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How to Install Android ICS 4.0.3 Firmware on Nokia N9

Saturday 24th of March 2012 /
What do you say guys, are you interested in installing the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 OS on your Nokia N9 handset? I bet you do though it seems like an impossible thing to do. But things are not that complicated, as thanks to the NIT Droid team, you can now have a dual boot kernel on your MeeGo powered N9. It’s pretty excited to see how you can power up, or just play a little bit with the performances of your Nokia handset by flashing the Android platform into its system. And it’s sounds good too: Nokia embracing Google’s Android!Now, learning how to install Android ICS 4.0.3 firmware on Nokia N9 is let’s say, not for everybody. It’s an relatively hard to complete operation, though if you are used with flashing custom ROMs on different devices there shouldn’t be any issues on the road for you.Anyway, make sure you read all the lines from this tutorial and don’t skip anything as you can wreck your phone or its system. You can already tell and it’s obvious that once you begin this procedure the Nokia warranty will be void. So, if you think that you aren’t ca

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how to download android apps in my computer

Tuesday 17th of August 2010 /
how to download android apps in my pc xp

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htc desire - How to close (shutdown/kill) the Android web browser?

Wednesday 22nd of September 2010 /
I did read this question What is the right way to close apps in Android? but I want to know how to close - that means close - application to save power and download limit.My observations tell me that Back button brings me to the previous page (something I am not after) while Home seems to me leaves the page loading in background. So the question is how do I exit the browser.I tried Advanced Application Killer but I don't think it worked ...Using HTC Desire on Android 2.1

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Stock froyo 2.2 can't download Android Terminal Emulator

Friday 25th of June 2010 /
I've scoured around for a while and can't find anyone with this issue, let alone a resolution. I have the stock release of 2.2 FRF57 and I'm having the Google Maps upgrade to 4.3 issue. I went to download a terminal emulator to fix my issue and that's where I hit trouble. I first downloaded "Terminal Emulator" from the market but it simply FCs. When trying to download "Android Terminal Emulator" though, I simply cannot find it. I've tried:Manually searching market for "Android Terminal Emulator"; "Terminal Emulator"; "AndroidTerm"; "Palevich"; etc. etc. etc.Using the QR code off a website to directly look it up in the marketSearching for a downloadable .apkRestoring my backup from Astro but since my backups were taken in 2.1 I don't seem to be able to restore anyI'm at a loss for getting my hands on Android Terminal Emulator. Thoughts from anyone? Is anyone else having this issue?

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Cool geeky stuff using Android Terminal Emulator

Tuesday 07th of May 2013 /
I am an ardent Linux Shell fan,and hope to do the same on the OS based on it,Android.Can anyone of you suggest some cool geeky stuff,using Android Terminal Emulator.

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Android Terminal Emulator Upgraded to 1.0.29

Wednesday 25th of May 2011 /
The Android Terminal Emulator which allows you to run root shell commands within the OS itself has been updated. Here is the change-log for this update:Recent changes: Fix JNI global reference bug. (Program would crash at start when run on post-3.0 versions of Android.)For those who have not used the Terminal Emulator before, and would like to know more about it, please visit: or Scan the QRCode below to find out more information about the Terminal Emulator application.Summary and Downloads:Application: Terminal emulatorDeveloper: Jack PalevichCost: FREE

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How to launch android on Freescale i.MX53 EVK hardware through SD card

Monday 14th of March 2011 /
Hi All,Can anybody help me in how to flash android raw image (Single image file contains all files that are needed to launch android OS on the hardware like boot loader, kernel..etc.) on SD card and launch it on Freescale i.MX53 EVK hardware. i tried by doing no partitions.. just copying the image file to SD card through 'dd' command, but it is not launching OS and not showing anything on serial hyper-terminal.. my doubts are : Is it really needed to partition the SD card..? If yes how to partition the SD card.. and flash the image on the SD-card..? any suggestion or improvements would be greatly appreciated...

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Android Terminal Emulator capitalizes the letter "i"

Wednesday 17th of October 2012 /
New to rooting but I've successfully done it to my Optimus M then to the Samsung Admire. I used Android Terminal Emulator to uninstall or delete the apps that came on the phone for the Optimus but when doing it on the Admire my main problem is whenever I put a lower case i it capitalizes itself so I'm stuck and would greatly appreciate help. Also, I tried deleting and re-installing Terminal Emulator, no luck.

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Android 101: How to close a misbehaving app

Friday 19th of August 2011 /
Another one of those things that’s just too hard to get to, and buried about three levels deep in Android’s settings, is manually closing an app that may be stuck or misbehaving. It happens, even with the most well designed applications, and knowing how it’s done can save you the trouble of a reboot. Just tap the Menu key, then Settings, Applications, and find the app in the list you see. Tap it’s entry and you’ll see something similar to the above. Tap the “Force Stop” button, acknowledge the warning, and the app will close.It’s not something you want t…Continue Reading HereAndroid 101: How to close a misbehaving appJerry Hildenbrand –

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G3 how to close backround open apps?

Sunday 06th of July 2014 /
Hi,i'm new to Android OS and i just bought the new LG G3.i would like to ask how to close apps that are open in the backround?i was told its a long press on the home button, but that sends me to google search.couldn't find the answer on any forum for this.will appriatiate the help :-)Roie.

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