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How To Unlock T-Mobile G1 Android Phone

Thursday 14th of January 2010 /
In the modern world, it has become pretty common practice for an electronics user to hack their electronic device in one way or another. This has extended to hacking a mobile phone in order to gain access to things not originally meant to happen, such as changing icons and fonts or installing homemade applications for free. One device in particular that is often hacked, or unlocked, is the T-Mobile G1 handset.//Companies have been locking mobile phones for many years now. The iPod Touch and iPhone, for example, happen to be locked with Apple service. Likewise, the Google Android G1 Phone is locked with T-mobile.How to Unlock the T-Mobile G1 HandsetOne vital factor in unlocking the G1 handset is to have the unlock code. Users who have had an active account for 90 days may request a SIM Unlock Code by way of T-Mobile Customer Care. A user may officially receive their SIM Unlock Code by way of T-Mobile by requesting it at here . Make sure the phone is off. Take the T-Mobile SIM Card and insert it into the G1 Phone in question. Press and hold the Menu button while turning on the phone.

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How To Unlock The T-Mobile myTouch 3G Android Phone

Sunday 07th of February 2010 /
In today’s world, there is an increasing abundance of mobile phones available on the market. It is also increasingly becoming popular practice to alter these phones in one way or another. For one, it is a popular practice to hack or root a mobile phone in order to change aspects of the phone that was not intended to be changed. This includes but is not limited to changing the font displayed, icons and more.//In some instances, a user may wish to unlock their phone. This is because a service provider may lock a SIM card so that they cannot just switch services and keep the same phone. This is present in many types of phones, in particular the myTouch. One particular service provider that has a tendency to lock their phones is T-Mobile, who does implement this SIM card locking with their myTouch phone.How difficult is it to unlock a T-Mobile myTouch phone?Unlocking a T-Mobile myTouch phone is a relatively easy task, however. All it actually requires is the phone itself, having an active account that is in good standing for at least 90 days, a SIM card from another carrier as well

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How to hack your Nexus 7 the right way

Tuesday 14th of August 2012 /
For many, the Nexus 7 will be their first experience with one of Google's own branded Android devices. If you're interested in hacks of any sort on your phone or tablet, there really is no other option than to go Nexus. As we like to point out, we're constantly amazed by the posts our forum members put up when it comes to hacks, rooting and loading custom ROMs. This one is no exception.Forum moderatordmmarckhas put together a fantastic guide to help you along the path of all things Nexus 7, with step-by-step tutorials for all of your hacking needs. From the basic bootloaderunlock and root, to more advanced flashing of custom ROMs and mods, it's all covered here. The best part about having a guide like this is the continued discussion and support after the first post. Any questions or comments you have can go right there to be answered.The sky is the limit when it comes to hacking a Nexus device, but remember it's always nice to have a way to get back to stock when things get a little out of hand. Thankfully, there's another fantastic post in the forums to hel

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How to enable voice calls on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500

Thursday 27th of September 2012 /
The 3G variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500 can now be hacked to enable voice calls. Having a tablet that can also make calls is a great way of optimizing usage so that you don’t have to switch devices to keep in touch with the people important to you. Since the Galaxy Tab 10.1 came with a 3G variant, it has always been theoretically possible to enable phone call functionality. Luckily, XDA Developers member almaqdad figured out how to make this a reality, so you can now try it for yourself.This hack can only be applied to certain ROMs, though. Specifically, the stock Samsung ROM for Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod 10 (CM10) ROM, the ICS-based CyanogenMod 9 ROM, and the AOKP ROM.This guide shows you how to enable voice calls on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500.WarningThe instructions in this guide are intended for use with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, model number GT-P7500. Applying these instructions on another device or model may produce undesired outcomes.The information in this guide is provided for instructional and

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[Tutorial] How to hack your Droid 2. All In One Thread.

Monday 20th of September 2010 /
I have decided to put up this guide for new users of the Droid 2 and Android in general. This will help you catch up for those that are not coming from the OD (Original Droid) or another Android device. Everything in here is stuff I picked up from reading many different threads and the threads will be linked to. I will try to go in steps that one would take to get their Droid 2 rooted and customized to his/her liking. Hope you enjoy your Droid 2 and Android experience. Root:The first thing many want to do is root their phone. Root allows you to gain SuperUser permissions to system files so you may run programs such as Root Explorer, SetCPU, Titanium Backup and many others. This is much like running Windows as the Admin where you can change settings and files at will. Superuser permissions for each app on Android devices is handled by an app called Superuser. It will be installed the first time you root your phone and can be updated from Android Market or from HERE. You can Root your phone by two methods, using the ADB shell (command line) from The Android SDK or from a one click met

