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How to fix S Voice Network Error

Monday 21st of May 2012 /
Update: There is not need for this fix anymore. Download a modified version of the S Voice, which will work without any changes here.As you may know, the S Voice app has been leaked from the Galaxy S3, but Samsung blocked the app on other devices. Fortunately we’ve already found a fix for this and it’s very easy, but you need to have root access on your device.Like I said in the previous article, Samsung only wants S Voice to run on the Galaxy S3, because it’s one of their marketing strategies, though they didn’t manage to keep us from using it. The fix is very easy and you have to change your device name to Galaxy S3 and you are done. If you don’t fix it, you will get a network error, without any chance of using S voice. To do it, you have to download Root Browser Lite here, run the application and give it root access, if it asks you. Then go to System > build.prop and change ro.product.mode,, and ro.product.device to “GT-I9300″. Then reboot your device and S Voice should be running flawlessly. Fortunately Samsung will not

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Samsung Galaxy S3 recently started deleted my email off the

Saturday 27th of April 2013 /
Samsung Galaxy S3 recently started deleted my email off the server how can I maintain a paper trail but deleting the emails off the phone but maintaining them on the server. I need a paper trail.Optional Information: Type of Device: PhoneWhat have you tried so far?: Restored back to factor setting, change the email type, you name it I have tried. It was working the way I wanted it to until a recent update.

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Google Wallet on AT&T with official apk

Sunday 14th of October 2012 /
How to get Google Wallet on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3. 1. Vanilla Root your AT&T Samsung Galaxy2. Download Rom Toolbox Lite from 3. Open Rom Toolbox Lite and open Root Browser 4. Navigate to "System " Folder5. Open build.prop with RB Text Editor 6. Change the following values only: ro.product.model=Galaxy 7. Make sure your NFC chip is turned on. 8. Download Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper from .9. Selet Temp un-root10. Download Google Wallet from .11. Setup Google Wallet If you put the original build.prop values back Google Wallet won't work. Here are the original AT&T build.prop values that you Do NOT put the original build.prop settings back until you reset Google Wallet within the app otherwise you could mess up the secure element chip if you change the firmware or maybe once ISIS launched and you want to try it.

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