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How to create shortcuts in the Android Notification Bar

Friday 16th of October 2009 /
Have you ever wanted to quickly switch from one app to another? You could set-up keyboard shortcuts to get the job done, or you could create a thumb-friendly, all-touchscreen solution with Bar Control. By creating shortcuts in the notification bar, users have an always-available link to their most frequently used apps and activities.There are a number of ways that people can utilize Bar Control: create a direct link to adding new Astrid tasks, change sync settings, Bluetooth settings, or launch any app. All of these functions will be available with a simple finger movement once the app is installed. Set-up and use is simple.Download Bar Control from the Android MarketLaunch Bar Control and select apps you wish to appear in the Notification barChoose an icon (the developer is unable to use default icons)To remove an app from appearing in the notification bar, launch Bar Control and select the app once again. If you don’t want icons to appear before opening the drawer, press Menu >Hide Notifications.Apps that continuously run can sometimes have a negative effect on battery li

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How I made my Android even more Awesome

Monday 08th of November 2010 /
So I've been looking around at the way people modify their android to fit themselves, and I thought I should post how I got mine to be satisfactory to me!Homescreen:^Click Image to View Slideshow (slideshow has old homescreen, this is new one)^LauncherPro - Plus - HomeScreen Replacement (People Widget, Dock, Hide Notification Bar)Desktop Visualizer - Large PNG Based Interactive Widgets/IconsLiving Music - AlbumArt Live WallpaperAndroThemes - Sleek Icons/Neon App IconMod Music - Modified Default Music Player and Large Music WidgetSiMi Clock Widget - Time Widget (says for 2.2 but works on my 2.1 Galaxy S)BattStatt - Text Battery StatusAny Suggestions for improvement?

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Hiding app from recent button?

Monday 01st of April 2013 /
Hi. New here and always use these forums when I have questions but this is the first time that I have needed to post to get my answer. I am trying to figure out how to hide an app from being seen when you hit the recent apps button. I use smart lock to hide apps and files when needed but noticed that when I hit the recent apps button the app is perfectly visible in its last viewed state (resulting in not so much privacy). Has anyone found a solution for this? Also not directly related but for anyone viewing this that also uses smart lock my phone updated this evening and prior to the update smart lock was not working, now it is which is awesome but I can't hide the icon from my notification bar. Any solution to this? Thank you Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Android Central Forums

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LauncherPro Beta: Apps like this make ANDROID a supercustomizeable!

Friday 11th of June 2010 /
LauncherPro - da best home replacing app out there!Even if its Beta it works great, just cant wait for full version. Thank you very much Federico Carnales!Ok, now review!Version: 0.5.1Price: FREEDev: Federico CarnalesAccording to developer:Super-smooth scrolling Animated screen previews (like Expose or HTC Sence) Up to 7 home screens App drawer with fly-in effect and smooth scrolling Shortcut dockInsight preview.The first thing you notice, is that you add HTC widgets, but that's ok. There are ton's of other widgets in Market that can easily replace them.Here is how your home screen gonna look likeHmmmm, landscape mode, I like that. Something new to HTC Sense users, ha?Lots of stuff customizeable here. You can choose one of 4 dock backgrounds.And PLUS, you have option to leave the default application icon or use the LauncherPro icon.You can also choose to hide the notification bar, the home button on app drawet to exit it. As well as try Elastic scrolling.Aaand here comes the application drawer with fly-in effect. This is really something cool. As HTC Hero owner, I could only dream ab

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How would you change Android?

Wednesday 12th of December 2012 /
Just to make myself clear, Android is a great operating system and have been using it for some time now and I love it. But....... If there are certain things you can change about the operating system here it's your opportunity. Many great custom Roms available for just about every users and even if you're not comfortable with messing with your phone, one can always settle with Sense or Touchwiz or others, the options are virtually endless. Most custom Rom I played around with are very much the same in terms of the useability, let's think outside the box for users experience and share our ideas. Example: 1) Action Launcher and how they change the App Drawer. 2) Claystone Launcher/Full Screen Launcher and how developer innovate the home screen however they are a bit slow.*If any on the above launcher get built right into the Rom would it be faster? Some of my ideas:1) Move the App tray to the left or right with auto hide and 2 finger swipe to pop up.2) Palm Pre style multitasking3) No notification bar but instead have a small quarter circle on the bottom left or right that have signal

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How to get rid of minimize notification bar button on android stick PC

Monday 13th of May 2013 /
Okay so I have a few of these MK812 android mini PCs that I am setting up for delivering media content to various people, the problem I am having is the end-user skillset ranges from programming god to completely new user (what is a mouse?). The minimize notification bar button that is present by default has caused considerable problems thus far with only 2 of these things installed. And I just received orders to install 10 more!! So how on earth can I get rid of the double down arrow button on the notification bar so that you can no longer hide the notification bar. (Refer to attached image, I am referring to the circled icon). Please help me, I do not have access to the original firmware (the company that sold these too many are from China and refuse to give it to me.) I do have the device itself, it is rooted. I am quite competent when it comes to making changes to the Android device. I just need some direction on how to remove these things. Thank you so very much in advance.

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Want to get rid of suggestion bar?

Monday 09th of May 2011 /
Hi, I have noticed while using skyfire browser that if I choose to hide the notification bar from settings menu, that when I open skyfire browser, and try to enter something in the url bar, that the Android keyboard will jump up and down every time a key is pressed, this is quite annoying as I dont want to see the notification bar when I am in a browser, but I cant easily enter anything with the keyboard while the notification bar is being hid, because every key strike makes the damn thing jump up and down.Also is there a way to get rid of the suggestion bar entirely? I am talking about the greyish/white bar that is on top of the top row of keys on the android keyboard, some times it can be useful for suggestions things, but most of the time it is just plain annoying since I dont need a bar with suggestions blocking the already small-ish screen. I have been through the skyfire settings and the phones settings to make it so there are not suggestions checked, but the bar is still there. Sooo anyone know how to get rid of it?

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[ROM] Android Open Kang Project - Supersonic Build 23

Friday 10th of February 2012 /
This is not mine. Just wanted to share a new ICS option.XDA Thread[ROM] Android Open Kang Project - Supersonic Build 22 - xda-developers"Android Open Kang ProjectBig thanks to Evervolv for their device tree and vendor tree!featuresthere are many many more tweaks/adjustment throughout the whole ROM, take a look at the change logs ​built from AOSP -- using 4.0.3power menu (source)ICS style togglessuperuser & busybox built from source, includeddeodexed & unsecure boot.img (for adb remount)Facebook contact syncROM Control application lets you take control of your ROM. Customize it how you want it.Navigation Bar options & layouts (search bar layout, menu visibility options,etc) -- long press search button enabledIME Switcher toggle (show/hide notification when you type)Customize your carrier labelOverride lockscreen timeout (ie, use Android's timeout when turning the phone off, so it won't lock itself)LED pulse timing optionsStatusbar toggle optionsmuch much more in therebattery mods built in (including circle mod)Unique Power Saver functionalityTurn data off while

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Chatheads with Nova Launcher.

Saturday 01st of June 2013 /
I'm using Nova Launcher and realised that using the normal method of hiding the notification bar causes Facebook Chatheads to no longer appear on the home screen. They still work inside any app but hide as soon as I go back to the home screen. Any ideas how to fix this? I've got root and re enabling the notification bar just isn't happening. Posted via Android Central App

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