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how do I root LG optimus f3

Saturday 04th of January 2014 /
Hi I got this phone about 2 weeks ago I love it but after a few days I noticed the space running low I bought a 32gig sd card but the move to sd option is totally missing and I looked up how to fix the problem but I have no idea how to root lol I'm no computer genius But also wondering if there's a way around it with out rooting if not can someone tell me specifically how to root my phone with a pc I really don't wanna **** this phone up so I'm asking you guys for helpPlease and thank you Posted via Android Central App

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lg optimus f3 hidden menu

Monday 03rd of February 2014 /
how do i go about accessing the dun nai settings for a virgin mobile lg optimus f3? ls720zv6 is the software version and im running android 4.1.2 stock with root.

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Please help me root?

Saturday 19th of April 2014 /
I rooted an older phone a couple years ago and it worked well, but it's been a while, I was lead step-by-step, and I don't remember much. This is my newest phone and so I really want to make sure I do this correctly. Yes, it's the LG Optimus F3, the one from Virgin Mobile. The phone updated just about as soon as I activated it. I'm wanting to root it to be able to move apps to the sd card to save some space. That's my main reason. I wouldn't mind if I could remove some of the bloatware, but I won't mess with that unless I know it's safe to remove. What all do I need? Please give me links to a safe way to root my phone and what all I will need and possibly want? Thank you!((Yes, I did look through some threads on here that talked about how to root, but I'm confused since people use different methods it seems and I'm not the most tech savvy person so I get nervous!))

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What should I do?

Sunday 18th of May 2014 /
Hello there AndroidCentral community, my current device is a LG Optimus F3 for Virgin Mobile. I love almost everything about the phone except for one thing, storage. The storage seriously frustrates me! I do not want to root because I killed my last two phones (LG Optimus V and HTC One V) doing so. My mom wont ever by me a new phone again if I mess this one up. Now the phone is fine and all, but I'm a gamer, and Android games (at least the ones I want) take up a little over a gigabyte each. I cannot play GTA: SA, Modern Combat, Gangstar, Asphalt etc. I'm disappointed in myself for not doing research before Christmas because I just heard the processor was fast and that was all I thought I needed. I am getting a job soon but thats all the way in July and I don't know what to do now. I don't how I can deal with wait but maybe I'm just too anxious and spoiled. My mom feels that if I get a new phone, I'm probably going to want something else and nothing will please me. I'm seriously stuck!Any help?! Thank You

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How do i create a complete backup?

Friday 27th of June 2014 /
i rooted my phone a couple of days ago (lg optimus f3 metropcs), and now i want to have some fun. i wanna test out and app call Xposed framework. it allows you to customize your stock rom Android Basics 101: Understanding Xposed Framework - YouTube i want to create a complete backup of my phone before i test it out. clockworkmod recovery and twrp recovery does not support this phone. im a newb to root and i dont really know a lot. i rooted my phone with saferoot. help me please

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Just ordered my Volt!

Thursday 24th of July 2014 /
Just ordered a Volt through Amazon, cheaper than the VM site. Picked up a case and a screen protector as well. I had gone to the Optimus F3 after my Evo V died on me...and it's an *alright* phone, but from what I'm reading the Volt is way better. I'm really excited to be back to a phone that's actually capable.Here's hoping we unlock the bootloader (or at least bootstrap it).I'll be rooting from Day 1... any *must-have* apps? I think I'm gonna switch to the Google Now launcher [[how do I uninstall the stock launcher?]]. Already a long time user of Textra, Swiftkey, and Root Explorer.Very excited to be a part of the LG Volt crew.

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