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samsung galaxy s 2 - Windows wont install android USB driver automatically or manually

Saturday 04th of May 2013 /
I've had all sorts of problems getting ADB to run in the past so I generally know how to trouble shoot this but now I can't get windows 7 to recognize or install the USB driver when I plug it in. It was running fine until I flashed a new Cyanogen ROM but since reverted back to a version I know was working.The SDK is up to date, and it has the Google USB driver installed, I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it as administrator. When I plug in my phone via USB it tries to install 4 android devices which all fail. If I click on a device and try to locate the drivers manually and point it to the SDK dir it just immediately says windows can't find a driver. Also I can connect to the device using WIFI ADB, and can also mount the SD card to my comp via USB.

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How to add Home screen apps and widgets to the Samsung Galaxy S3

Tuesday 10th of July 2012 /
Your Samsung Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is highly configurable. You can add apps and widgets to any Home screen.Your Galaxy S3 has up to seven separate Home screens. That means you can customize each one with various widgets that are available right out of the box as well as those that you can download from the Google Play store.In addition to adding widgets – you can add apps to the various Home screens to make them more accessible in the future. Make sure you take a look at the tutorial on adding folders, so you can further customize your Home screens.Adding apps to any Home screenWhen you first turn on your Galaxy S3, chances are that you already have two widgets installed; one is the Clock/Weather widget and the next is the Flipboard widget on the first Home screen to the left.Let’s say that you want quick access to one of your many apps that you have downloaded onto your phone. When apps are on a Home screen, they are easier to locate than if they are simply in the App drawer, which can easily fill up with dozens of apps.Find a Home screen with room for the app for w

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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Tips and Tricks

Monday 09th of May 2011 /
How to download and install free applicationsTo download and install free applications, perform the following steps: Step 1. At any Home screen, tap Applications. Step 2. Tap Market. Step 3. If prompted, add or sign in to a Google™ Account. Step 4. If prompted, review the Android Market Terms of Service. Step 5. Tap Accept. Step 6. Tap Apps. Step 7. Tap All applications, or scroll to and tap the desired application category. Step 8. Tap Top free. Step 9. Locate and tap the desired application. Step 10. Tap Install. Step 11. If prompted, tap OK to acknowledge application access. NOTE: The application downloads and installs. An alert appears on your phone when download and installation are complete.

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Ice Cream Sandwich update available for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

Thursday 21st of June 2012 /
If you happen to be holding an AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy S II in your hands, you will want to locate the nearest USB cable, plug your device in and fire up Kies as quickly as you can. The long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update is finally hitting the AT&T branded devices, and this is currently only available through the companion software, Kies. While exact information about the update and the changes that it brings is not currently available, we do know it brings some great updates for the device. Delay no more, go grab your cable, launch Kies, and get updated! After the update be sure to hop into the forums and let us know any issues or changes you find, and how your experience with the update goes!Source: Galaxy S II forums; thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Samsung Galaxy S III new user has a question

Monday 03rd of September 2012 /
Hello Everyone - I am a disabled senior citizen who up until now has only used the most basic of cell phones - text messages and making and receiving phone calls - now I have upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S III smart phone and I am struggling to learn all of the new applications. So far I can make and receive calls and I can locate and listen to my voice mail messages - the biggest problem I am having right now is deleting empty folders that I created in error and I now have two un-named empty folders sitting on my home screen and I cannot figure out how to delete them and I also cannot figure out how to log out and or shut down any application that I started and then searched for some information - for example I started allplay and I listed the newest video films that are available for rent and or purchase and when I have reviewed the list I wanted to close out the application and everything I tried resulted in the application remaining running and continuing to drain battery energy - I even went in to the task manager and did a force shut down and yet when I went in again through

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Question concerning transferring "notes" from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy 3s? Please help?

