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My droid eris keeps force closing!! Help!!

Sunday 27th of February 2011 /
Any experts who can tell me how to fix my Eris.. I am so frustrated I could destroy this phone! One day my phone just stopped working. I turn it on and it will shoot the screens all the way to the left and get stuck there.. Someone suggested it was my trackball but I NEVER use it and it's not the only problem.. So the screen will be to the far left and even when I hit the home button it will not work. Then I get a" HTC force close" error.. Then say I want to send a text message.. same crap.. I will attempt to type the message and nothing will show up then after the phone freezes for a few minutes then it will also force close in the message program.. Then google force closes, my internet browser force closes ( dolphin browser) Facebook doesnt work 90% of the time and will force close, my pictures and video's that are on my phone wont open or they take forever to do so! I have tried deleting apps and I am constantly turning the phone off to get it to work and most of the time that doesnt even work. I almost forgot that DIALING the pone is rediculous too.. Half the time I can

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How can I open pictures in text message?

Monday 08th of August 2011 /
A friend sent me pics in a text message and I can't open them. Any advice on how to open? When I tap on the jpg it comes up like a telephone number and thinks I want to call the 6 digit number. No instructions on this in the book. Not very happy with this phone, thus far. Not user friendly enough.

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Saving pictures from text

Saturday 05th of February 2011 /
I tried Googling this but I can't find a good answer or instruction manual. I am trying to save a picture from a text message a friend sent me. I figured out how to open the picture. From there, I have the option to zoom only. If I choose the option button (small square inside large square on left side), I don't have the option to save. I had the option from another screen to "Save to SD card," but then I don't see the picture in my photo album. How can I do this?

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killed my text messaging... help?

Thursday 10th of December 2009 /
I'm not really sure what I've done or how to fix it, so I am hoping someone around here can help me out. I have a rooted Droid. I was clearing out the default apps that I don't need yesterday, and I saw "mms.apk". I assumed it was only the default messaging app. Since I have handcent, I just moved it to my SD card. That is when the problems began.When I get a text message now, I can still see it in my status bar, and if I have popup enabled in Handcent, it will show there as well. If I open up the program, though, it shows absolutely nothing incoming. It will display my outgoing texts (which work fine), but no incoming texts, contacts, pictures, nothing.I tried to fix it by simply reversing what I had done... I moved the app back to system/app where it was. It made no difference. The default messaging program wouldn't show up in my app menu either. So... I tried installing it. "Installation not successful". Where do I go from here?

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sending a video in a text messages

Friday 25th of March 2011 /
I finally figured out how to send a video in the text message. You have to open up messages first, add recipeint and click on the attachment icon on the lower right hand corner, then click on the first icon to the far left, looks like pictures it will give you a menu than click on camcorder and take video. and it will make a slide show for you to send in your text which is of course the video you just made. For some reason you can not take video's from your gallery and put them in a text message it says they are too big. Anyway thought I would post this for anyone else who was going crazy trying to figure out how to do this.Gemmydn

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