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[HOW TO] Remove bloatware

Thursday 22nd of July 2010 /
Once your Droid X is rooted, you can start to remove some of the crap Verizon and Motorola decided to make a quick buck off of. You'll need to have ADB or a terminal emulator (I suggest Better Terminal) from the market. You should be at least a little familiar from rooting. Before I go on, I want to note a few things. READ THIS:1) The method we are using here is RENAMING the files. That way, if you decide you want an app back, you can rename the file back to it's original name.2) If you're not sure what an app is or what it does, don't touch it! Several people have changed a file they weren't sure about and it affected the phone in some way they didn't realize.3) Further, understand that removing some apps will break functionality in others. They interact in ways you can't predict. If you have a problem, rename the file back.4) Don't touch BackupAssistantClient.apk. Apparently it can cause a huge disaster when doing a system recovery. Leave it alone. The Easy WayIf you don't mind paying (I think it's $1.99) for Root Explorer, get it from the Android Market. Open it.- Press the Mount

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How to reset phone back to stock

Wednesday 10th of November 2010 /
I bought a Nexus from someone who had rooted the phone and it is running a custom rom, I don't know what this means I just know that's what I was told. How can I just reset the phone back to stock Froyo and remove all of the custom rom's?Android Version: 2.2Kernel Version: Version: CyanogenMod-6.0.0-N1Build Number: FRF91

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[HOW TO] Set up IPv6 on the Galaxy S2

Monday 08th of October 2012 /
To configure the phone for IPv6, from the Android home screen:Touch the left most menu key in the bottom panel, tap SettingsSelect Wireless & networksSelect Mobile networksSelect Access Point NamesTouch the left most menu key in the bottom panel, tap New APNSet the following fieldsName = v6APN = epc.tmobile.comAPN protocol = IPv6APN type = defaultTouch the left most menu key in the bottom panel, tap saveTap the "go back" arrow from the bottom keys, select the new "v6" APN as so that it has the blue ballYou may need to reboot your phone.Here are some screenshots of how the mobile network APN should lookYou can validate IPv6 access my going to which will display your IPv6 address. There is a more detailed IPv6 test at Test your IPv6.To remove these settings and go back to IPv4 default, from the Access Point Names menu, select the left most key, and tap Restore to default I don't know what the "APN type = default" default is. I just chose internet + mms. Reboot your phone after setting it up and it shoul

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How do I get back to original rom

Thursday 12th of April 2012 /
Hi all.HTC Desire HD on O2.Android 2.3.3 HTC Sense 2.1Unrooted my HTC Desire HD and now wish to put it back to factory rom as it was when I purchased it.Trying to update the phone back to 2.3.5 and HTC sense 3 via the phones software update facility but phone keeps hanging whilst in the process, I get a an exclamation mark and a little android on screen and have to remove battery to get phone workingHave looked at a lot of posts but most of the talk is acronyms and might as well be in another language, and makes no sense.I think I need a file to put on the root of my SD card and then hboot and point the phone to this file (correct me if I'm wrong) but cant work out which is the correct file to download.Would be grateful for some help /advice/guidance as to how to sort this out.If you need any more info please ask.Many thanks

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Android Forums - View Single Post - [How To] Manually Root, Unroot, Restore and more~VZW Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Friday 30th of December 2011 /
.This post will discuss how to return your phone back to stock, which will un-root it.That is in contrast to just removing the root components (su binary, Superuser.apk, custom recovery, possibly busybox, other root apps, etc.) from your device. You can just remove the root components, but that would be a manual process and is not what most folks want or talk about when they say "un-rooting". Here's a quick (un-tested) list of what I would do if I simply wanted to "un-root" and not reflash a set of stock images (note: again, this is not a true substitute for returning your phone back to stock and re-locking the bootloader):

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How to fix issues with gmail

Sunday 16th of January 2011 /
I've already seen posts on this, but I figured i'd throw out the info, because ive run into a lot of people with this problem. If your phone has problems with gmail period, especially when your trying to synch/create new gmail. You will have to factory restore your phone. Prior to this I would back up everything on the phone. As in transfer all your pictures, videos, txt/pic msg, mp3s/music, and android apps (use android mate) to your memory card. Make sure you remove the memory card out of the phone. Some how, you will have to back up your contacts. I would recommend going to a Metro corperate store, and have them use their "cell brite" machine to back up your contacts. After this is done, turn the phone off. When turning on the phone hold the power button, call volume up, and send/call key at the same time. You will see a black and blue screen appear. Choose the option that says wipe information, and then once you do you will have to scroll down about 5-6 times, and choose erase all. DO NOT CHOOSE ANYTHING REGARDING PARTIONS OR WHAT NOT. It should be the 3rd option. Aft

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How to remove the back of the Android phone

Friday 20th of September 2013 /
have rented a Verizon htc global phone and need to remove back cover to add a micro sd card and cant figure out how to get the back off of the phone?

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How to change lock screen app which changed on update?

Tuesday 25th of March 2014 /
So HTC One finally got the 4.4.2 release and I upgraded today, The problem I am having is that on my favourites bar I had my phone app, text app, web browser, and music app.After the update, my phone app was replaced with the Android guy icon, I assume this is default when the app cannot be found or something.So I removed the icon and put the phone app back. This worked perfectly fine on my unlocked screen, however it still shows the android guy on my lock screen.Here is a screen show of my locked and unlocked screen: How can I remove the android guy and replace it with my phone app as both locked and the unlocked screen should be in sync and show the same apps? Thanks

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How to completely uninstall HTC Sync Manager from my Macintosh????

Wednesday 18th of June 2014 /
Hello, I briefly tried to use the HTC Sync Manager when I first got my M8 about a week ago. Now I want to go back to the much better Android File Transfer program. Unfortunately, the HTC software will not go away and AFT will no longer see my phone. I have deleted the HTC Sync Manager application and went to various folders in the Library and ~Library folder removing any suspicious files. So, HTC Sync Manager should be goneā€¦ No!!! Now when I plug my phone in I get a disk image mounting on my computer with a link to the web site where I can download the HTC Sync Manager. I have tried reinstalling the Android File Transfer software. It won't auto launch when you plug the phone in. When you manually launch it, it can't find the phone. So we are back to the title of this plea for help: How do I completely uninstall and remove every last trace of HTC Sync Manager from my Mac? thanks

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How to remove old Smartwatch from Android Wear?

Friday 07th of November 2014 /
Hi, got my Moto 360 a few weeks ago but sent it back due to 4+ defective pixels. Now I got a LG G Watch R, but when pairing it with Android Wear, there's still my Moto 360 listed (which is probably ok since one could have multiple smartwatches). But I'd like to remove the Moto 360 from my Google Account (Android Wear) but can't find any option doing so. I already tried un-/reinstalling Android Wear on my phone but no success. Google Tech Support also couldn't help me. I know it's not that big of a deal but still bugs me. Any hints? There may only be very few people out there who are on their second or third smartwatch I guess. Thanks,oSIRus

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