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How to get rid of second lock screen

Sunday 11th of December 2011 /
Aside from the lock screen where you put in a code or pattern, there is another screen that you have to swipe away. What is the purpose of this annoying screen and how do I get rid of it?

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I now have two timepieces on my screen!

Wednesday 07th of August 2013 /
Hi.I have just had a second clock appear on my Lock Screen - the screen that says "Swipe Here To Unlock"It had a clock that was correct. Now a second clock has come from somewhere and the first clock is now named "Roaming" and the second has a small house on the top with Home alongside it. It is also 3 hours behind the correct time.Can someone advise me as to where this has come from and also how to get rid of it? I can only see how to set the time in the manual and on the Settings page.Thanks.Hoges

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Double lock screen. How to remove it?

Friday 20th of September 2013 /
Hi all. As you can see I'm new to this forum as well as I'm to android, so please forgive me if I haven't posted in a right thread. Thanks.I downloaded go Launcher EX. I recently started using go locker, but when I want to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S4 I need to go through two locks. The first one looks exactly like my wallpaper with clock, and the second one comes from go locker. How to get rid of the first one and just leave the one with dragon?It looks like this:1. the way, when I go to settings >My device >Lock screen I have 'none' option selected. If I had the third lock screen would show up. I will appreciate any help.

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