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Android Kernel

Sunday 02nd of December 2012 /
i found the pin hole to reset my android os 2.2 kernel 2.6.32 build number v1.2.2 how long do i hold ? do i turn it off or on before i reset?

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How do I get a factory reset for my avatar android titan n

Sunday 14th of April 2013 /
How do I get a factory reset for my avatar android titan netbook?Optional Information: Computer OS: OtherBrowser: OtherAlready Tried: I'm locked out since I don't know the pin (is there a default pin). The OS is android.

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gmail pin login and android sync question/problem

Tuesday 17th of January 2012 /
I use the security pin to access my gmail account. Its a number they text you each time you log in to gmail. I did a factory reset on my phone(droid3) and during the set up it askes for your gmail info so it can syncIt wont let me log in. It says my password and username don't match. Im guessing its because of the pin number.How do I get it to log in and synk if I can't enter the pin?Im away from a computer and can't access it via the web.Any ideas?

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How do I do a hard reset

Thursday 03rd of January 2013 /
On Dec 26th my son turned his Nextbook 7 inch Android Tablet off after playing with it and when he turned it back on, it won't go past the start up screen. I have tried pushing the reset button but when I insert the pin it just feels like hard plastic or something, there isn't a "button" in there to push. I've been trying to get info on how to do a hard reset on it but no luck....When you turn it on the screen comes up with a quote from Abe Lincoln, then the screen blinks and the same quote comes up, then it changes to the screen with Nextbook in the upper left corner and a picture of a woman listening to headphones on the right side. It will not go past this screen. I tried to register it so I can call for tech support but it asks for the kernel version and a build number....I can't get this info because it won't boot up for me to get to it. Can anyone help PLEASE? My poor baby just got it for Christmas and then just the next day is when all this happened so he hasn't been able to enjoy it while he's out of school for the holidays. Thank you anyone who will just try to hel

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WM8650 Reset?

Friday 23rd of December 2011 /
I have a whte android tablet thats about 7" wide. It has no name or model on it, but it does say WM8650 on the user manual. I had this tablet out of the box just long enough to charge the battery, set the wi-fi, and change the time zone. I was looking at the other settings and noticed a clalibration screen. I looked at it but ignored it and went back to the settings window. All of a sudden, I found the screen icons don't work anymore. I cant get this thing to do anything. I reset it using the little pin hole in the side, but it didn't go back to the original settings. It still my time zone in it. I can scroll the the icons on the right side of the screen, but none of the icons anywhere work.So, 10 minutes ot of the box and this thing is useless. Any ideas how to reset it and make it start working again?

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Personal data (contacts, sms, phone logs, settings, etc) gone after moving apps to a new microSD

Thursday 11th of April 2013 /
Hi everybody, so I've just bought a 16gb Sandisk microSD and I moved some apps to that, by using the functionality available under Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. I went through the list and I moved some apps to the microSD when the button was available. I also moved the Music folder to the new microSD. Then I left my phone for a while.. when I came back to it, was asking me the pin code as it had restarted. Then the android configuration wizard pop up, like when you first boot the device (so asking me to choose the language and set other configuration things). At the end, I found out that my device status was like the first time, as you do a hard reset: my previous data were gone, including contacts, text messages, settings, etc.Some things remained, like pictures and music files. I believe my data are still there somehow (or I might want to believe it). This was really strange though and you can imagine how I feel with all of my contacts and such gone.Unfortunately, there's no sync with google or similar. I should have do that or at least make a backup before m

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How do I reset my Android PIN?

Monday 10th of June 2013 /
So, I set up a PIN (I dont care if you know it, its really basic: 1112)And I have this app, that lets you lock certain things on your phone with this PIN, like notes you might want to keep private if you where to say loose ur phone, you dont want a hacker to look at, or songs you dont want someone else to hare unless they know the PIN, etc...Anyway, I have this note I locked with this PIN, and I try it every time 1112, and it sais "Nope sorry wrong PIN, try again" every time, no matter what I enter. Is there a way for me to get this PIN? Seeing as its clearly broken cause I know for a FACT it IS 1112, or at least a way to reset it? And the app doesnt have something like a "Reset PIN" function built in, how would I go about doing this? PS: Im really new to this forms so I hope I have this in the right area of it.

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Experiencing difficulty in encrypting my 2013 N7 after 4.4 (build KRT16S) upgrade

Friday 22nd of November 2013 /
Not sure how many folks out there encrypt their devices, but it's usually the first thing I do when I get a shiny new Android device. Encrypting my Nexus 7 worked perfectly as of 4.3 via both PIN and password. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get encryption working on the latest 4.4 build (KRT16S) and am wondering if anyone else has been able to encrypt their N7? Here's the steps I've taken so far on my N7 (2013): Reset the device to factory defaults prior to upgrade (always a habit of mine)Applied the 4.4 KRT16O upgrade via sideloadApplied 4.4 KRT16S OTA patch (which I originally thought fixed a bug for encrypting devices)Made sure N7 was 100% charged and plugged inStart the encryption process in the Security settings areaInput my PIN (also tried same with a password) when requested From there, my N7 displays the familiar green android, shuts down and then goes through the normal boot up procedure back to the initial "login" screen that I unlock with my PIN (or password). If I go in to check the settings, the device is not encrypted and I can begin the encryption process a

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PIN Auto Reset itself

Sunday 02nd of February 2014 /
I know this is going to sound like a total newb post, and like user error, but I want to preface my issue with this.... I have been an Android user for about 4 years, work tech support for Sprint, and have rooted and ROM'd a few devices. I only day this to show I'm not new to Android even if my question seems like it. OK. I PIN lock my device's and have used the same PIN code for years. Today, I go to unlock my tablet, enter my PIN and get a wrong PIN error. I tried it multiple times in case I just hit the wrong # accidentally but no luck. Despite what it seems I have NOT forgotten my PIN. Anyone else had this happen? Any ideas? A couple other things that may help. I use the restricted profiles and I'm the main profile. My son uses a pattern lock and at the same time my PIN reset, his Pattern was set to slide. I do know how to hard reset it, but prefer not to.

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Help with Lock screen PIN

Wednesday 25th of February 2015 /
I use an 8 digit PIN for my lock screen, and somehow it has been reset to a 0 digit PIN, i.e., just press the ENTER. I still get the PIN entry when I wake the phone up and, if I go into Settings->Security->Screen lock, I'm asked for my PIN (to be able to make changes), but it won't accept a null value PIN. I thought maybe do a factory reset, but again it asks for my PIN with null not allowed. * Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance! Posted via the Android Central App

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