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How to Root the Xperia Arc and Arc S that runs Official Android 4.0 ICS Firmware

Tuesday 17th of April 2012 /
Recently, Sony made available the long promised mid-April release of the Ice Cream Sandwich OS update for its Xperia Arc, Arc S, Ray and Neo V smartphones. The firmware can be OTA (Over The Air) received, or can be installed manually, as it is available only for some Nordic countries. You can learn how to manually install the official Android 4.0 update on your Arc and Arc S by following our previous step by step guide where you have the proper procedure detailed and explained.Now, after applying the update maybe you will want to really take advantage of your handset and of its performances. So, you might consider in flashing a custom ROM into its system. But, in order to do so you must first learn how to root the Sony Xperia Arc, or Xperia Arc S that runs the latest and official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware. That’s exactly what I will be teaching you today. So keep reading and see whether or not you have what it takes to complete this tutorial.First of all, you must know that rooting your Xperia phone will make you lose the Sony warranty. This is happening because you w

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How to upgrade the Xperia Arc LT15i to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean

Wednesday 26th of September 2012 /
One of the most interesting custom ROMs out there that combines both the functionality of a tablet while remaining as compact as a smartphone is the ParanoidAndroid ROM. Owners of the Sony Xperia Arc LT15i who have always wanted to have a tablet UI can take the advantage of the ParanoidAndroid ROM because it makes efficient use of the phone’s screen for displaying more information and allowing the scaling applications’ display into different interface sizes.Not only will you receive a completely different ROM in terms of user interface; ParanoidAndroid also inherits the speed and stability of Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean by bringing new features to the table like a smooth buttery interface, offline typing, voice recognition by Google, faster web browser, and whole lot more. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress so don’t be surprised if you manage to stumble upon some bugs.This guide shows you how to upgrade the Xperia Arc LT15i to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via ParanoidAndroid custom ROM.WarningThe instructions in this guide are intended for use with the Sony Xper

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Galaxy S II - How to save Battery

Friday 31st of August 2012 /
I am big fan of android addictive games like crime city and vegas city and i play them all the time. My problem is that battery goes down within couple of hours because these games need internet to run. Is there any way to save battery using Wifi ?

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How to save battery life with Android 1.6 on BH2 ?

Saturday 15th of May 2010 /
As I just got my phone with installed rom 1.6 for the Behold 2 , I am frustrating when the battery life drains so fast after last night . I was playing a bit with the WIFI , and the battery status bar was still less then half bar . After I woke up today , the battery has shown that the battery is less than 5% . I did turn off my wifi and using only 2g network to save battery life. I clicked on "why", it showed the Green Bar with the word Android System 95% . What does this mean , and how can I save more battery life since I don't use it the whole night . So the phone suppose to be less than half bar battery life at least. 1.Putting the phone in sleep can save battery life or not on the Behold II ? 2.What are some ways that can save the battery life on the Behold II ?3.Does the charging technique can at least save some part the of the battery life ? If so , How do I charge my Behold II ? Leaving it all drain out, turning off the phone and then charge it ? Here are some ways that I have read in androidforums1. use spare app2. use task manager I didn't try these two. Thank you

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how to save battery in samsung galaxy Y

Friday 30th of December 2011 /
i charge my fone this afternoon and after charging it, nakastandby lang sya.tapos ngayong gabi around 7pm deadbatt nanaman.what will i do? do i have to return it? kasi 2days palang sya sakin or do you have any tips on how to save battery?help pls.

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How to save battery

Thursday 12th of January 2012 /
Hi Guys,I need a great help from you guys....I just brought A85 and these MMX(MC) says there is no gingerbread update....Can someone plz tell how can i save battery life....Can i use the tweaks of A70 in it?Please help

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How to Root Sony Ericsson Arc S

Saturday 25th of February 2012 /
how to root se arc s??need help,,i'm newbie,,,,,

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Want to save battery? Berkeley’s Carat app tells you exactly how to do it!

Saturday 16th of June 2012 /
Battery life is one important factor when deciding what mobile device to buy, especially for those people that are constantly on the go, and even more so in case they decide to purchase power-hungry 4G LTE smartphones and tablets. And while there isn’t a perfect way to help you save battery life on your new 4G Android device, you can certainly try the Carat Collaborative Energy Debugging app to help you with that.Carat is a simple app, available from Google Play as a free download, that can help you improve battery efficiency and save battery life when possible. What’s interesting about Carat is that it’s based on collaborative effort from other users. Therefore, the longer y…Continue Reading HereWant to save battery? Berkeley’s Carat app tells you exactly how to do it!Chris Smith –

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[ROOT][HOW-TO][XPERIA TABLET S] How to root your Xperia Tablet S running Jellybean 4.1.1

Thursday 06th of June 2013 /
The Xperia Tablet S can now be rooted! This how to is probably a lot longer than it needs to be, basically there are only 4 steps, but I tried to be as detailed as possible.Note that I didn't actually discover any of this on my own, I am merely passing on found information, most of which I found over at XDA.Thanks goes to Matt Hill, Dan Rosenberg, andrewia, condi, dex9mm, and xxliftsupxx who either supplied the necessary files and programs or just led me to this information! More thanks to anyone I missed!Basically this is possible because our SPGT12's use the same kernel as the Asus Transformer which already has a working root method.DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! AS YOU PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW, ROOTING VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY AND THIS TABLET DOES NOT HAVE MUCH IN THE WAY OF RECOVERY!!!That said, this worked for me, and this is how I did the instructions all the way through first so you can get and unzip the necessary files and programs before you begin rooting your tablet1. First, you will need to install ADB drivers on your computer which you can get here - Sony Tablet ADB Driver Ins

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How to save battery usage?

Monday 23rd of February 2015 /
How can i save my samsung tab s 10.5 battery up till a day or two with minimal usage of wifi? i've enabled the battery power saving but it did not seem really helpful. any other ideas? Posted via the Android Central App

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