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How To Stop Apps from Updating?

Monday 08th of October 2012 /
I know it sounds strange, but I'm rooted and running a custom ROM on my Galaxy S3. In the ROM, there is a modified version of the Apex Launcher with some custom icons. My phone already automatically updated the launcher before and it removed all of the cool custom icons that were there. So I'd like to prevent that from happening again.I have all of my apps set to automatically update on their own except Apex Launcher. When I rebooted my phone, it began trying to update Apex anyway, probably because restarting reset the settings and caused it to forget that I specifically don't want that app updated.There's an option in Titanium Backup called "Detach from Market" or something to that effect and I tried doing it, but it didn't seem to detach from the Google Play Store. So I'm wondering if there's anything else that I could do to keep this app from updating if possible.I was able to revert the changes because this app has been made into a system app by the dev who made this ROM so when you go into Settings>Applications and try to remove the app, it only says "Uninstall

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How to stop Play app update notifications?

Sunday 22nd of July 2012 /
I have ICS running on my SGS2 phone and love it. However there are some apps from the Play store where I simply do not want to update anymore but they constently notify me an update is available. For example I have no interest in Google+ and they keep updating it? I do want to receive updates for other apps just not some of them. I have no interest in rooting the phone at this point either? Does anyone know how to do this or if it's possible? Thanks

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Turning off apps and saving data usage

Wednesday 20th of July 2011 /
Hello.I just switched to the Android OS from Windows Phone and so far I am loving it. Even with googling most of my questions I have still run into some problems and figured this would be a good place to come to for help.The Inspire seems to have no easy way of shutting down the applications. Anything I start appears to be left running when I exit out of it and this seems a bit off. I am eating through my data usage pretty quick just by things updating all the time. Is there any way to remove some of the automatic apps that come with the phone? I picked up an app called Task Manager and there are some that just keep starting themselves over and over.Facebook, Friend Stream, Google Search, HTC Hub, HTC Likes, Mail, Maps, Peep, News, Search Anywhere, Stocks, Youtube.How do I stop them from coming up? Even the synch settings does not give it to me as an option.

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Factory Reset with Kies

Tuesday 17th of July 2012 /
After updating to ICS my phone is acting up terribly, which seems to be a common theme from looking around the forums. I want to do a factory reset, but I am not sure exactly what I will lose and what will stay. There are a lot of topics on this in this forum and other places, but I'm getting a lot of conflicting information and most of it is just bits and pieces. 1) It looks like there are different phrases (factory data reset, factory reset, hard reset, etc) Which do I want to lose as little as possible? Basically I just want to get my phone working decently again. 2) What will I lose permanently? (I do not have an external SD card, everything is internal)3) After I reset, what order do I do things in to get whatever back that can be saved from Kies? Do I sync with Google first? 4) How do I prevent Google from automatically re-downloading all my apps? (I have my account tied to multiple phones and don't want all the apps in my account on this phone) I saw someone say that there is an option not to sync the google account with the phone to stop it, but would that then cancel out my

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<MARKET>Update All Froyo feature

Wednesday 01st of September 2010 /
How can I stop a program from updating using the update all feature. I basically don't want Google voice to update, but I do want to use the update all feature for the rest of the apps.

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How do I stop the google apps from updating?

Friday 28th of June 2013 /
Can I disable the apps I don't want to use such as Google+, Current and a few others? Every time I go to do it a message comes up saying apps that come pre installed should not be disable or it could mess up other apps. So I clear them but they keep wanting to update all the time? Posted via Android Central App

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S4 downloading files w/o my permission!

Tuesday 29th of April 2014 /
Today I got home from work and took my phone out of Airplane mode, plugged it into the wall and the usual download arrow started running in my notification bar. I figured it was just Google Play updating apps (I have it set to auto-update when charging), however no apps are installing.The download manager is trying to download three files called "video", "video", and "video" but it is making no progress.There's no way for me to tell what app is trying to download these files. All I can do is force close Download Manager only to have it start downloading them again.Nobody else seems to have this issue, so I'm left deleting random suspicious apps which aren't the culprits. How can I tell what app is causing these downloads and stop them?! Posted via Android Central App

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