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Android 4.1 Rolling Out to the AT&T HTC One X; Here’s How To Install the Update Now

Thursday 07th of March 2013 /
This morning AT&T announced that the Jelly Bean update was rolling out to the HTC One X, then it was pulled, and now it’s back again. Looks like AT&T is playing some games. But anyway, we have the update file along with the instructions on how to install it. Make sure you read this entire post before attempting to install the update, and as always, we are not responsible for any damage caused to your device.RequirementsAT&T HTC One X on stock recovery and stock firmwareOTA File: OTA_EVITA_UL_JB_45_S_Cingular_US_3.18.502.6_0.24p.32.09.06_10.130.32.34…Instructions1. Download the file above2. Place it on the root of your phone’s storage. (i.e. /sdcard/)3. Boot into recovery. (Power off > hold volume down and power button, until you see the fastboot screen, then use the volume keys to navigate to “recovery” and press power. Then press and hold both volume buttons and press and release the power button. You’ll then see a blue menu.4. Flash the update (use the “Apple update from internal storage” option and navigate to your fi

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HTC One X Unlocked gets Official Android 4.1 RUU

Monday 10th of December 2012 /
If you own the Tegra HTC One X, you’re probably asking HTC and everyone else where your Jelly Bean update is. It’s already started rolling out in parts of Asia, but it hasn’t made it to the rest of the world yet. And those on AT&T, you probably won’t see it for a few more months unfortunately. Although for those with the Tegra 3 version of the HTC One X, an official RUU was published by HTCRUU which will bring your software to versions 3.14.401.27. Which includes Android 4.1 and Sense 4+.Before we get to the download links, this is only for certain variants of the One X. So if you see your CID number below, then you can use this RUU to flash Android 4.1 onto your device. Note: this is NOT for the AT&T One X. Here are the CID’s:HTC__001HTC__E11HTC__203HTC__102HTC__405HTC__Y13HTC__A07HTC__304HTC__M27HTC__032HTC__016So how do you find out your CID? Simple. Just boot into fastboot mode on your One X, hook it up to your computer via USB, and run “fastboot getvar cid”. I know it sounds complicated, but actually isn’t. If you need some

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cyanogenmod - How to access phone internal storage during flashing?

Monday 11th of February 2013 /
I am flashing CM10 to my HTC One X. I downloaded all necessary files and unlocked my boot loader. I followed all steps on how to install this ROM, but I did one stupid thing. I forgot to copy the CM10 zip file to my phone internal storage. Below are the steps I followed, then I missed step 1. How do I access my phone internal storage so that I can save the zip file, and continue flashing my phone? Copy the CM10 ZIP file to your phone’s internal SD card. On the PC, extract the You will get a folder named Fastboot. Extract the boot.img file from the file and place it into the Fastboot folder. Turn your phone off. Boot to Fastboot Mode. Hold down the Volume Down and the Power buttons until the screen turns on to enter Bootloader Mode. In Bootloader Mode, highlight Fastboot Mode using the Volume keys and select it by using the Power button. Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable. Open a command prompt on your PC and navigate it to the Fastboot folder. In the command prompt, type fastboot devices to check if your device ha

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Backup the HTC One X/X+ recovery

Tuesday 29th of January 2013 /
Hi all, I've just watched: And I was wondering if the same thing would be possible with the HTC One X+. In short you could use: Code: # fastboot boot recovery-cwm6.0.2.7-intl-hoxp.imgdownloading 'boot.img'...OKAY [ 0.896s]booting...OKAY [ 0.008s]finished. total time: 0.904s to boot into ClockworkMod without flashing it to the recovery partition. This is pretty handy if you want to check if the recovery image (either cwm or twrp) actually works with your device or if you want to backup the stock recovery image. I just tried it (both recovery-cwm6.0.2.7-intl-hoxp.img and openrecovery-twrp- and it's not working with the HTC One X+. As soon as the device is restarted it gets stuck on the HTC logo. Turning it off and on again makes the device boot normally. Any idea on how to get this to work?Thanks!

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htc one x root/flash fail

Wednesday 01st of January 2014 /
Hey all, Hope someone can help ,i tried rooting my one x using the info from]here and now it holds at the htc screen and i can only boot into boot loader i have tried recovery,erase cache etc but my main problem is that my phone is now not recognized via usb ,windows only sees it as htc device. so i cant use any tools to fix it i.e adb fastboot or hasoon 2000 toolkit . any ideas guys am i doing something wrong? thanks in advance

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Can anybody help me root this thing?

Monday 13th of January 2014 /
I'm trying to root this HTC One X for someone. It's on baseband 3.18. The hboot is version 2.14. I'm using Windows 8.1. I was trying to use the EZToolkit to do this. But my computer doesn't seem to recognize my phone in fastboot. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers at least 20 times with drivers from different sources on two different laptops. I've tried installing HTC Sync Manager. Nothing helps my computer recognize this phone in fastboot. I know I have to change the CID to 11111111 so I can use the HTCDev site to unlock the bootloader. If my computer would recognize the phone I know how to do those things. Then installing a recovery and a new ROM (or su binaries) would be no problem.The EZToolkit is able to make the phone boot into bootlader, but then it hangs. And says waiting for device. PLEASE somebody help me! This phone is driving me nuts. The Evo LTE and GS4 werent nearly as much of a pain to root.

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Htc One X: Cyanogenmod Stuck on Loading

Monday 12th of May 2014 /
Phone: HTC One X endeavoruRom: Recovery: ClockWorkMod RecoveryHello,This is my first time rooting an android phone. And I was following the instructions at OneXRoot (which were very helpful by the way). I was able to root fine and got to bootloader and installed CWM fine. However, when I flashed the phone with a cyanogenmod ROM, the rom appeared to install fine but it is stuck on loading screen after reboot. I have tried "wipe cache partition" and "Wipe Dalvik Cache" as the guide suggested. But this time, the phone went through android updates on boot and is back at loading screen, stuck there. I've let it run for about 2 hrs before giving up.Being a newbie, I didnt take a recovery backup before flashing the ROM. So, I cant go back to installing an older ROM. And now that the phone load OS, it is not showing as a USB device on my computer when I plug it in. So, I cant get a new ROM loaded on to the phone to flash to the same. Any ideas on how I can get a new ROM file to the phone?The phone boots to FASTBOOT, and I can get into CWM Recovery.

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