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x5a Touch Screen - Can't Calibrate

Thursday 26th of May 2011 /
Hi I bought a nearly new x5a (actually an x6d with 4gb & G-sensor). It worked fine except was registered to someone else's gmail account. I restored factory settings by switching-on the tablet while holding the Home button, then selecting from the set-up menu. All seemed to be OK when I powered-up again. However, the touch screen seems to be in reverse. If there's a button at the top of the screen I have to press the bottom of the screen, and so on. I can just about work out how to get into Settings & power down, but can't figure out how to use the keyboard to type. Calibration doesn't work at all. I can't press those crosses. However, the three buttons on the side of the screen (Menu, Home, Back) all seem to work perfectly. Please help! Thanks

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How to calibrate G-sensor???

Tuesday 28th of June 2011 /
I remembered calibrating it once b4 it had 2 of those tools with a bubble in in it and u had to try and get it in the middle, there were 1 bar on the bottom/horizontal and the 2nd on the side/vertical. Now i try look all over the device for that setting again but i can't find it anywhere. Does anybody know where to find it or know any app that would calibrate the G-senor??? Oh, I have a flytouch 3

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what is a horizontal desktop in Gsensor calibration

Monday 05th of August 2013 /
I bought a nextbook premium 7 SE today and every time I try to calibrate my G Sensor it says "have you kept the device in a horizontal desktop? if so there must be something wrong with Gsensor" I don't understand what that means. What the heck is a horizontal desktop and how do I put the device in one???I know it is obvious from this question but please keep in mind when you answer that I am pretty technologically inept (not as much as my 70 year old mother but I do remember a world without cell phones, tablets, and internet lol)

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