Sunday 02nd of June 2013 /
I recently transferred all my info from my iphone to my new samsung galaxy S3 using Everything went OK for the most part, but when the "notes" from my old iPhone transferred over to the Samsung, the notes were moved into the "S Memo" app on the Samsung, and only the top portions of all the original notes were there. I really need the original notes I made to be on my new phone, but I don't know what happened. Any solutions? Another thing that would help is if someone could tell me how to access the original notes in my itunes WITHOUT having my old iPhone plugged in to view them (my iPhone was stolen, so I only have what I backed up on the computer to go by.) IN CONCLUSION: a) How do I retransfer/locate the original notes on my Samsung AND/OR b) How do I locate the original notes in my iTunes on my computer WITHOUT plugging in my old iPhone (they must be stored somewhere on there, I just can't figure out how to access them.)

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Can't locate external USB folder on Samsung Galaxy Note10.1

Monday 22nd of July 2013 /
Could anyone please help me to locate External USB folder.I have Samsung Galaxy Note10.1. As soon as USB is connected, a message appears in bottom right corner:"USB connector connected", then disappears. I try to locate the sub-folder in the Storage Folder, but it's not there. I don't know where it is.I go to Setting and reset it to factory default, then it works. But when I unplug USB stick and plug it in again, it doesn't work. How come it doesn't read USB stick?I'm sure someone out there can help me to solve this problem.Many thanksHien

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"Call" (dialer") icon deleted by guy at party, how to reinstall stock dialer?

Sunday 08th of December 2013 /
Hey, i'm older, this galaxy s4 is my first smartphone. I had an "update" from android, and after I updated, I could no longer add new contacts to my contact list. Mentioned this at a party, some guy who said he knew how to fix that, took my phone, and I saw him clicking on the "force stop" and I asked him, "are you SURE you should do that?"and he replied, "oh yes, yes, I do this all the time to my son's phone" and i'm not sure what all else he did, but nowmy "call" icon and my contacts are gone. Can't dial the phone. no, it's not in the "play store".So I ran to sprint store, they had not seen a missing stock dialer before. and they did locate the file for the stock dialer, but could not reinstall it. They randomly chose some dialer from the play store, and installed that one, but, it's terrible, covered with ads, no features at all.And my contact list is now all jumbled together, (but, luckily, IS still there, but now, all 500 emails are now jumbled in with phone numbers, it's a nightmare). They said, i'll probably have to w

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*** ~ Can't Locate GPS ~ ***

Friday 28th of February 2014 /
phone can't find gps, no idea why.. im really really annoyed and upset and don't like computers...nothing worked --INTELLIGENT COMPUTING: Google Map: Can’t find my Location even if GPS is ON [Solved]GPS PROBLEM NO SATELLITE what so ever | Galaxy Nexus > XDAPhone Model: SPH-D710 (samsung epic)Android Version: 4.1.2Baseband Version: S710.10 S.GB27Does anyone know how to troubleshoot?more *** ~ List Of All The Best Android Apps For Each Type/Function, Please ~ ****** ~ Can't Locate GPS ~ ***

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Android Device Manager not working properly after Galaxy S4 Android 5.0 update. How can I fix this?

Thursday 14th of May 2015 /
I installed the Android device manager a few months ago on my Galaxy S4. I tested it multiple times with my phone laying in the other room. It immediately located it. (phone was ON, but screen was black like when phone is "resting" not being used.)Tested it out again after the new Android 5.0 update, and here's what happens. I logged onto my laptop and into Android Device Manager, (phone was sitting across room, turned ON as usual, and on "resting" black screen. It kept saying "LOCATION NOT AVAILABLE", but oddly when I would pick up the phone and swipe the screen, it would then finally locate it. I never had to physically touch the phone before to get it to locate it. Wondering why all of the sudden it wont locate it unless I swipe the screen, and make the phone "active". Location setting is still turned on and all settings are as they were. (even double checked with Verizon). Any help would be appreciated!

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