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samsung galaxy s 3 - How does contact management work?

Friday 08th of February 2013 /
I've got a Samsung Galaxy 3 with Android 4.1.2. I changed my SIM card today and was worried I might lose contact so I've backed them up. I've always found the contacts very confusing and obviously I messed up the restore process and I now have hundreds of duplicates, single contacts appearing up to 20 times. To be precise - they are not exactly 20x the same, but say for a person 4 times the phone number as separate contacts, 12 times for two different email addresses, 4 times for Skype etc ...I've tried to push them all to Gmail and delete/edit them online and then reimport, but it seems that step missed quite a few contacts that have only phone numbers.I also have to admit that I totally don't understand how all the contacts are separated internally (on SIM, on SD, Google, Samsung; import to/from/merge/push/blabla ... why can't there be a single list of contacts).I know I am not able to clean the contacts up on the phone - there's simply too many.So question: what would be the best way out of this chaos?Thanks heapsEDIT: ok, kind of did it. Superbackup app, uploaded to Gmail, impor

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Help With Importing Contacts From iPhone To Android

Tuesday 01st of March 2011 /
I am new to the forum and soon to be new to Android (Thunderbolt) and am looking for a little advice. I did some searching but I couldn't find an explanation that exactly matched my particular situation or question that I have in mind. I'd appreciate any and all help that can be provided. Thanks a lot in advance. I am trying to learn the quickest and most efficient way to sync my contacts from my iPhone to my Android Phone. I have a gmail account and thus, a google account. I know how to sync my iPhone contacts from iTunes to my gmail account (but have not done this). THE PROBLEM: The contacts I have on my iPhone are the contacts that I want to swap over to my new Android Phone. However, i have a few hundred more contacts in my gmail account that I DO NOT wish to sync to my new Android Phone. I guess I could sync my iPhone contacts using iTunes to a NEW, separate, clean gmail account, then upload to android, and thus have only the iPhone contacts that I want to sync appear on the new Android phone. However, if I do this, can I then switch back to my primary, preferred gmail account,

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4.0 ice cream sandwich - ICS upgrade - Contacts freezing on Galaxy S2

Monday 04th of June 2012 /
This morning I upgraded my Galaxy S2 from Android v2 to ICS, using Settings/About/Software Update. Since doing so, I am encountering a problems with my Contacts, which crashes practically every time I open it. Major downer, not to be able to look up my contacts, as I'm sure you can imagine.(I also have a problem with Hebrew fonts, which no longer display correctly - but I've opened a separate question here to deal with that.)I have tried doing a factory reset, as suggested in one of the answers, which I originally accepted, because it seemed Contacts were working OK right after the reset - but later, after the rest of my apps were automatically downloaded and reinstalled, the same problem started happening again. Are there any apps that are known to conflict with Contacts in ICS? Everything worked fine when I was on Android 2. Any other ideas how to fix this?

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Contacts auto joining driving me insane

Tuesday 05th of June 2012 /
I'm seriously thinking of rooting my Razr Maxx. I can't deal with it constantly merging contacts that have no relation to each other. I have four email accounts, Facebook and Twitter. I've stopped contact syncing for all but Facebook and my corporate account, but every day some of the contacts get merged. It wouldn't be bad if it merged the obvious ones; you know; the ones with the same name. But, that's not the case. Its merging Katie on Facebook with Shawn from work. They have nothing common that would tell me why they were merged. That's just an example. I have dozens of similar merging. From what I understand, it's MotoBlur and not Android that does the auto merging. I have not found a way to permanently turn that off. I know how to separate them after they are merged and how to join contact manually. But I want to control what gets merged and what doesn't. Surely someone else is seeing this too? I was thinking that maybe if I install a NON-MotoBlur generic OS on it, that my problems would be solved. Anyone have a thought on this? Thanks

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How to: Separate specific contact from Facebook info?

Sunday 24th of January 2010 /
This is annoying. My son and one of my contacts of Facebook (whom I never contact directly and thus is not a GMail contact) have the same first and last name. So, of course, Android concludes they are the same person and I get the contact's picture as my son's face and the contact's updates on my son's contact info.So I want to tell the contact list that it should unlink the Facebook info from my contact.What's the simplest way to do this?Thanks in advance.Wendelius

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Here is a "How To" to you Android users.

Sunday 06th of February 2011 /
Here it is.. simply put...I have contacts stored on my PC in the " .contact " file type. iTunes took these files and put them on my iPhone and bam... that was it. Contacts synced.What will be the best way for me to load those contacts onto an Android device... WITHOUT loading them into my separate Gmail program?

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Contacts mess

Sunday 18th of April 2010 /
Hi, I just got my first Android (2.1) device, and I'm a little confused with the contact list. First, my Gmail contacts, Facebook contacts and SIM contacts appears all togheter! how may I disable that? I have hundreds of contacts in Facebook and Gmail, but I don't want them in my contact list , at least not togheter! I'd like to disable them or put them in a separate directory. Now the contact lists is huge... and it's very difficult to find a concrete one. In the other hand, I've installed Fring ... and in the contact list appears my Gmail and Facebook contacts, but no my SIM ones xD just the opposite to what I want. how can I point Fring to my phone contacts? Cheers.

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[Tutorial]: How to import multiple vCards into Google Contacts at once

Sunday 13th of March 2011 /
Hey folks,I hope i chose the right forum for this, if not, maybe some mod can push it to the right section.I want to share a quick solution with you that has helped me a great deal with getting my contacts from my soon-to-be-ex Nokia 5800 into my upcoming android device:As many of you may know, google contacts supports importing vCards, however, it only can import 1 vCard at once.This proves to be a major pain in the a**, as Nokia, at least on my 5800, tends to store each contact in a separate vCard file once I export my contacts to the microSD card. You have 2 options here:Either install mail for exchange on your device and sync it to your google account, or import each vCard separately (which may be hassle-free if you are forever-alone and have only 3 contacts, but I already struggled with my fairly small amount of ~60 contacts),so heres a little trick you can do to workaround this:Copy all your vcf files into one directory.Open a windows command prompt, navigate to your previously created directory and simply typeCode:

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How do I select and copy an address from Contacts?

Sunday 27th of April 2014 /
This version of Android Contacts (S5) splits out addressed stored in Contacts as separate fields/lines for street, city, state, and zip. How can I select the entire address at once so that I can copy it, and paste it into an email or txt message? I can't seem to select it in read or edit modes. Very frustrating! Jelly Bean allowed it.

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multiple accounts with contacts seperation

Wednesday 17th of September 2014 /
I have multiple gmail accounts on my phone. one is personal use and other is business, which is linked to my google voice number. right now what I am doing to "separate" my contacts is I have on my business account I have the name of my contact but in front of it I put letters to separate them from my regular personal contacts. example is: if my contacts were for android forum I would put AF Cust - Customer Name - Business Name Right now this is the only way I know how to separate my personal contacts from my business contacts. Is there a way to only show the personal or the business contacts, or a application that works with the contacts like that instead of me having the extension in the front of the names? I rather be able to just click on a checkbox maybe that will show my specific gmail accounts contacts if I want to view them. if I want to view all of them, I just check the box and it shows me the names. if I want to view just my personal, uncheck the business box. if I want to view the business contacts just uncheck the personal email account. now I know I can do thi

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