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Edwin, Speak Easy: An Android App Review

Thursday 29th of July 2010 /
App Name: Edwin by NeureauDescription: Edwin is a speech-to-speech voice assistant & utility. Ask it the weather, make calls, SMS, tweets and much more! Edwin requires Speech Synthesis Data and TTS Extended apps from the Android Marketplace.How it works: Edwin is a free voice activated application that makes using your Android device much easier. You can do many things with Edwin – You can search, dial, check the date and time, launch applications, enable/disable hardware, map locations, spell/define words, translate sentences and send tweets. The best part about this application is that it talks back. Once you install the speech synthesis data and TTS Extended apps, you are ready to speak away the commands of your choice.Opinion: After many hours of talking to my phone like a man who needs to be admitted in a mental institution, I must say that this is the most fun that I’ve had with talking to my phone in a long time. Not sure if this is an Easter egg to anyone but if you say “hello” to the application she will reply back with many common courtesy responses to y

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sms - How to turn off red-dotted-underline spelling check when text-messaging?

Sunday 15th of May 2011 /
I've updated my HTC Desire HD A9191 to Android 2.3.3 and now I don't know how to get rid off the spelling check (red dotted underline) when text messaging. The underlining isn't present when typing in Evernote's application, for example. It is strictly text-messaging issue.There's no spelling-check option in message settings. I've tried turning on and off spelling check under Settings->Language & Keyboard->Touch Input->Text input->Spell correction and it didn't do anything either way. I don't have enabled neither 'Prediction' nor 'Word completion'. Google search didn't find anything about red dotted underline on Androids either.Why would I want to disable spelling check? Androids don't support my locale the way they should (QWERTZ instead of QWERTY), so I'm forced to use German locale. Which is fine, I'd use English as a system language anyway. But the spelling check is underlining non-German words, which is obviously annoying to me as a non-German native speaker.

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How to Disable Spell check

Friday 30th of December 2011 /
Hello Guys!I just updated my android version to 2.3.5 today and i have noticed that the words are being spelled check. Are there any ways to disable this? I have check other forums but some people confuse this to Prediction. Many Thanks...

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Spell check won't turn off

Sunday 12th of April 2015 /
Spell check randomly (or at least randomly to me) started working on my samsung galaxy s5. It's not auto correct or word prediction: it's the red lines under words I write incorrectly/in foreign languages. I'm always texting in multiple languages, and I'm honestly terrible at typing so my texts are always full of typos and I'm ok with that, I would rather not spend triple the time it takes to write a mistake free text (I text a lot). The result of this is nearly every single word in the text box has that annoying red underline. I tried googling the answer and dug around my settings but I'm stumped. I have this problem in every keyboard, I normally use google keyboard but I tried switching to the default samsung keyboard or to touchpal and all of their text boxes have the same spell check. How to disable predictive texting and auto correct has been answered a million times but I can't find anything on a rogue spellcheck across all keyboards. This seems silly, but red lines under everything I type is driving me absolutely insane. Android version is 5.0. I appreciate the help.

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