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Root Claims Another Motorola Device, the Motorola Devour

Friday 23rd of July 2010 /
It seems like the rooting of the Motorola Droid X seems to have given Android hackers a personal motive to hack other Motorola devices. The Motorola Devour is the latest device to fall victim to the cause. The Android Central forum member bitswitch, has successfully rooted the Motorola Devour using some helpful tips from the Droid X rooting method and some files found around the community.So, if you are a current Motorola Devour owner and interested in rooting your device you can follow the helpful steps below. Rooting your device will void your warranty and requires intermediate or advanced knowledge of “root.” That said, lets get started.*Tip* –> (Run means type the command in quotes [but not the quotes] then press the Enter key)“This whole set of instructions was lifted directly from the instructionson how to root the Droid X with a few edits here and there.”Step 1.)Download the attached archive and expand it to a folder you can find (eg. c:devour_root)Step 2.)Set up ADB (You’ll need to google this part)Step 3.)On the phone: Home, Menu Butt

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Hacker turns Dell netbook into giant Dell cell phone

Thursday 31st of December 2009 /
How would you like to have a phone longer than that sub you ate for lunch and heavier than the guy who made it? That’s what you’ll get if you follow the lead of one modder who turned a Dell netbook into a Mini 3i Android phone. Hacking away at a netbook’s physical design, tweaking some of its chipsets and internal parts, and porting the Ophone Android OS over into his new Frankenstein device, the creative individual managed to turn a netbook into a fully-functional mobile phone. Then again, exactly how mobile is a phone this big?I wonder if Dell, or another company, would consider doing something like this for an actual product. The trend right now seems to be tablets, and before that it was netbooks and smartphones. Why not converge all three into one device so users can have everything at once? Maybe the thought of a giant phone stuffed in a backpack or purse isn’t too appealing. Either way, below is a video of the hack from start-to-finish, and a brief demonstration of how the newly-created device works. Inspiron-to-Mini 3i madness may commence![via Gizmod

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Q&A: Explaining how the Nexus One was used to take control of a host computer

Monday 24th of January 2011 /
Two researchers from George Mason University, Dr. Angelos Stavrou, and Zhaohui Wang, have demonstrated the ability to use a smartphone (a Nexus One, but Dr. Stavrou says this applies to the iPhone as well) as a HID (Human Input Device) via USB. Simply put, just plugging the phone into a computer causes it to act as a mouse or keyboard, with no server on the computer in question, and offers little or no warning on the computer screen.Usually we would call something like this one one helluva cool hack, but there's a scary side, too. The exploit could be made viral, on Windows, Mac, and Linux. According to Dr. Stavrou;"Say your computer at home is compromised and you compromise your Android phone by connecting them, Then, whenever you connect the smartphone to another laptop or computing device I can take over that computer also, and then compromise other computers off that Android. It's a viral type of compromise using the USB cable."That caught our attention, so we reached out to Dr. Stavrou, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Read the rest, after the bre

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security - Is a PIN lock screen inherently more or less secure than an app lock program?

Tuesday 21st of February 2012 /
The two ways I see to secure an Android phone is through a PIN lock screen or through an app lock program (Password is too inconvenient and pattern is insecure for various reasons). The lock screen has the advantage of keeping someone from the phone altogether, but an app lock program can allow me to use basic functionality while locking the apps that I choose such as Email or Package Installer. Is one option easier to hack/bypass than another? Let's assume that the App Lock program has a helper app that prevents it from being killed (although how well such an app works is worthy of being discussed in an answer - point being it takes a little more work than simply going to task manager and killing it). I am primarily concerned about data on the phone. I know that ultimately I cannot rely on either method to secure the phone indefinitely, but to only secure it long enough for me take various actions such as remote wipe, change Google password, Exchange password, etc...I'm running Gingerbread 2.3.6. For what it's worth it is rooted and has ClockWordMod recovery.

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NES Controller Used to Play Emulator on HTC EVO 4G By Way of Magic

Friday 03rd of September 2010 /
Many were dismayed to learn that they couldn’t use their Wii remotes with HTC’s Sense-enabled devices due to incompatibility of some sort. One guy – named sk3tch – sought out another solution, however, and came up with what you’ll see in the video below: an original NES controller being used to control one of the compatible emulators on the market.Sk3tch achieved this by taking a BlueSMiRF Bluetooth module, an Arduino, and the NES controller and throwing it into a basket. Upon closing the basket, he took his magic staff and out came the above result. Alright, that’s probably not how he actually did it, but they didn’t give any details beyond that. It might not be the prettiest piece of hardware to lug around, but if you game seriously on your non-physical-QWERTY Android phone and can’t use a Wii remote to facilitate that, then it might be worth it.[via Hack A Day]

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