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How to change the Galaxy S4 lock screen message

Friday 03rd of May 2013 /
The tag line for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is "Life companion." And that's a fine slogan. But if you're a little tired of seeing it on your phone every time you turn it on, you're not alone.Fortunately, it's easy to change. Samsung's taking advantage of the lock screen widgets in Android 4.2.2 to provide that custom greeting, clock and date as soon as you wake the phone. You can change the font, color and size, remove the clock and date if you want -- or get rid of the widget altogether.See also:How to stop notification vibrations on the Galaxy S4 (non-U.S.)How to turn off those annoying Galaxy S4 soundsTwo ways to go about this:The long way: Go to Settings>My device>Lock screen>Lock screen widgets. That'll get you to the customization page.The easy way: From the lock screen, tap and hold on the "Life companion" line, then drag down. You should now see a little edit icon on the bottom right of the widget, about halfway down the screen. Tap it to go directly to the customization page.And that's it. From there, you can change the sl

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lock screen sim card error on rezound

Monday 18th of February 2013 /
hi everyone, i'm new here. i'm from india & have htc rezound has unlocked hboot s-on & run ics 4.03.605.2 global problem is that everytime on lock screen a notification of sim card error shows. but when i unlock screen it run normal. i use aircel 2g gsm sim with no problem. only lock screen notification error massage show. plss help me to remove this error. i have searched many sites, theards, links but didn't find any usefull tips. so i'm here bcoz only here i can find my solution with the help of this website's valuable members. so please suggest me what should i do?and one thing more that my ics rom is global stock rom or not & how can i uninstall unusable app from rezound without rooting the screen shots of my rezound :

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Questions from a Beginner in Android!

Sunday 12th of August 2012 /
Hello,Two weeks ago i have bought Samsung Galaxy S3,& i have these questions, forgive me for these simple questions but i really didn't find satisfying answers for these:-1. How to UnCheck Samsung KeyBoard:-2. How to Edit the Drop-Down Toggles?& Disable the Moving Effect when ever i Drop-Down the Notification Center?Also is there a way to add Apps to the Notification Center:-3. How to Disable Auto-Lock? without even the Screen Dimming!4. Is there a way to ByPass the "Accept & Download" step when ever i want to download & update apps?5. What is the deference between Google Play & Samsung Apps?6. I have Synced my Google Account to my device, but in contact there is groups that in Google+, i have deleted these groups from Google+ & resynced but they still show up in device contacts?7. How to remove the sharing icon app in Google Play? ( EX: DropBox )Thanks a lot for your Patience with me.

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Can I Remove CARRIER From LockScreen & Notification Bar?

Friday 16th of March 2012 /
I recently loaded a custom ROM on my Samsung Galaxy Precedent, CyanogenMod 7 to be exact. I love the ROM, it's 1 of 2 that I have found to work on my cheap phone. the notification bar and the lock screen say "Boost Mobile" on them. I know it has no effect whatsoever on my carrier, or phone performance, or anything besides looks, but its really annoying. I hate boost mobile (i'm on Straight Talk, not much better) , but anyway. I've looked at how to convert apk's to jar's, and how to decompile that jar into java code, but is there some APK/APP that contains the lock screen, or notification bar? Or is it part of system that cannot be changed? I'm a decent windows coder (.net/vb/c++), and i know a little tiny bit about java, so I'd like to EDIT that part out if I could. I figured if it could be changed then whoever developed this rom would've already taken it out, but I don't know. Does anyone know anything about removing the Carrier Logo from the Lock Screen and Notification Bar?

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text messages SUDDENLY appeared on lock screen!! Cannot remove or hide!! Please help!!

Monday 24th of June 2013 /
I made no changes or updates to the phone. I woke up this morning, after using the phone for nearly a year, and my text messages are now being displayed on my lock screen for all the work to see...and blocking my wallpaper. How do I make it go away?? In my attempts to fix this mess, I have searched for updates and the notification stated that everything is current. I tried numerous things suggested in forums, etc. and contacted support. The damn thing is still on my lock screen. Please help!! Thank you!! Google Galaxy NexusJelly Bean 4.2

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how to remove the lock screen notification

Tuesday 01st of October 2013 /
The lock screen notification keeps showing on the top.I opened it and selected 'cancel' to not install it. But the notifcation doesn't go away.Is this application (com.lock.screen.screenlocksu) forced to install in the Google phone?

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Lockscreen and widgets - your input needed

Saturday 12th of October 2013 /
Hello Note 3 fanatics, I just switched from iOS (4S for 2+ years) to Android and I'm having a blast learning how to master the Note 3. However, I'm having trouble customizing the lock screen. I downloaded Dash Clock widget and have customized it to look like this: However, when I receive a notification (email, hangout, txt), I have to pull down from the clock to look like this: Furthermore, it seems like I can't have this nice looking Dash Clock without enabling either the swipe to Camera or Favorite Apps. There are several things I would like to accomplish with my lock screen: Not have to pull down from the clock when a notification is received-- keeping the screen permanently like the second screenshot.Preview messages.Screen turn on when a new notification is received.Link notification to the app for replying.Remove the Favorite App/Camera screen when swiping right-- make the lock screen a single widget. Can my list be accomplished by any existing widget on the Play Store and without rooting? I'd like to avoid voiding my warranty for now besides the fact I'm scared since the clo

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How to remove notification box on LG G2 lock screen ?

Sunday 20th of July 2014 /
Recently, I found a notification message box on the upper part of my LG G2 lock screen. It displays weather temp and calendar. I don't have this notification box 3 days ago. What makes it come to my lock screen ? It's gone after I sign in but comes back again every time I know the screen twice. How can I get rid of this box ? Many thanks.

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How can I make messaging app lock screen notifications go away?

Saturday 28th of February 2015 /
I'm using android kit kat 4.4.2 on a Blu Studio 5.0 HD LTE phone. I don't use the default messaging app on my phone and currently use textra. I've disabled the main messaging app and notifications, and have set textra as the default SMS app. I don't receive any notifications from the default app; however: it still receives all the messages and has them marked as unread. Every time my phone locks and I turn on the screen it says you "# unread messages". It's adding up really quick and was wondering if there is any way for me to remove that notification, or have the messages marked as unread on the default app automatically (this is what happened on my older phones while using textra). It's getting a bit annoying to constantly have a large number of messages that I've read in textra be interpreted as unread in the default and having my phone notify me of it. Thanks for any help!

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How do I control lock screen notifications?

Friday 06th of March 2015 /
Nexus 6 (Google version). I have a strange notification issue. It appears the I am getting notified when emails arrive from certain common addresses. I am OK with this, but I would want to control who is in that list. It's 99% accurate in identifying my common email addresses, but for some reason is on the list and I want to remove it. When I check my Contacts (stock app), that shoebuy email is not listed (so it is not in the "favorite" group). The address doesn't appear to be "starred" in gmail/inbox. It's just very funky behavior. Any ideas? Thanks....

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