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Button Remapping?

Monday 25th of June 2012 /
Ok, so I've read about how you don't get the ICS quick change button on the new SIii. Questions 1 is there a way to remap the Menu button so that is does the quick change feature? 2 is there a way to then, the double tap home button feature to get GOOGLE Voice Search/Actions? 3 is there a way that I can add on screen ICS buttons like on the Galaxy Nexus? And then make the hardware home button do something else? Do I need apps? Rooting? Thanks! Sent from my Incredible. Aw yeah. Edit: MODERATOR, can you please remove my previous post named " bottom remapping? " I typed in the wrong subject, thank you!

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Media scanner problem?

Sunday 30th of September 2012 /
Hello fellasIm here to explain my situation and looking forward to receive some answers from guys with more experience on androids. So here we go. Ive got my new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and looks like this shit won't show up a Media folder in the menu, which normally includes subfolders such as Music, Photos and shit like this. Im sure you got it. Must be an issue with Media Scanner, isnt it? How do I fix this?Also, Ive had that Google Search bar on the homescreen but I did remove it in some way and want it back now. Have you got any tips? Should be downloaded from the store? Whats app name? DONE: installed the app again. I previously run a Samsung Galaxy S but Im not the kind of guy who seeks for performance/amazing shit; If the internet,voice calling, sms work Im good with that. Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

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How do you remove google voice search

Wednesday 22nd of February 2012 /
From HTC Rezound phone, I hate this sh_t eating app,

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