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How long does it take to fully charge battery?

Thursday 29th of November 2012 /
As the topic states, how long does it take to fully charge battery? Does it charge quicky to 80% within not as long of a time?

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Questions from a potenial Droid (Milestone, acutally) owner..

Wednesday 03rd of February 2010 /
Hello people,I am thinking of buying a first ever smartphone in my life... I was actually deciding between Iphone, Nokia E72 and Droid... Since all of those represent different ideologies in smartphone industry...I am a Mac User, but I am really thinking, that hardware keyboard is a nice thing, and I am really thinking, that I should give a touchscreen a shot.. So I am left with Droid!Now please happy (or otherwise) Droid owners, can you answer a couple of questions??1) I may be mostly using Droid as a cellphone with some occasional Wi-fi and Office apps.. How long will the battery last, if I use Droid in Cell-phone mode only (only calls)...2) I am aware, that Droid has some nice music players... So as an owner of $300 headphones (IEMs - Triple-fi's) I wonder - How long will Droid last as a player + cellphone? Can I expect somewhere around 2 days of use?3) Can it be charged from computer? It has a micro-USB port for connection, right? How long does it take to charge Droid fully from notebook??4) I am new to smartphones and battery issue is really worrying me.. I really want to just g

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HTC Aria Power and Battery Questions - Answers

Thursday 22nd of July 2010 /
How long should it take to charge my battery?Your battery can take up to 4 hours to fully charge using the AC charger. It will take much longer using the USB as that is the trickle charge function. Why won't my device power on?Your battery may be drained or is not seated correctly. Remove the battery and inspect the contacts. Remove any debris/residue found on the device or battery contacts with a soft, dry cloth. Attempt to charge the device. If the battery is dead, the device will need to charge for a few minutes and then should power on once this happens. Attempt to power the device on by pressing the Power button for 3 seconds. Try another battery. If the device still will not power on, contact your wireless carrier for further assistance. Why does it take so long to charge my device using USB?The USB cable acts as a trickle charger, so it will take longer than if you were using an AC charger. While the USB will work, it is recommended to use the AC charger, especially if the battery level reaches 10% or below. My battery doesn

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How long doest it take for a full charge?

Tuesday 20th of September 2011 /
If your battery is at less than 10%, how long does it take to fully charge? Just got my E4GT and the first full charge is taking a long time.

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Nexus Battery Charge from new

Friday 08th of January 2010 /
Hey up,Just got mine at last. Tearing the box open and desperate to play but decided I should fully charge it first.Question is, how long does it take to fully charge. Desperate for that amber light to go green!!!

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How long does it take your battery to charge? - Page 3

Monday 12th of July 2010 /
Originally Posted by NJScreenwriterHello...been reading A LOT on this thread and the battery life thread. Anything you can imagine, I've done...turned off wifi, bluetooth, syncing, background. Went into running services, killed that off. Turned screen brightness all the way down, have the screen turning off 15 seconds. Looked into the Android 2.x Bug with the 50% signal situation, don't have that problem. I FULLY charged my phone last night, talked with a friend for 45 minutes, used advanced task killer and shut everything down, and by morning, battery was 25%. I have NO clue what to do now. This isn't my first smart phone (No offense or disrespect to those of us who are new to this market), so I have a decent idea of what I'm doing. Anyone have anything they'd kindly share to shed light on my issues? Thanks all!Well, what does your phone status say is using your battery? If you have a weak signal then the phone expends a lot of effort working to improve it. I would try airplane mode overnight to see if it helps. I also found a free program called SystemPanel helpful. I resorted to

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How Long Does It Take You D2 To Charge?

Thursday 16th of September 2010 /
I let my battery go from 5% till the phone shut off and it takes about 1hr and 55mins to completely charge. If I recall my D1 charged much faster.My D2 battery has been through at least 10 cycles so far.How long does it take to fully charge your D2?

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Charge times and different charge times with accessories?

Sunday 06th of June 2010 /
Maybe its just me but is anyone else noticing a difference in charging over PC USB, Car Charger and Wall charger? Seems like I get slow charging with USB on the PC and car charging adapters. When I plug in using a wall charger I am getting a good solid charge. I guess can't compare to my iphone but how long does it usually take to fully charge this phone and would the charging accessory you are using differ in charging time? Whats a good app paid or free that will give me a good indicator of battery life left for EVO 4G devices? Thanks!

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Charging Time

Monday 14th of November 2011 /
I have an HTC Droid Eris and like the phone (yeah, I know a bit 'underpowered' and all that) and like Sense. Saw the Rezound at Best Buy yesterday and really liked it (screen was awesome and it really does fit in my hand much more comfortably than the Droid RAZR). So it is now my first choice. With my ERIS the battery is a huge issue - both how quickly it drains and how long it takes to charge. So I'm wondering - how does the Rezound do on charging?? If you can find a charging spot for 30 minutes does it do any good? How long does it take to fully charge?BTW - This is an awesome place to hang out.

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your nexus 7 production date and charging time and my first impressions

Sunday 13th of July 2014 /
I took Nexus 7 for a test drive. My 1st surprise was on the box looked label. Production date "7/2013". The tablet is exactly 1 year old (might be from original batch). Next The battery was dead out of the box. When I tried to turn it on only white light blinked several times. After charging the tablet for 20 minutes or so it finally came alive. it seems to me that it takes forever to charge this tablet Questions 1. What is production date of your tablet2. How long does it take to fully charge your tablet3. Was your nexus dead out of the box 4. Are there anyone nexus 7 tablets built in 2014? 5. How many hours can you use your tablet on full charge Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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