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Unable to connect Galaxy S3 to PC via USB

Thursday 13th of December 2012 /
I've had my Galaxy S3 for a few months now, and have always been able to connect to my PC via USB. A few days ago, it suddenly stopped working. I've found many other Android.SE threads, but none have been able to answer my question.Symptoms: when I plug the phone in via USB, the phone beeps, I get a lightning bolt on my battery, but that's it. There are no USB options in the pull-down status bar, and the PC does not recognize that a device has been plugged in. Click screenshot for full size.PC System: Windows 7 x64 with the latest drivers and Kies software from Samsung.Phone info:Samsung SGH-i747Android version 4.0.4Baseband version I747UCLG1Kernel Version 3.0.8-704434-userBuild number IMM76D.I747UCALG1What I've tried:My wife has an identical Galaxy S3--I plugged her S3 into the same cable, and it was recognized immediately. So I know the PC and cable are both working correctly.Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers several times anyway -- alone AND with the Kies software.Every USB port on the boxFactory data reset--both from the setup menu, and the diagnostic bootup menuUSB debugg

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Update Samsung Galaxy S3 to Unofficial AOKP custom ICS ROM

Tuesday 19th of June 2012 /
Yesterday, we’ve posted a tutorial guide on how to update Galaxy S3 to an Official CM9 Nightly build, and now some guy at XDA managed to create an unofficial AOKP ROM port for SGS3 that you can learn how to apply it by reading this post. Faryaab is the name of this particular XDA recognized developer and he is the one who created this working AOKP based ROM for SGS3.This unofficial AOKP ICS ROM has been ported from the AOKP ROM port of romanbb. For the moment, there are some bugs and several features aren’t working: the LED won’t lit up when charging the phone, the camera flash might cause some crashes from time to time and the FM Radio is not supported. However, instead of the default FM Radio app you can try to use another one from Google Play Store.Galaxy S3 can be updated to Android 4.0.3 with this unofficial AOKP ICS ROM which will set an unsecured boot.img, it installs Superuser and Busybox, apps are deodexed, CM Launcher, CM brightness, improved navbar, disabled boot animation and multiple other small functions and features have been added. Before we can star

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Samsung Galaxy S3 on Straight Talk

Friday 19th of April 2013 /
Hi Experts, This is a very very much talked about topic. But mine is entirely different case.I have Verizon SGS3. But it's unlocked and can work on the AT&T 4G HSPA Frequency.Bought a Light Blue BYOP SIM. Cut it into Micro SIM Size and put in SGS3.Now, I browse different forums and try to enter APN SETTINGS.But cannot enter new APN Settings in menu, more settings, Mobile Networks, APN Settings. I don't know why. Next I bought APN Manager pro. Still no luck. Then downloaded HiAPN.Then I'm able to enter only first field.att.mvnoNow I'm getting EDGE speeds or 2G speeds. How can I get 4G speeds???

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Samsung galaxy s3 and straight talk

Thursday 14th of March 2013 /
Hi everyone I'm new to this and i hope it works so i cane get some much needed answers . My hubs and I are with straight talk and I'm looking into biting the bullet and buying a unlocked samsung gs3 to use on my straight talk plan.. I'm completely lost as to how to go about ghis whole thing and I'm in no way up ti date on the technology and fancy terms lol. the cell phone people at walmart have no clue and anyone we ask just look as confused as we are. so here are my ?s for everyone to hopefully shine some light on my ordeal . 1) what version of the gs3 do i get the international or US one. 2)what type of sim card do i need to purchase or does it not matter? 3)does it matter what type of unlocked Samsung gs3do I need to get like does it have to be att or tmobile oor does it not matter what it is since I'm just buying off the internet and its unlocked. sorry for the stupid questions but I'm completely lost and before I spend a fortune I want to know what I'm doing. thanks

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Galaxy S3 on Straight Talk in my area?

Wednesday 16th of January 2013 /
I just purchased an AT&T GSM Galaxy S3 and I plan on getting a micro SIM card from straight talk to use it. Now my real question is I live in Craig, CO 81625 and on the straight talk website it says my area is unsupported for the micro SIM. Although I can put in an alternate zip and override it when I go to purchase it and get it anyways. I checked AT&T's coverage map for my area and they are partnered on Verizon towers here. So will this work? My little brother bought a Proclaim directly from Straight Talk and gets 3G coverage down here, only problem was when he tethered it for a laptop they killed his service till he called them. Does Straight talk use CDMA at all? I thought it was only GSM.

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Boost Mobile to add Galaxy S3 to their line-up on June 12th

Friday 07th of June 2013 /
Boost Mobile announced the newest device to their line-up of no contract wireless yesterday with the addition of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Available June 12th, the S3 will be priced at $399.99. The Android powered smartphone will operate on the Sprint 3G and 4G LTE networks.If you are worried about cost, the company said that the S3 can be paired with Boost Mobile’s $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan with Shrinking Payments. For every six on-time payments, the cost of Boost Mobile’s Monthly Unlimited plan shrinks by $5, eventually getting down to as low as $40 a month for unlimited nationwide talk, text and picture messaging, Web3, email, and calls to 411. Payments do not need to be consecutive to qualify for the next savings milestone.Note: The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available starting June 12 at Boost Mobile’s exclusive retail stores, select independent wireless dealer locations nationwide and at with free shipping. The device will then expand its availability later in June in select national retail locations.

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trying to flash sprint s3 to virgin!!!

Thursday 25th of July 2013 /
i am trying to find a good step by step for flashing a sprint s3 to virgin mobile.i have a donor optimus v and the s3 sph-l710ktsi have experience with root/recovery/rom, so i should be able to complete this.thanks

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change signal from sprint to verizon but stay with straight talk

Sunday 08th of September 2013 /
I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 for straight talk, it is running on the Sprint network (a fact I did not realize before purchasing). I don't have sprint coverage in my area, but have great Verizon coverage. Is it possible to make this phone use the Verizon tower signals and continue to use straight talk service? BTW, I have 2 straight talk phones, each different... one is the afore mentioned and the other is an LG Optimus Dynamic which feels like a toy phone in comparison, but gets great coverage where I am. I don't want to keep two phones active. Can't I make the galaxy think it is the LG and get the Verizon coverage with the awesomeness that is the S3. I reeeeeeaaaaallllyyy love this new S3, please don't make me go back to the LG toy phone, puuuuhhhlleeeeeeze!!! (falling to the floor dramatically) Thank you!

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fix the apn setting for samsung galaxy s3 verizon straight talk

Saturday 12th of July 2014 /
how can I fix the apn setting for samsung galaxy s3 verizon straight talk

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Is it possible to root my Galaxy S3 from Straight Talk?

Monday 12th of January 2015 /
Title basically says all. And if it possible, is there a way to guide me through, because I have never rooted before and very cautious on doing this.

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