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How to Manually Rearrange the Order of Your Browser Bookmarks

Wednesday 04th of August 2010 /
In the Android Internet browser, you can sort your bookmarks by how often you use them, by their date and in classic alphabetical order. You can access this option by going to the browser’s Bookmarks screen, pressing the Menu button and selecting Sort by.So far so good, but what if you want your bookmarks to always appear in the exact order of your choice? There is currently no built-in option for manually sorting your bookmarks, but luckily there’s a niche app called Bookmark Sort & Backup that adds this functionality. The app couldn’t be any easier to use.When you launch Bookmark Sort & Backup, it lists all your bookmarks and shows two arrows at the bottom of the screen: one arrow points up and one points down. To change the position of a bookmark, simply tap on it in the list and use the arrow buttons to move it up or down. If you longpress a bookmark, you get the option to test, edit and delete it.By pressing the Menu button, the app also lets you backup your bookmarks to the SD card, and you can naturally restore a previous backup as well. Bookmark Sort &

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Droid Daily 4/15/13: Optimus G Pro, Xperia ZL, CyanogenMod Nightlies, Facebook Home and More

Monday 15th of April 2013 /
Galaxy S4 Goes up for Pre-Order at Walmart TomorrowStarting tomorrow, the Galaxy S4 will be available for pre-order at Walmart. You can expect to pay the same prices as you would at Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. It might be cheaper, but we cannot confirm that right now.HTC One Developer and Unlocked Variants Shipping April 23rdBeginning April 23rd, anyone who bought the unlocked or developer version of the HTC One will have their device shipped. So you should see it around the 25th or later. Depending on how fast the shipping is.Google Looking to add a “Chrome Apps” link to your  Bookmarks bar?Chrome is looking to add more clutter to your bookmarks bar. This time it’ll be an apps link. It’ll be an apps shortcut and can be hidden if you don’t want to see it there. If you’re someone who uses a lot of apps in Chrome, you may find it rather useful.Exoon Android TV Set Top Box Features Jelly BeanExoon has a new set top box that’s based off of Android. It’s actually sporting Jelly Bean and XMBC. It also has 1GB of RAM and 16GB inte

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Arranging Bookmarks

Saturday 10th of September 2011 /
Sent from my Xoom using Android Tablet ForumSimple question: How do I arrange my bookmarks in the order I want? I am unable to press and drag and the long press does not seem to offer me the choice to arrange either.

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Android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly - Page 3

Monday 16th of January 2012 /
[QUOTE=Gary;1403]So, I just turned on my tablet and faced this message upon getting into browser "android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. - Force close" Now everytime I press anywhere on said screen (short/long presses & dragging) I get the same message... Till now I have noticed that It is preventing me to access the soft keypad on my tablet in order to keep me abondoned from inputs of any sort of data in the browser or to the device..The tablet keep showing (popping) every 40 to 60 seconds this absurd annoying message and keeps me out.Any ideas how to fix it?I've tried removing bookmarks, reseting, clearing all history, cache & rebooting, to no avail as the annoying bug keeps appearing..

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How to Install a CM10/AOSP/AOKP Jelly Bean rom

Tuesday 21st of August 2012 /
How to install custom a rom!You must be rooted to do this!!! GUIDE HEREBackup ALL of your phone data (bookmarks, contacts, SMS etc.) due to the fact that in order to install a rom your phone needs to be completely wiped out (this will wipe the internal phone storage but anything on your external sd card will not be touched) Android Backup GuideYou MUST unlock your bootloader!! This is necessary and will void your phone’s warranty, however it can be relocked when needed to get warranty back. Install Clockworkmod Recovery by following these steps.Download any rom that you like: See bottom download section.Download the gapps (google apps, these are never included in custom roms) See download sectionCopy both downloaded zip files to your sd card DO NOT EXTRACT!Now, boot into Clockworkmod Recovery. To do that, turn off your phone. Then, hold down Volume Up, Home and then the Power buttons together until the screen turns on, then let them go. The phone will boot into ClockworkMod recovery in a few seconds.Perform a backup of your phones current state so you have something to revert b

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How do re-arrange bookmarks?

Monday 11th of October 2010 /
Probably a stupid question but I can't figure out..... how to I change the order of bookmarks? Thanks! And I meant to put this in Android talk ....

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Android Forums - View Single Post - Reordering bookmarks in Chrome

Thursday 02nd of August 2012 /
Hi guysDoes anyone here know how to reorder the Chrome bookmarks in chrome (more importantly, in the Chrome bookmarks widget)? I just need them to be in alphabetical order as that's the way I like them. The way they are now, they're in order added.Slightly odd side issue: I can see my regular Chrome for Mac bookmarks in my phone, but I can't see my mobile bookmarks in Chrome for Mac. Is this unusual?Would appreciate any insight into this!CheersPhilHTC One XJelly Bean 4.1.1IceColdJelly Build 0.5

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Android Forums - View Single Post - Bookmarks view: List instead of Icons. How to do it.

Monday 16th of August 2010 /
And to sort and save your bookmarks to SD try "Bookmarks Sort & Backup" by happydroid. Beats having your bookmarks sorted in the default order of when you've added them. It helped me recover my bookmarks when I've accidentally cleared my data.

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Can't figure out how to use this Android device

Thursday 15th of November 2012 /
This question refers to the Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0.The Samsung manual is useless. I want to know how to use the thing and I can't find anything anywhere that will help. Example:I can't figure out how to make this thing display program icons in alphabetical order.I installed Firefox for Android and can't find it in application manager nor on the screens containing apps icons.I can't figure out how to make bookmarks/favorites in the browser.I can't figure out how to make a screen that contains launch icons for the apps I use most.These aren't the only questions I have. I don't know enough about its operations to even get far enough with anything to even run into a problem for which I need to ask a question.Isn't there a manual somewhere?

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Android Smileys

Sunday 02nd of March 2014 /
Just got my first android phone, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and I'm very impressed with it. Just a few little niggles.1. I'm sure that when I was texting yesterday, that it showed the android smiley as I typed. Now it doesn't (just the bog standard :-) ) but it does show up in my sent bubble thing. Small thing, I know, but its really doing my head in. Think this phones made me OCD as I keep wanting to make it tidy and just right!!!2. In Chrome, how do I move my bookmarks about the bookmark page so I can put them in order. I don't seem to be able to move them physically and can't find a menu option for it.3. In the calender I've managed to make an event stretch over several days. But can I turn it to a different colour, than blue, to differentiate it from the others events.Your help would be greatly appreciated and hopefully stop this OCD taking a hold!!!PS If you yourself have OCD please don't take offence, I'm not taking the ****. My wife has it for a start.

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