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Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumored To Test It’s New, Hopefully Faster, Update Service

Friday 01st of February 2013 /
It certainly feels like Samsung is taking over the world right now – at least, the Android world. There’s no doubt that last year’s Galaxy S2 was the phone of the year.And not in recent times, discounting Apple of course, can we remember the anticipation and expectation of a phone as much as the Galaxy S3.But that’s last season’s device, and we’re looking forward to the next level of what to expect in the Galaxy SIV. The trickle of ‘sources’ talking about this new device is starting to build to a steady stream.With months to go until this Samsung smartphone hits stores, the Galaxy S4 rumors continue today with an update on a rumored future software update policy that will kick in once the new flagship device is launched.SamMobile has reported that in a bid to have more control on updates and sales, and to know exactly how many devices has been sold in all countries, Samsung is planning to start the new update service.Historically, Samsung has not been the most reliable company when it comes to timely Android updates. But then again what An

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sells 3 million units in 30 days; Galaxy S3 at 30 million

Friday 02nd of November 2012 /
The Samsung Galaxy S3 took the world by storm when it released this past summer. Sales are still going strong, and Samsung has found its bread and butter in the mobile world. Many didn’t know if that same success would eventually roll over into the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 series. Still relatively young, Samsung started perfecting this phablet phase back in 2011, and while the Samsung Galaxy Note was no failure, it certainly hadn’t reached the same success the Galaxy S line did.The line is starting to blur, however, as it appears the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is quickly becoming a hit. In the short 20 days since it’s been available the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has apparently sold 3 million units. Sure, Apple might be able to sell that many iPhones in just a week or probably even a day, but considering how large this device is up against more slender and small options those seem like some very good numbers.And consider this: most of North America haven’t even gotten a chance to buy the phone yet. Verizon and AT&T customers won’t have a chance to buy it until la

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is Officially T-Mobile’s Best Selling Device of All Time – Droid Life

Monday 08th of October 2012 /
This afternoon, T-Mobile announced through their Twitter feed that Samsung’ Galaxy S3 device is their best-selling device of all time. There isn’t a link to the numbers to see just how many have been sold, but with a badge like that, it must be pretty impressive. T-Mobile has had some good devices in the past such as the Galaxy S2, the G2, the G1 (of course), and who could forget the OG Sidekick?Be thankful, Samsung that they still don’t have the iPhone 5 in their lineup.Via: Twitter

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