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cyanogenmod - How to access phone internal storage during flashing?

Monday 11th of February 2013 /
I am flashing CM10 to my HTC One X. I downloaded all necessary files and unlocked my boot loader. I followed all steps on how to install this ROM, but I did one stupid thing. I forgot to copy the CM10 zip file to my phone internal storage. Below are the steps I followed, then I missed step 1. How do I access my phone internal storage so that I can save the zip file, and continue flashing my phone? Copy the CM10 ZIP file to your phone’s internal SD card. On the PC, extract the You will get a folder named Fastboot. Extract the boot.img file from the file and place it into the Fastboot folder. Turn your phone off. Boot to Fastboot Mode. Hold down the Volume Down and the Power buttons until the screen turns on to enter Bootloader Mode. In Bootloader Mode, highlight Fastboot Mode using the Volume keys and select it by using the Power button. Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable. Open a command prompt on your PC and navigate it to the Fastboot folder. In the command prompt, type fastboot devices to check if your device ha

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Android Forums - View Single Post - Support HTC ONE X stuck at RING LOCK SCREEN

Saturday 13th of October 2012 /
what do you mean the SD card may not be mounted yet? I've had this phone for a few months. it was working fine. then yesterday it was stuck at the lock screen. I hear all my emails, texts, notifications coming through like normal but i cannot 'pull the ring up' to access my phone like usual. I have hooked my phone up to my computer many times and pulled off the vidoes and pictures from it but again as of yesterday that too now doesnt work. the computer wont recognize my phone anymore. so i have 2 issues. the touchscreen wont let me into the phone because its ot responding and i cant access the phone on my computer anymore. htc and att both want to do a factory reset and i dont want to do that becasue i want to get my baby's videos and pictures off first. hence the reason why i was trying to access it on my computer. how do i at least access the pics and videos? i dont care about this phone anymore i just want the media.

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Wrong kernel flashed, now bricked. Can anyone support me please?

Sunday 09th of September 2012 /
Hi There I am just over begginner level, so I hope someone can help me! I have a HTC Sensation - It is rooted- Bootloadeer is unlocked- CWM recovery is flashed and working I installed the ELEGANCIA custom rom to the phone and all was fine, apart from the WIFI was not working. In a stupid moment of madness, I flashed the stock kernel to the phone through the One X software. So now, when I load the phone, I just get the white HTC screen and can go no further. As previously stated, I can get into clockworkmod and fastboot etc. I have the correct kernel package on my PC, but have no idea how to flash it with the phone in this state, or if indeed this will even work. I just want to get back to a working phone now I do have access to another phone, so I can put zip files etc onto my SD card if that helps. Is there a rom with the correct firmware/kernels built into it, so I can literally just install the rom through clockworkmod in recovery to overwrite the old kernels automatically. Or can anyone give me advice on what to do now. Much appreciated in advance. ThanksMarc

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Touchscreen dead - How to access files on SD Card?

Tuesday 08th of January 2013 /
Hi there, I recently had a water accident with my HTC One X. I've done the bag of rice, left it in the sun etc. The phone itself turns on fine, notifications appear at the top of the screen. But the touchscreen is totally non responsive. This means there is no way for me to enable "SD Card" mode instead of simply charging, when I plug it into my PC via USB. As a result, I am unable to get any of my files off of the phone. Does anyone know a way of accessing the internal storage without using the touchscreen to change the USB mode? Perhaps some recovery method? Would be a bonus if I could get my contacts too. Thanks

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[LINUX TUTORIAL] How to install Cyanogenmod 10.1 on HTC One X

Saturday 01st of June 2013 /
Since I found it a bit hard to figure out all the steps necessary to get CyanogenMod to run on my Android, I wrote this tutorial:Mattis' personal blog: Install Cyanogenmod 10.1 on HTC One XThis is my first time doing this, so be nice.Also of interest, detailed instructions how to get access to the SD card on Linux when using HTC's Android 4.1.1.

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