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How to delete gmail IMAP account?

Friday 02nd of July 2010 /
I had my gmail account working fine on my Nexus One but then I did something stupid (apparently) and am not sure how to reverse it. One day I noticed the Email app on the applications screen and so I tapped it and entered my gmail info when it prompted me. So this created a second gmail app on my Nexus one, this one an IMAP account. I get notifications from both the original gmail app and IMAP account. Whenever I tap a mailTo: link I get prompted to select which account I want to use, the gmail or the IMAP account. I don't want the IMAP account and never did. How do I delete it and get back to where I was before?

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How to delete an Email account with Invalid Credentials

Sunday 02nd of September 2012 /
Found the answer on how to delete AOL or other email accounts with the dreaded invalid credentials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Based on another post add AOL accounts back as other emails and not AOL and it should work. I haven't tested that long term but hopefully that works long term. Hope this helps somebody out. Make sure to do the last part, not the one at a time one. To delete either your Personal or Exchange email account, follow these steps: You can clear out all the email accounts you have set-up on your i1 using the Manage Applications menu. The process below describes how to delete all email accounts set-up under your Email application; not your Gmail application. You can only remove the Gmail account set-up under your Gmail application by completing a Factory Data Reset or going through your settings menu. Click here for help removing / replacing your main Gmail account accessed by your Gmail application . To delete email accounts one at a time, open the email application. Make sure you are at the "Accounts" screen that lists your multiple email accounts.

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How to: Secure your Google account with 2-step verification

Monday 18th of July 2011 /
Did you ever think about how much data someone could gain if they somehow got access to your Google account-Think about it for a second. If you’re a fan of Google, you probably use Gmail for email, Picasa for pictures, Google+ for social networking, Google Music Beta for your music, Google Docs for your documents, Google Maps, Reader, etc. The list goes on. What would happen if someone had access to your password- They would instantly have access to all your Google data. Google has …Continue Reading HereHow to: Secure your Google account with 2-step verificationJonathan Royal –

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How to delete an email account not gmail

Wednesday 24th of March 2010 /
Tried searching for it but could not find anything. I want to remove my aol account from my motorola droid. Sorry it is probably something simple, but i can't figure it out.

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How to delete my user account

Sunday 15th of May 2011 /
How do I delete my user account here

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How to Delete your Browser's History on a MAC?

Thursday 21st of October 2010 /
You can clear browser history on mac with clear browser history on mac!As when we browse the Web using IE, they tend to leave a record. For data security reasons, we often need time to clear your browser history. But how can you clear the browser history record? Mac computer users canclear browser history on mac.Choose to clear browser history on mac delete browsing history, not only can guarantee privacy of your work, you can also make your personal privacy is not compromised.The following is the key features of clearing browser cache on mac.1.Safe to operate in your Mac computerThe clear cache for Mac is a safe software ,it don’t have the write-perform function when it runs in your Mac 2.Optimize the computer systemIt can improve the Mac computer environment through clear the cache and widget.3.To improve the storage spaceIt can access the hidden storage area to clear some widget to improve storage environment.4.All-in-one utility It can clear all the cache which is stay in your Mac computer .What you have to do is press button.5.Easy to useClear cache for Mac software makes syst

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How to delete original google account setup in phone

Friday 30th of April 2010 /
I just got my phone yesterday, and the verizon rep insisted he needed to setup a new google account on the phone. I didn't feel like arguing since I already have one so I let him do it. Once I got home, I setup my account and sync'd all of my email and contacts, but I cannot delete the original account he setup off the phone. I also cannot sync my calendar through my account. The phone is only wanting to sync the calendar with the account he set up. Can someone offer advice on how to delete the account he setup? BTW, I have gone in and tried to delete the account, but the phone tells me applications need this account and in order to delete it, I will have to reset the phone to all defaults and all information will be lost. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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how to activate your Samsung account

Sunday 20th of October 2013 /
how to activate Samsung account

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How to delete alternate gmail account from jellybean?

Wednesday 25th of December 2013 /
Hi everyone. I have 3 accounts on my phone. I want to delete 1 of them WHICH IS NOT MY PRIMARY ID to which all the apps,contacts,etc are linked. I REMOVED THE GMAIL ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY from my laptop hoping that now it wouldn't even show up on my phone. But it's still there. I just don't want to see it there. What do I do? Posted via Android Central App

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how to delete an email account on samsung galaxy s3

Saturday 04th of October 2014 /
Cannot find the option to delete email account on. I want to create new email account

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