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How to re-enable gallery app?

Saturday 05th of May 2012 /
I disabled my stock gallery app today in Settings > Applications. I disabled some other apps at the same time. Now I want to re-enable the gallery app but there is no Enable button. The other apps (eg Google+, Memo) show an Enable button, but Gallery doesn't have an option to enable. It just has a button that says "Uninstall Updates". How do I re-enable or reinstall the stock gallery app?

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Media Store app

Monday 12th of November 2012 /
Recently had a system app disappear, and its affecting my performanceHave Acer A500 tablet. It's the app that I think; s called Media Storage or maybe Storage. It usually sat close on the apps list to Media Server. It is that app that by clearing the cache, you could reset your gallery thumbnails. I was doing just that, and I believe I might have disabled it accidentally. I am not using Gallery any more. QuickPic is working fine. But I think Media Store's missing is affecting my downloads. Now when I either download from web-clicking, or via the Google Play, it seems to stall for a long time, and gives no indication of downloading. Download Manager sows it downloading, but no tray icon for a long time. Ultimately things do seem to download and tray shows success icon. But the hang-up is for 10 minutes or so. I cannot find that "Media Store" now anywhere . You would thing if there was a "disable", that you would then be able to "re-enable". Otherwise its like it was un-installed. Anyhow, hints on how to re-activate?

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re enable disabled apps

Monday 21st of January 2013 /
hi, i have a HTC one S and disabled the gallery App several months ago when i got quickpic, however i have realised that you cannot send picture messages without this original app being enabled. i went through the usual pathway to find the app on phone storage to re enable it however i am unable to click on the enable button. does anybody know how to fix this? i have since had a system update but still have the same problem, it is stuck in disabled

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How do you delete pictures - Page 2

Friday 10th of August 2012 /
To get rid of the Picasa album, go to Settings -> Accounts and sync -> your Google account -> uncheck "Sync Picasa Web albums"The "Instant Uploads" folder is for Google+. When you first signed into Google+, you had the option to use Instant Upload, or the option to turn it off. It's also in the settings of the Google+ app (Menu -> Settings). There's also a setting for this under the above Accounts and sync. It says "Sync Google Photos."After you deactivate the sync for Picasa and Google Photos, along with turning off instant uploads in Google+, go into the Application Manager in the settings and clear cache and data for both the Gallery and Google+. For the Google+ "Instant Uploads" folder, it's possible that you may also have to uninstall the Google+ updates, disable the app, and then re-enable it in order to completely get rid of it. I can't say 100% for sure on that one because I keep Google+ completely disabled.

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