make any backups. So I tried using the file I said before N7105XXDMJ1_N7105H3GDMK3_N7105NEDMJ2_HOME.tar but this is what happens in Odin. <ID:0/005> Added!!<OSM> Enter CS for MD5..<OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..<OSM> Please wait..<OSM> N7105XXDMJ1_N7105H3GDMK3_N7105NEDMJ2_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.<OSM> Checking MD5

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HELP: Phone in a boot loop, no recovery or download mode

Saturday 17th of May 2014 /
So I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 X (GT-7560M) and basically I tried to flash CM11 on it, and when after the reboot, the phone was stuck in a boot loop and I can not access nor the Recovery mode nor the Download mode. I did try a USB jig and still no luck, I really don't know what to do, any solutions?

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Help! Stuck in eternal boot loop with stock settings

Wednesday 30th of July 2014 /
I have encountered a strange phenomenon on my HTC One. I woke up and forgot to charge my phone the previous night, so I went to charge it and after about ten minutes it kept turning on and off with the HTC "quietly brilliant" screen over and over again. There is no LED light to signify a charge, and I am able to get to the bootloader screen (I hope that is what it is called) by pressing the volume down but the phone restarts and won't let me click anything. It will only let me scroll down or up once so I can't get to the factory reset. I've tried many battery tricks such as holding both volume buttons and the power button for two minutes and nothing happened. I plugged it into my computer and the same thing happened. Heres a video of whats happening: Hoping someone can help me out! I just want to get my photos back more than anything. Thanks!

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HTC ONE M7 stuck in infinite boot loop after software update

Sunday 26th of October 2014 /
My HTC ONE M7 not rooted is stuck in an infinite boot loop after software update (software came with the phone: messages and something else). I have tried going into recovery mode but phone just shows me a red triangle and exclamation point (which means I don't have access I guess). Tried factory reset multiple times, green arrow with arrow surrounding it pops up (as if updating), the bar under it does not move and after a minutes goes back to the logo screen to enter the loops again. Same thing happens with the recovery symbol. So now what?

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My old HTC ONE is stuck in a Boot Loop but factory reset does not work!?

Thursday 11th of December 2014 /
My phones is stuck in a boot loop so i have put it in recovery mode. However, when I click factory reset/recovery, it just shows a phone with a green arrow circle and then just goes straight back to a boot loop? Any one got any ideas or is it totally messed up? Thanks for any help!(Not rooted)

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